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2/7/12 7:03 P

Well, thank you for the support and encouragement. I am not usually so morose as a matter of fact, people usually see me as a positive, bubbly and optimistic personality. I tend, however; to gloss over my frustrations and wear them close to the chest. It is unlike me to vent like that and even putting that much out there kind of makes me nervous. I need a new start and have to say that I am not feeling as though I am going to succeed at all. I have a feeling that my expectations are a little out of whack. So here I am putting one foot in front of the other and truly hoping that I don't continue walking in circles.

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2/7/12 4:44 P

emoticon This site is ever so emoticon I've got to admit that I'm into my sixth week and I'm still discovering new aspects of the site! emoticon

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2/7/12 4:28 P

You can do it.
Be patient with yourself,
be kind to yourself,
and always remember how awesome you are!

It's a lot easier to "take care" of yourself when you LOVE yourself. I know it sounds easier than it is. But start small (very very small), and then move forward. When you do that over and over, you achieve great things!

When I started here on Sparkpeople, I wasn't even trying to lose weight. I was MAD that my friend suggested I look at her page on here. I hated my body, and was suicidal. I slowly (SLOWLY) started appreciating my body for what it CAN and DOES do instead of how I felt it was unsatisfactory. I learned (gradually) to OBSERVE my actions instead of berate myself, so that I could learn from my mistakes instead of being driven to be more self-destructive.

Stop the pattern of self abuse!
You deserve it (even if you think you don't).


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2/7/12 12:02 P

Coming to SparkPeople is a good first step in changing your outlook and changing your life. Using the website has changed my life for the better without a doubt. But give it time, it won't happen overnight. Good Luck!

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2/7/12 11:44 A


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If anyone had asked me how I was yesterday and I were inclined to tell the truth about it, it may have come out something like this: To tell you the truth, I am miserable. I am stressed because I have started a new job and am unsure how I am doing. I am depressed because I am having difficulties with my 10 year old son and his new found attitude and I feel completely and utterly like an absolute failure because I stepped on the scale today and realized that I am heavier now than when I was pregnant. I feel useless because I, apparently, have absolutely NO willpower. I look back at the girl I used to be who rock climbed, mountain climbed, weight lifted and even the thought of trying those things again makes me want to cry. Other than that, life is are you?

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