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9/12/14 4:57 A

Like op's have already noted-- walking IS exercise. I lost the weight by mostly using walking as my cardio. I live in the country, and it would take me longer to drive to a gym and back, than it would take to get a workout in at home. Plus, I'm cheap and don't want to spend the money. And I prefer to exercise alone. And I'm a klutz. Forget the kickboxing dvd's-- isn't going to happen. I can handle walking just fine, I've been doing it since I was about a year old. It's free and I can do it anytime I want to. I can do it on vacation. I can rise up off my butt at work and make a couple laps of the building every hour if I want to.

Maybe if I ran or did some other, more strenuous activity (one bum knee-- high impact isn't actually an option), it would mean I could eat more calories. But I'd also be hungrier. And somehow when I think of being able to eat more calories.... vegetables and an extra ounce or two of chicken are not the foods that spring to mind right off the bat. Nope, I'll stick with the walking and just eat the range I've got.

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9/3/14 11:02 A

There are certainly some "snooty" people at the gym, but I'd be careful labelling people that "don't even need to be there." They may look like they don't need it because they've been carefully taking care of themselves and are maintaining the body they want. It's not like a person can just say "okay, this is what I want to look like so I don't need to go anymore" or something!

Going back to the original question, it's a matter of finding something active that you like doing that might not even register in your mind as "exercise" at all. Gardening, working on small projects around the house, golfing, etc... there are a lot of active things that you don't even realize are good exercise! Trick your mind a little.

KATELJM Posts: 6,599
9/3/14 10:42 A

So, if you don't LIKE exercise, imagine the future. Over 60, your unexercised body will lose a pound of muscle each year. Sooner, rather than later, you will have a hard time getting out of bed, and pull something. Do you LIKE that prospect? ("Choose your HARD.")

I refer you to these 2 articles on SP:

In real life, once you begin exercising all parts of your body, you will realize that you actually feel better. You may still have to push yourself to work out, but afterwards you'll wonder why you put up such an internal fight.

Yesterday, DH picked up his grand-daughter and twirled her around. He said she felt weightless. That's one reason he works out.

SISTERPRETTY Posts: 14,719
9/2/14 11:26 P

Find some activity that you love doing that will get you moving...

EMILYMAKES SparkPoints: (62,310)
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8/30/14 10:45 A

I think it is great that you already know one kind of exercise you like, walking. I have been trying some of the exercise videos on sparkpeople. I'm surprised to find that if I prewatch them there are some that I can do without feeling totally uncoordinated. Once I start to feel like I don't have three left feet they almost get fun. Most of my exercise is walking though. I made a deal with myself this summer that any time I shop that I will make at least one lap around the perimeter of the store before I start looking. Spreading my activity throughout the day like that helps keep me focused and not overwhelmed.

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8/28/14 9:23 A

I got on here to write a note of encouragement but found myself encouraged instead. Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is an inspiration to know we are not alone. I totally hated exercising when I first started but after a little while I started feeling the benefits. There are still days when I don't want to do it but I push through that and usually after 20 minutes I start to feel energized and by the time I finish each day I have decided it was worth it.

Start slowly and do what you like to do. Good luck.

ITSASUNNYDAY SparkPoints: (14,057)
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8/28/14 9:22 A

I got on here to write a note of encouragement but found myself encouraged instead. Thanks everyone for your feedback. It is an inspiration to know we are not alone. I totally hated exercising when I first started but after a little while I started feeling the benefits. There are still days when I don't want to do it but I push through that and usually after 20 minutes I start to feel energized and by the time I finish each day I have decided it was worth it.

Start slowly and do what you like to do. Good luck.

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8/27/14 9:06 A


BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,207
8/26/14 1:50 P


JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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8/26/14 10:49 A

I hate gym snobs too, but not everyone who looks fit is a snob and "doesn't need to be there". They look fit because they work out!

MERLINANDME Posts: 19,106
8/26/14 10:19 A

The right gym is so important. A medically based fitness center does not have snooty people, or Spandex people, or people who "don't need to work out." It has overweight people, people recovering from strokes, elderly people, people with serious back problems, people who want to run marathons, people who want to be healthy. Everyone is supportive and friendly.

JENNYW73 Posts: 34
8/26/14 9:54 A

I try to avoid the gym. Instead I get outside and walk. Even around the block is better then nothing. I have to walk up 3 (short) flights of stairs to get to my apartment, so i take advantage of that and will go back up, then back down. I cant wait for the day i can do that without feeling so out of breath.

8/26/14 8:56 A

I am also one of those people who hate working out. Do you know what I hate more? Being over weight, having thunder thighs and no endurance. In my opinion, exercise is the lesser of two evils. I also hate not eating chips, cheeseburgers, and having sugary drinks but I hate how I feel after I consume them more than I hate not having them. I also tried the 'eat the bare minimum of calories'. Honestly, I felt like crap every day and then ended up binging. I'm eating way more calories now and exercising regularly and I feel AMAZING and am never hungry. I think everyone hates working out in the beginning. It sucks! It hurts! It does get better. Your endurance will increase. This is how I think about it: I HATE running. HATE it with a passion. But, running is really good for me and I HAVE to do it for a healthier life. So, I am going to run my ass off until I love it. Being thin will be great but being strong will be amazing.

REGINAROLLINS SparkPoints: (66,618)
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8/26/14 8:40 A

I can see where you are coming from only to well-I hate the snooty people at the gym, that don't even need to be there. It is really hard when you don't like to exercise(and I too don't)-I walk on a regular basis. What are the other options??!! Maybe I'm just lazy!!!!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
8/25/14 9:14 P

When I first made the decision to get healthy I was 260+ lbs and a heavy smoker. I was able to do 7 minutes on the elliptical, lowest setting of resistance. I would get out of breath walking from my car to my classes on campus, which was about 1/4 of a mile.

I was convinced I hated to exercise, and not eating a whole, medium pizza for dinner each night was punishing myself.

But I had gotten to the point that I was so tired of being fat and sick and tired, that I powered through it. I cut back on cigarettes, started eating a salad before I ate pizza at night (which cut my pizza consumption by 2/3), and went to the gym 4 days a week.

Once I made my first changes and stuck with it for a few weeks, I found I actually really liked the gym, and the elliptical specifically. I felt good after a workout, and watching my times go from 7 minutes, to 12, to 20 minutes was such a great feeling.

So the moral of the story is, don't give up. Find something you are okay with, and stick with it. Walking is great exercise. Have you tried any Leslie Sanson Walk Away The Pounds videos? Those are fun and offer variety, and are something you can do in any weather.

Good luck with everything!

JCOW84 SparkPoints: (9,041)
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8/25/14 5:08 P

I'm pretty sure you burn the same amount of calories, distance wise, whether walking or running - for example, you'll burn the same amount if you run a mile or walk a mile. So walking is great exercise! Running is great too, because you get more cardiovascular benefits and obviously if you only had say, an hour, you can cover more distance running, but running can also be taxing on your joints, knees, etc. Do what you like, as long as you're moving.

If you hate it you'll never keep it up long term.

AZULVIOLETA6 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/22/14 2:12 P

Weight loss aside, you need to be exercising just for general health. You cannot have a healthy cardiovascular system without moving.

8/22/14 6:16 A

I read that if you exercise you will feel better and more fit overall and this helps to continue with your eating program. I think it's true.

MERLINANDME Posts: 19,106
8/21/14 8:50 P

Walking is great exercise.

Also, not every gym is equal. I hated gyms until I found my gym which I go to five days a week. I love it. And I love working out there. I have tried other gyms, but I always come back. Visit a bunch of gyms. You may find one that works for you.

My gym is a medically based fitness center. I work one on one two days per week with an exercise physiologist who also managed my nutritional program as I lost over 100 pounds. His master's degree in exercise physiology helps him to understand how to build a program that works for a 72 year old woman with arthritis and aches and pains to the point where young people in the gym point at me to say, "No one works harder in this gym than you do." Music to my ears.

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
8/21/14 2:56 P

"I can walk and walk and walk. But I don't really like "gym" activities. I don't like group activities."


Uhm. Walking *is* exercise.

If that is the type of activity you prefer - then WALK! Walk around the block, walk the dog, take a weekend hike in the hills.

That's all I do for exercise. I am not big on the gym either, nor do I play any sports. I haven't felt the urge to join any classes like zumba or yoga or pilates; not interested in bouncing along to exercise DVDs... But, No biggie - I walk. And the more weight I lost, the more I enjoyed walking and the farther/faster I could go. Just last weekend for the fun of it, I did a 15-km hike around a lake. Then I scrambled up a rather steep "unofficial route" to the top of a mountain peak, just because I wanted to see if i could. Fun! Scenic! Tiring! And yes, legitimate "exercise" even though it didn't feel like it.

Do what you enjoy. There's always some way to be active without having to "force" yourself to participate in activities you do not enjoy.

RENATARUNS SparkPoints: (4,367)
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8/21/14 11:17 A

Here's my question. Who's brainwashed you into thinking that walking is not enough? That's literally all I did for exercise for most of the time that I was losing weight. Now it's true I did a lot of walking -- up to 90 minutes a day. But I also was losing 1.5 pounds per week on average, so obviously some of that could have been cut out and still resulted in a respectable rate of loss. Maybe even the same rate of loss -- when I got injured and did no exercise at all, it was much easier for me also to eat less, and I still lost a pound a week.

So if walking is what you like to do, then walk! :) Don't worry, you'll be fine.

HEALTHY42MORROW SparkPoints: (4,542)
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8/20/14 6:54 P

This is a good post. emoticon

WITCHYONE333 SparkPoints: (9,771)
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8/20/14 6:50 P

Hi Randy,
I TOTALLY identify. I would rather be doing almost anything else, including cleaning the toilets. I just have to accept that exercise is like going to the dentist, getting the oil changed, bathing the dog or mowing the lawn. You just gotta do it.
The thing that I found that works for me is : I set up my machine in front of the TV. My daughter got me hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She got me the DVD set. I promised myself that the only time I would watch it is while I'm working out on the machine. I've stuck to that. On the positive note, it does gradually get easier and eventually, you'll not mind it so much. Then, as you get healthier, it starts seeming more pleasant.
Find something that you can tolerate, embrace your inner introvert, plug in your books on tape ( I have tons of them too! Love 'em!) and just slog through it. Not everything in life is fun.
P.S. This isn't easy. It's just necessary.

HEALTHY42MORROW SparkPoints: (4,542)
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Posts: 118
8/20/14 5:13 P

I can relate a little. I used to love to exercise. Worked out at the gym everyday then I had an injury and I don't know if I got lazy or lost my spirit.
I just keep trying and maybe something will stick.

Like they say..fake it, till you make it.

BOBG01 SparkPoints: (20,044)
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Posts: 110
8/20/14 3:36 P

As far as getting winded and tired too easily, I think a mistake a lot of people make is trying to do too much too soon. When I first decided to get in shape (I was 250 lbs) I started out with a leisurely half mile walk. I did this four days a week. After I took off some weight and started to feel better, I increased the distance to a mile. Then I started walking more briskly. Then I increased to 1.5 miles, then to 2 miles. Once I was walking two miles and feeling like I needed more I added in a bit of running. I would walk for five minutes (~1/4 mile) and then jog for 60 seconds straight. Then I would alternate the walking/jogging until I had gone 1.5 miles. Each week I would decrease the duration of the walks and increase the duration of the jogs. I also slowly got up to 2 miles total. I eventually got to the point where I could run two miles without stopping. It took me two and a half months to get to that point from when I just started to run. I hated the running at first. A minute may not seem like much, but it's an eternity when you are breathing hard and every muscle in your body is screaming. But I was amazed that I stuck with it and it got easier. Like I said before, I still don't love running, but I really love the fact that I set goals and I rose to the challenge to meet them. I can run two miles! I have never run two miles in my life, even when I was young and thin. If you told me that a year ago when I was really fat and wallowing in my misery, I would have never believed it. But here I am today. I did it and I'm not stopping there. I am sidetracked by a knee injury right now, but when I can get back into action I plan to keep going-three miles and who knows what's next after that.

ROMEOTHECAT SparkPoints: (1,310)
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8/20/14 3:18 P

You did say you like to walk. So do that! Listen to books on tape while you go for a brisk walk. Think of it less as exercise and more as a moment of zen (I'm not trying to be cheesy; for me, food was my moment of zen, the one tine I didn't worry about the world and my responsibilities. I tried changing that up to walking and I feel much better.)

RANDYNWV Posts: 18,443
8/20/14 1:52 P

I'm so glad I reached out with the thread this morning.

I realize that there are things I would like to try.

And continuing to walk with my audiobooks is one way to keep taking off the pounds.

I've been stuck a long time at this weight, 5 years.

I think when I feel better exercise will be better. But as some mentioned below --- I really do get winded and tired very easily right now.

thanks so much everyone!

GIPPER1961 Posts: 765
8/20/14 12:35 P

I would like to echo the idea that forcing yourself for a while may surprise you. All my life I exercised not consistently and never really enjoying it in any way.

Last year I started out the same way, doing it because I felt like I needed to. Over the last year I have come to the point that i feel cheated if I can't get in any kind of exercise in a given day. It might just be a ten to fifteen minute run or it might be more like an hour on an elliptical, but I would like to stress the benefit to me has nothing to do with burning calories or even strengthening my heart (although those are certainly positives), no it has to do with how I feel when I am done. It makes me feel accomplished and energized. It makes me feel good about myself. This dose of good feelings is what helps me eat healthy.

It took me a while to get there but I wouldn't be without it now.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (197,245)
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Posts: 27,086
8/20/14 12:10 P

Hey, Randy !

Perhaps the reason you don't like to exercise is because you haven't found an activity you really enjoy. The benefits of exercise go far beyond burning X calories in Y time. A regular exercise will not only decrease our risk for various diseases, it will also increase your over all well being.

You don't have to go to a gym to be fit. You could take martial arts lessons. You could take dance lessons. You could work in your garden. You could play tennis, golf or softball. You could swim, kayak or canoe. You really can do just about anything you'd like to be more active. Walking is wonderful cardiovascular exercise ! There are members who will tell you how they lost 100+ pounds just by walking and watching what they ate.

So, if you enjoy walking, keep on walking because it is something you ENJOY. and when we enjoy doing something, we'll keep on doing it on a regular basis. that should be the goal of a successful fitness routine.

RANDYNWV Posts: 18,443
8/20/14 12:05 P

appreciate the info
I'm going to cut and paste them for my #scrapjournal


ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,457)
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8/20/14 10:17 A

Yup, as others have can restrict calories and control your eating, because you don't *need* to exercise in order to lose weight, but you do need exercise if you want to want to be fit and healthy. The do it until you don't hate it anymore method has worked well for me. I loathed going to the gym when I first started, 14 years ago, but I just stuck at it and hating something so intently seemed sort of like a waste of time and energy. My feelings towards exercise changed from tolerance to like and then love. Nowadays I don't care much for the gym (except to lift weights) but I started out learning to run only because I was losing clients, but I LOVE running, most of the time. And more recently, I swore for YEARS that I would never run trails no way! and I started making myself run trails at least once a week, because everyone I knew loooooves trails and I felt left out. I still hate some aspects of trail running, but I am starting to feel little rootlets of affection for being out in the woods, by myself, exploring nature - and all this just a 5 minute drive from my house, who knew!

This weekend I am doing my first obstacle race, and my brain is still screaming NOOOOOOO! on some level, but I am open minded enough to let myself have fun and maybe even enjoy myself.

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LOBOLOU SparkPoints: (9,373)
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8/20/14 10:14 A

I don't like to exercise either so I find active things that I do enjoy. I recently found that I LOVE to kayak. I also walk and I have found some exercise dvds that I love. There are a lot of ideas on pinterest too. There are a lot of crossfit ideas and lists on pinterest that are not too bad and you can throw in here and there. Just make sure to mix it up and maybe you will end up having fun.

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BOBG01 SparkPoints: (20,044)
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8/20/14 10:07 A

When you are overweight and out of shape it is really easy to not like exercise. It gets you winded, it's painful, it can even be dangerous, and it just is a reminder of how fat and out of shape you are.............BUT you can learn to love exercise. I find walking to be extremely boring. I got a dog. Walking with the dog is more fun. I also listen to music. When it comes to walking, I really prefer hiking. I love the woods and it just feels good being out there. There is a large state park about a half hour from my house that has some challenging trails and breathtaking views. Of course I take the dog. He's my exercise companion. I NEVER in a million years thought I would like jogging. When I first started I could not even run for 60 second straight. My body was riddled with pain and I felt like I was going to vomit. Before my recent knee injury I was up to 2 miles three times a week. My dog is also my running partner. I won't say that I love running, but I have learned to like it. I may never go out and run a marathon, but for now it's good and I'm seeing results. I also snowboard. Did it for many years and I loved it then and getting back into it this past winter felt so good. As far as the gym, well, I'm not a gym kind of guy so I have an exercise ball and a set of dumbells at home. I do that three or four times a week. I have freinds that go to the gym regularly and I am toying with the idea. It's at least worth the try. Bottom line, do things you like or at least tolerate. I like being outdoors. Just being outside itself is good for the soul. I need to see stuff. I need to keep moving forward. I can't stand in one place and do an exercise video. I'm not into team sports. Also, it can't hurt to try something new. Never in a million years would I picture myself as a runner.

MAGTASTIC103 Posts: 588
8/20/14 9:58 A

The general rule of thumb for weight loss is: 80% comes from diet and 20% comes from exercise. So, if you're looking to lose weight it really comes down to your calorie intake. If you're looking to increase your fitness/build muscle, that is going to come from exercise.

This is just a very basic explanation. A myriad of other factors contribute to the rate of weight loss, which is different for every person. Read up on the articles here on SP for more in depth information.

RANDYNWV Posts: 18,443
8/20/14 9:36 A

I don't mind going to work.

But good points --- I do other things that I'm sure I don't 'like'.

I try to commit to a couple friends everyday that I will be at the gym -- there is the plus of seeing some of the same folks everyday.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (194,457)
Fitness Minutes: (189,710)
Posts: 15,824
8/20/14 9:31 A

I don't like going to work, cleaning the bathroom, or brushing my teeth. I do it anyways because I have to. Treat exercise the same way. do it anyways. Find something you at least tolerate and keep doing it.

RANDYNWV Posts: 18,443
8/20/14 9:24 A

I am one of these people to prays I can stop eating as many calories because I really don't like to exercise.

I can walk and walk and walk. But I don't really like "gym" activities. I don't like group activities. I was never athletic.

So is my option to somehow make myself cut the calories?

One thing that can help is listening to books. I'm not a music person.

I probably sound boring but are there others that identify ?

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