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2/6/13 7:21 P

For most activities, the heavier you are, the more you will burn.

But why cut the times in half? Why not do the activity for the time recommended, and accept the extra burn over 100 calories as a nice bonus towards your weight loss?


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2/6/13 6:55 P


Try tracking some of those activities in your fitness tracker, and it will give you an estimate of calories burned based on your current weight.

Coach Jen

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2/6/13 4:01 P

Generally speaking, the more you weigh, the more you will burn. :) You have more to move, and burn more as a consequence.

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2/6/13 3:55 P

Just read the article on 50 ways to torch 100 calories. The times given were for a 150 lb person. I'm a 326 lb person. Is there a way I can convert times so I can calculate how long times would be for me to burn 100 calories? For example; do I double the time, or cut it in half?

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