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SARAHEGILROY SparkPoints: (13,225)
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6/10/13 11:25 A

The biggest thing I have learned is that my portions were way out of balance! Even eating somewhat healthy, I was overeating big time.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (43,817)
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6/10/13 11:15 A

I've really seen my downfalls in my eating habits. There are days where I felt like I ate a TON and wasn't that hungry anymore but I was still under 1,200 cals by around 200!!! It has definitely helped to have my macros tracked in addition to cals to see what is in all of the food I am eating. My biggest challenge is with that dang sugar... hey fruit... do you gotta be SO sweet?? :)

LADYSTARWIND SparkPoints: (82,395)
Fitness Minutes: (64,204)
Posts: 4,810
6/10/13 2:02 A

...that its a constant challenge to reach goals for some nutrients: K, Ca, and Mg

...that Na is Really easy to go overboard on it!! (And I've discovered I'm really prone to water weight gain with too much!!)

....that it really helps to be able to track during the I can change up planned foods for what I really need to come close to nutrients/carb/fat/protein ratios....

...and most important...that this works: I Am Losing Weight!!! emoticon

MILENA567 SparkPoints: (10,857)
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6/9/13 2:52 P

It heleped me to see what I didn't actually want to see - where my calories came from. Of course, I already knew that, but didn't want to admit to myself. I was sure that I don't eat much, and that was true - for the first part of the day. And than in the evening I started to think what can I make for dinner, every single evening - dough in 1001 ways. Who could resist that adorable smel??? I even wasn't thinking how much did I eat, getting one peace after another, never knowing how many times. When I finaly made myself to count - I was in shock!!! No more!!!!!!!

KEEPGOINGEMILY SparkPoints: (20,609)
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6/9/13 2:27 P

I've learned what you eat is just as important as how much! I'm a quantity lover when it comes to eating, and I can put together a heaping plate of veggies for the same calories as a piddly peanut butter sandwich. While both have their nutritionally redeeming qualities, it's about deciding what your priority is. Protein is very helpful for me to make sure I keep from getting too hungry. When I don't get enough protein in my meals, I get rundown feeling and that weakens my resolve to make good food choices!
What is challenging is to moderate serving sizes of foods I am accustomed to over-eating, pasta for instance. I've learned some new approaches to that, but still mess it up! Food choices aren't always rational, and when I step away from being rational about it is where I run into the most trouble. "I'm going to eat that because I want to, dangit!" Doesn't lend itself to oh let me track that before I cram it into my face!

JGTO120 Posts: 31
6/9/13 1:36 P

Thank you both for your comments!

BRAVELUTE Posts: 3,963
6/9/13 1:25 P

I have learned that having menu plan before eating helps me stay on track with my nutrient goals.

I have learned that it is difficult to get near my calorie range when eating a plant based diet with minimal processed foods.

I have learned that I am getting better at planning my menus whether I'm cooking at home or eating in a restaurant.

I have learned that having a record is helpful when going back to see how I managed something.

I have learned that I like having the NAMES for dishes later on. Just having a list of ingredients (to compute nutrients) gives me no clue later on about what I actually cooked, so I put that kind of info in the NOTE in the food tracker.

Making food groups makes life easier, but I forget what I called the group when I'm trying to enter the leftovers quickly. ; ) I also forget to put in things like .25 of a serving when the calories actually reflect a 4 serving casserole.

ONLINEASLLOU SparkPoints: (73,365)
Fitness Minutes: (57,011)
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6/9/13 11:55 A

1. I learned "where" my calories come from -- and that helps me decide whether or not a certain food is "worth eating." It's like each food comes with a "price tag" -- the amount of calories and nutrition that it contains. That information has helped me eat less of some foods that don't give me enough pleasure or nutrition to be worth the calories. It's also helped me identify foods that I like that contain few calories -- and I can enjoy eating more of them.

2. By tracking throughout the day, I can see what I need for dinner to end up within my desired ranges. For example, if I haven't had much protein during the day, I can add some extra for dinner. If I see that I have had a lot of carbs during the day, I can eat a very low-carb dinner. That helps me end the day with a "good set of numbers."

3. I don't to fail. I like seeing a streak that shows I have stayed within my ranges for the past week (at the bottom of the nutrition tracking page). That desire to avoid failing helps keep me on track ... or at least, close to being on track.

Good luck to you!

JGTO120 Posts: 31
6/9/13 11:29 A

Today's Spark Coach question was "What have you learned since tracking your food? What challenges have you run into?"

Skipping to the second part of the question, my biggest challenge is tracking! I start off okay, but by the evening, I lose my motivation to track. Unfortunately, this is where self-sabotage almost always happens.

To answer the first part of the question, I've learned that my weight problem and challenges don't stem from my age, the fact that I had babies (20+ years ago!), or any other "beyond-my-control" reason. My weight problem and challenges stem from the fact that I eat too much. Tracking (when I do it) helps me to stay within a reasonable calorie range. And when I do stay within that range and track everything, I actually feel better and proud of myself.

My question to anyone who might read this post is what have you learned, what are your challenges, and how/why do you sabotage yourself?

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