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What have I learned from tracking my food

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Posts: 679
1/19/13 6:20 P

I have a more real view or portions.
I recognize how healthy lots of veggies and fruit are daily.
Before I was not getting enough protein. Now I am more aware.

SparkPoints: (19,773)
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Posts: 39
1/19/13 6:13 P

I have learned not to be afraid of eating fatty or protein-rich foods! Days where I come under the minimum for fat are almost always the days where I dive face-first into the fridge by the end of the day.

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Fitness Minutes: (555)
Posts: 281
1/19/13 4:34 P

I have learned how quickly 1500 calories add up!!

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Fitness Minutes: (264)
Posts: 20
1/19/13 4:11 P

ive learned im not getting a balance for my nutrients and finding it hard to do, any suggestion on my meal planning are welcomed

Posts: 32
1/19/13 3:41 P

I am learning which nutrients I am short on and which I am doing well. This is helping me to add more nutrient rich snacks into my day. And the tracking utility is very easy to use.

SparkPoints: (5,573)
Fitness Minutes: (1,300)
Posts: 372
1/19/13 1:03 P

The way we track food on this site makes it so easy and really makes me more mindful.

Posts: 269
1/19/13 9:36 A

How many calories i consumed.

SparkPoints: (2,513)
Fitness Minutes: (389)
Posts: 67
1/19/13 9:27 A

I learned I eat a high protein and sodium diet, and am always significntly under carbs each day. My intake of vitamin d, calcium is also low. Sometimes I don;t track the late night snacks because I don't want to face it, even if they are healthy. Just wish I could get through an evening without eating after supper.

Posts: 54
1/19/13 9:24 A

Same here. The amount I would eat before was crazy I wouldn't be surprised if I ate 1000 + cal at one meal. When I track it makes me see how much I should be eating. Also I eat more whole foods like veggies because they are so low in calories. And I think hard about the snacks I want to eat and portion everything and read every label. Making smarter choices.

SparkPoints: (5,573)
Fitness Minutes: (1,300)
Posts: 372
1/19/13 8:21 A

That's right..... Why bother fooling myself if I don't tack honestly!

Posts: 14,301
1/19/13 8:18 A

I've learned that, unless I'm honest, there's no point.

SparkPoints: (146,502)
Fitness Minutes: (149,073)
Posts: 9,685
1/19/13 8:07 A

That is a very common issue as to why people get overweight! We have no clue as to what we are shoving into our mouths and in what quantity. Knowledge is power.

SparkPoints: (5,573)
Fitness Minutes: (1,300)
Posts: 372
1/19/13 8:04 A

I have learned that without the tracking, I don't often realize just how much one can eat and how many calories I am adding to my intake each day. Hence, I am overweight

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