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4/23/11 11:48 A

If you don't get enough protein for an extended period of time your hair can start to fall out Don't forget, eggs are a great source of protein. The latest research is saying that you can have 7 a week without negatively influencing your cholesterol levels. Beans (black, kidney, garbanzo) are a good source too and have the added benefit of fiber. And there's always cheese...mmmm

WILLDOIT70 Posts: 422
4/22/11 10:51 P

Eat more protein! That article tells you why!

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4/22/11 10:51 P

The Spark article that was linked covers it pretty well. The thing that I am surprised by is that someone would only be getting 20 grams. I get more than that at breakfast, and breakfast is usually my smallest meal (calorie wise).

20 grams of protein is only 80 calories. Your meals would have to be way unbalanced.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
4/22/11 10:44 P

the people who eat too little protein are the ones you see who are at a light weight , but still pudgy.. they have less muscle

NUTMEG1125 Posts: 2,002
4/22/11 5:17 P

Eating adequate protein will help you feel more full and makes reducing calories easier.

Also getting the right amount of protein helps keep you from losing alot of lean tissue while losing weight. There is almost always lean mass lost on a reducing diet, the important thing is limiting how much you lose.

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4/22/11 5:11 P

I have a hard time understanding how you wouldn't get enough protein. But yes, the article linked in the post below tells what it is used for.
I don't know how many calories you're eating (my assumption is 1200 because 60gm of protein is 20% of that).
Your body needs protein, and I would shoot for 20% of your calories from protein (or as close as possible). I tend toward 25% protein, and feel better when I eat that amount.

ASHBUG124 Posts: 752
4/22/11 4:53 P

Actually you will be fine if you get at least 30, doesn't have to be 60. If you are not eating meat you can easily add protein with a serving of nuts daily. Keep in mind everything even fruit and veggies has a gram or two so make sure you are eating plenty of whole foods.

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4/22/11 1:24 A

This should answer your question:

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4/22/11 1:02 A

If the minimum recommended is 60 grams, but I'm only getting about 20 grams, what effect would that have on my health?

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