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What gym is your favorite!!?

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SparkPoints: (91,903)
Fitness Minutes: (78,751)
Posts: 5,156
7/23/13 1:39 A

My apartment !

SparkPoints: (1,872)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 27
7/23/13 1:22 A

Same here, Berry! I'm in Vancouver, WA. Living in a town house for now! So the gym it is :)

SparkPoints: (138,746)
Fitness Minutes: (86,327)
Posts: 6,904
7/22/13 10:08 P

24 Hr Fitness is my go-to gym for all needs. Great supply of equipment: weights & machines. Variety of cardio options + free classes. 24-hr access, all for less than $20 per month.

I live in the Pacific North"wet" in a small house. I NEED a place to workout during the typical 6 or so months of rain.

SparkPoints: (155,838)
Fitness Minutes: (154,915)
Posts: 10,178
7/22/13 9:20 P

My gym has a great community center. I even work there a couple days a month. All the people are real. Made many great friends.

Posts: 488
7/22/13 6:44 P

My basement, followed by LA Fitness.

SparkPoints: (105,713)
Fitness Minutes: (81,644)
Posts: 3,376
7/22/13 1:45 P

The Duncan Gym at my house!

Posts: 726
7/22/13 8:13 A

My garage

Posts: 655
7/22/13 4:04 A

Used to have a membership at the YMCA and I really liked that place. Now I have to use base gym cause it's the only one available. It's pretty small and always extremely hot. I've been skipping the gym lately due to the heat. emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,872)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 27
7/20/13 9:50 P

OooOooh.... boxing... never thought about that. Maybe when I am in better shape. Might as well learn to kick some A while I'm at it! :)

The town I work in only has one gym. SO... it was a tough decision. lol I could have went to a gym where I live... but I rather not chance it. Might just go home instead!! Cant have that! lol emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,887)
Fitness Minutes: (1,255)
Posts: 105
7/20/13 5:27 P

I love TITLE boxing club and Lifetime.....going to both is perfect!

SparkPoints: (9,938)
Fitness Minutes: (9,503)
Posts: 270
7/20/13 1:21 P

I am at Too your health spa In my little town I think there is 5 gyms totall

Posts: 34
7/20/13 12:04 P

JGLOOR, I am just getting to know the gym machines, too. The more I exercise, the more activity I want to do. emoticon Exercise is addictive...; - ) AND a great "stress reducer!" Let me know "how you are doing?" Even 5-10 min. of exercise benefits your health emoticon Jan

SparkPoints: (1,872)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 27
7/20/13 11:58 A

I really wish I could do it at home!! But after work if I come home I am not getting up. lol

So, I picked a gym near my job. For five days a week I'll be there after work. Pretty excited :) I don't know how to use a lot of the machinery nor what to do to get the results I want. But they give you a personal trainer for two days for free.

Know what it's missing though, Jan!? A pool! That would make it perfect! :)

Posts: 34
7/20/13 10:37 A

I enjoy the YMCA gym & pool. Membership is very reasonable. The staff are very encouraging. emoticon Jan

SparkPoints: (74,381)
Fitness Minutes: (62,236)
Posts: 2,489
7/20/13 7:10 A

My living room and backyard. It's cheaper. ;) I wish I could afford a gym membership.

I do HIIT in my living room (mimicking jump rope intervals) and a few metabolic resistance training dvds as well as some isolation ST exercises.

I do my compound ST exercises outside with hubby's workout bench. All I'm missing is a pull up bar and a squat rack. :(

Funny, cuz I was at the grocery store last week and the Good Life Fitness girls were handing out promotion cards and they told me how fit I looked and asked what gym I belonged to... "the one in my back yard..." I told them... I felt so lame but hey, it works.

Edited by: JENNILACEY at: 7/20/2013 (07:11)

SparkPoints: (1,872)
Fitness Minutes: (125)
Posts: 27
7/20/13 2:11 A

I'm starting at Snap Fitness!

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