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MEG-NATALIA07 Posts: 679
12/31/12 7:53 P

anything that includes all three: protein, fiber and fat. That'll do it for me.

LOVESTOWALK49 Posts: 705
12/31/12 7:06 P

lentils, split peas, and other legumes. Beans fill me up. A cup or two of beans and I'm fine all night.

12/31/12 6:52 P

Things that are rich in protein and fiber are the things that will keep you fuller longer. Another time that I got was when you think you are hungry drink an 8 ounce glass of water then wait an hour. Most times when people think they are hungry they are actually dehydrated. I also recently read an article that said it was important to try and eat each meal at approximately the same time each day. It explained that it will teach your body to want to eat on a schedule.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
12/31/12 6:44 P

Foods rich in fiber and/or protein. At least they keep me fuller longer.

TOPCAT93 SparkPoints: (9,020)
Fitness Minutes: (2,735)
Posts: 319
12/31/12 4:49 P

raw vegies

12/31/12 4:30 P

Protein for me! Greek Yogurt, lean meat and fish and lots of veggies

12/31/12 4:27 P

High-fiber foods work well for me. A big salad at lunch with lots of vegetables and a serving of protein -- like sliced chicken breast, sliced egg, cubed turkey or something like that -- keeps me full and happy for hours. At breakfast time, a high-fiber cereal with some milk and a serving of protein, like cottage cheese or an egg, keeps me going until noon. It's important to drink plenty of water too.

BNM8704 Posts: 170
12/31/12 4:05 P

What foods tend to keep you fuller longer?

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