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As has been mentioned a lot of foods don't list certain nutrients because it isn't required by law.

Below are a couple links (same site but different nutrients) which will help you considerably:

Whatever you do, do NOT take supplements for these UNLESS you have discussed it with your Dr and possibly registered Dietitian. Because we can consume a lot more of these nutrients that is recorded in our trackers, taking a supplement can cause considerable serious medical problems. Too much Potassium can cause serious heart issues, and too much Calcium can cause kidney stones, and in the supplemented form, seems to be responsible for some heart issues with some people.


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3/21/13 1:51 P

Let me just point out that a lot of the foods in the database (particularly the user-entered ones) have inaccuracte/incomplete information for the "vitamins and minerals" - so you may be getting more potassium/calcium than your tracker is suggesting. Also, many food nutrition labels don't even list potassium at all, even though the food may have some! Lastly, you may find that you are getting vitamins and minerals from unexpected places that you aren't even tracking - dried spices for example, do contain some nutrition, but most people wouldn't bother to track them.

That said, it can be really hard to consume enough calcium-rich foods to meet the RDA, when eating a calorie-restricted diet. A big winner/saviour for me has been "dark leafy greens" like kale and swiss chard.

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Prunes are a good source of potassium. If you've never tasted them, they are sweet like a raisin or dried piece of fruit.

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3/21/13 12:30 P

i am having trouble getting enough potassium. and calcium. What food are rich in these nutrients ? ( other than milk cheese and bannans)

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