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HPEFUL25 Posts: 186
4/25/11 11:11 A


SPAZZY21DMH Posts: 76
4/25/11 10:48 A

I take magnesium at night. It seems to help some.

FEARICKA Posts: 59
4/25/11 7:45 A

I saw on discovery health a bit ago that tonic water is also excellent for relieving leg cramps.. :)

4/25/11 7:35 A

wow, never heard of the peeing too much but makes total sense! I'm drinking tons of water and of course, peeing a lot. I just had a banana and will now have adamame. Can't wait to get some relief! Thank you!

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3/19/11 8:40 P

I would get awful cramps when I was pregnant and on my feet too much. Potassium helped but drinking more water was the best.

4EVER21B SparkPoints: (85,153)
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3/19/11 3:53 P

I suffer from leg cramps,too. When it happens, I massage my leg until the cramping stops or until I can get up and walk in out. (My cramps always occur when I am laying down.) I have increased my fluids since I start SP (my first week) and activity level. So far, no cramps. emoticon


RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
3/19/11 3:47 P

you need to replace electrolytes to ease cramping.. sometimes it is from dehydration.. other times it is from urinating too much.. which removes electrolytes with the urine..I have to take Lasix for my CHF, and therefore have to take potassium pills to replenish what I lose.. some of you may have similar problems.. we do drink lots of water here.. which can lead to more trips to the bathroom.. If symptoms do not improve with enough water, or potassium/magnesium rich foods.. talk to a doctor.. supplementation may be necessary.. even temporarily

CYNNANE Posts: 567
3/19/11 1:10 P

Potassium will help with muscle soreness and cramping as it aids in regulating water in your body and muscle growth. Bananas are great, but other often over looked foods are raisins, prunes, strawberries, citrus fruits, spinach, potatoes, soybeans, tomatoes, beans, fish, and even turkey (watch out for nitrate injections in turkey).

HPEFUL25 Posts: 186
3/19/11 1:04 P


C-MERRIE11 Posts: 748
3/19/11 12:23 P

the old time remedy for things like, say charlie horses, is oj and bananas. potassium...

JOCALAT Posts: 1,036
3/19/11 9:12 A

I find if I am well hydrated I don't get them..also non food related a massage does wonders because it helps remove the lactic acid that builds up from the exercise...I am fortunate to be married to an LMT

HITCHLEY Posts: 268
3/19/11 3:19 A

Maybe I am wrong as I am certainly no specialist, but I have taken magnesium for cramps over the years with great success. We (my wife and I) take magnesium effervescent tablets in water after a long run. It is both refreshing and gives us the magnesium for the legs.
I recommended it to my father too and he now swears by it.

There is also a lot of evidence available on the internet to support this , so I assume it is right.

DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
3/19/11 12:54 A

i hear bananas work cuz of the potassium

PRIMAVERA_81 Posts: 192
3/19/11 12:31 A

These were all great suggestions, and I would also like to add that I have been getting leg cramps that go from my hips to my toes while I am sleeping. I am nurse and tried everything listed here, I am using quinine sodium now and it helps havent had one in like 2 months

KT_420 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/19/11 12:06 A

Thanks guys! I plan to try a few of the suggestions! :D

LIZJUSTLIZ SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/11 5:33 P

I used to cramp up in my calves all the time in ballet class, then my teacher told me I needed to be eating more potassium. The only food that's readily available to me aalll the time is bananas, but there are plenty of other foods rich in potassium.
Drink lots of water too!
I haven't had a bad cramp in a while now :)

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3/17/11 4:24 P

I'd second a couple suggestions here and advise before you take anything over the counter, first of all make sure you're drinking enough water!

Secondly, how often are you stretching? As you said, you're on your feet all day, and have added in walking as well - are you stretching enough? Try to get a good 10 minutes of stretching throughout the day, and see if that helps.

Finally, bananas are high in potassium - before you try anything over the counter (and if you do, I really suggest talking to your Dr or a pharmacist), try eating more bananas :)

Edited to add:
As strange as it sounds, you could also try wearing compression pantyhose. You can get the regular ones at any store where you buy pantyhose, in any colour (or length - knee high, thigh high, etc) - they can really help if it's poor circulation and blood return that's causing the cramps.

Good luck - I hope they get better!

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NENATO2 SparkPoints: (185,008)
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3/17/11 3:39 P

Anything with potassium in it. Bananas. Sweet Potato

3/17/11 3:01 P

do you take a multivitamin?
I use to get cramps to but with the advise of doctors, I take a few different vitamins. Try and eat more potassium foods like- bananas, tomatos & tomato juice, oranges, potatos

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,825
3/17/11 12:54 P

I have muscle cramps in my toes constantly. They hurt and cause my toes to go crazy.

AHMARROSE SparkPoints: (0)
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3/17/11 12:41 P

milk and it products

KIAHT6 Posts: 267
3/17/11 12:08 P

I wish I knew as I often get upper thigh cramps!

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3/17/11 8:41 A


As crazy as it seems, we do not truly understand what causes some people cramp and others not. I would highly recommend that you do NOT supplement with over-the-counter supplements without medical supervision, especially if you are currently taking prescription medications. Too much of a good thing can be just as detrimental to your health as too little.

Studies show that cramping can be caused by hydration issues. But in a recent article in Runner's World, Kevin Miller, Ph.D., an exercise scientist at North Dakota State University who studies cramping, states that muscle exhaustion could be the factor.

While there is quite a bit of debate as to what to do for cramping, staying hydrated, stretching and doing a good warm-up and cool-down may help.


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3/16/11 11:54 P

What CYGNATIUS said lol Make sure you're staying well hydrated too!! Dehydration is often the culprit behind muscle cramping!

CYGNATIUS Posts: 168
3/16/11 11:48 P

Cramping can be caused by a deficiency in potassium and/or magnesium.
You could try having some apple cider vinegar, suggest you add it to some juice to disguise the taste. Mustard is also supposed to be good or your could drink tonic water, the quinine in it helps alleviate cramps.
In terms of supplements you could try magnesium or CoQ10.
You may wish to visit your nearest health food shop and have a chat with them. Over here they normally have a naturpath working there who will help you get the right product for you.
BTW bananas are high in potassium

KT_420 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/16/11 11:28 P

I am a hair stylist so as you can imagine I am on my feet a lot. I also have started walking more and doing longer workouts. But in return my legs are cramping more than ever! What foods and vitamins would help with this?!

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