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LUNA_IS_MY_HERO Posts: 7,069
4/9/12 7:47 P

poptarts and regular style potato chips.

4/9/12 7:40 P

Canned soups and such. Too salty.

Other then that, I am finding food doesn't taste gross, but I am filling up on way, way less then I did a month ago. I still get ice cream and such as a treat, but now I can only eat a single scoop or a small soft serve cone instead of gorging on an entire pint.

LOSING42 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (139)
Posts: 21
4/9/12 7:12 P

I used to love pizza and cheesy bread, and could eat SO MUCH in one sitting. Then last week having just one slice of pizza and a few pieces of cheesy bread made me sick to my stomach. Literally.

TEENY_BIKINI_ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (731)
Posts: 26
4/9/12 7:12 P

most fast food and any food that's too salty, i can't eat salted pretzels anymore! all of my pretzels are unsalted now :)

KA.BARRY Posts: 131
4/9/12 6:52 P

I wish I could start making myself think certain foods are gross that way I wouldn't be tempted to eat them!

MTULLY SparkPoints: (116,754)
Fitness Minutes: (88,798)
Posts: 3,064
4/9/12 6:39 P

any kind of soda, artificially sweetened or regular - all I can taste is the chemicals

ESPINANCA102 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,327)
Posts: 24
4/9/12 6:38 P

I have not cut anything completely out of my diet. There are things that I used to always have in the house that we never buy anymore, but if I had to, I would eat them. Like snack cakes. They are pretty awful and normally, I would not go near them, but I refused to feel guilty because I needed one before giving blood a month ago. I do not want to mentally block myself from anything.

The one thing that I used to love, but do not particularly like anymore, though, is bacon. I cannot get past the salt. It is really a change of taste. My husband thinks I am crazy because he still loves bacon, but even the smell can turn my stomach sometimes.

GUNNSGIRL91303 Posts: 4,343
4/9/12 5:54 P

Lean Cuisine and other frozen meals. Also, fast food burgers. Blech!

DNABRLY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,221)
Posts: 407
4/9/12 5:54 P

Potatoes, pizza, and pasta.

One of the reasons I went on a diet was because I was eating pasta every day and was gaining weight. One of my roommates eats those three things every day and the apartment always smells like them. I'm kind of glad those foods disgust me now, because I used to think they were amazing.

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,142
4/9/12 5:46 P

Fast foods and breaded, fried foods.

Fitness Minutes: (20,400)
Posts: 2,704
4/9/12 5:45 P

I was never a big fan of frozen meals, but sometimes as a teenager I would eat like, a frozen fettucini alfredo or something. Now I'd rather go hungry. Same for something like Cheez-Whiz. I've never purchased it myself, ever, but it was something I'd been served here and there. Today I would, again, rather go hungry.

SEASIDEGOAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,210)
Posts: 1
4/9/12 5:39 P

I CAN'T drink Diet Coke anymore. It tastes like metalic paint. It took about 2 weeks of drinking just water to totally wean myself of my 2 per day habit.... So much more healthy now!

DALLASGIRL99 SparkPoints: (4,075)
Fitness Minutes: (1,765)
Posts: 88
4/9/12 5:38 P

Some of the fast food I used to love--Big Macs especially. Sometimes I order it and then after one or two bites I regret it.

LIZ1147 SparkPoints: (6,615)
Fitness Minutes: (10,959)
Posts: 143
4/9/12 5:34 P

Really salty foods (like some canned soup) grosses me out. I also can't stand the taste of soda (which I never really liked too much to begin with). I'm also much less tempted by sweets...when I'm craving something sweet I usually reach for fruit instead of candy.

BOXERBRIEF35 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,400)
Posts: 29
4/9/12 5:19 P

I cant stand sugar any more! I make my own tomatoe sauce because they put sugar in the sauce in the stores.Also high frutose corn is so bad for you and they put it in everything! I make my own salad dressing because they put high frutose in all of them.Sugar is so bad for you!

PAT4PROG Posts: 652
4/9/12 5:12 P

Well, unlike most replies to this post, I share the same thoughts as Susan_Foster....
Although I've made drastic changes in my eating habits, nothing that I use to eat seems gross to me....if the less healthy choice is all that's available(for example a someone else's house), I accept but in very small quantities because of it's nutrition value, not because it is gross. Still really like the same foods, but have been making wiser, healthier choices for a over a year.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,317
4/9/12 4:40 P

Since I've switched to ultra healthy eating I can't stand:
all snack cakes, sugary cereals, cold cuts, frozen dinners, most canned veggies and soups (way too salty), and the smell of fast food.

LANEYK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (4,343)
Posts: 190
4/9/12 4:23 P

Frozen meals, particularly the Smart Ones. So gross!! I used to eat frozen meals for lunch most days when at work because it was easy and I thought it was a way to help control portions & calories, even though I often had to eat something else with it to feel satisfied. I'm disgusted that I actually thought they were tasty and healthy for me. The last time I tried one was just awful! All I could taste was the excessive salt and now I don't even think about buying them.

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SUSAN_FOSTER Posts: 1,229
4/9/12 4:06 P

None. I cut nothing out of my diet in absolutes. There are just foods that I eat extraordinarily rarely. As an example - I love fried dough. I eat it once a year. I eat a Whopper maybe 1x a year. I haven't eaten at Boston Market in several years. BUT - none of those foods make me gag. All - ALL - in moderation.

4/9/12 4:03 P

Anything with animal products in it.

4/9/12 3:50 P

NOYAN291 - shame about the okra and leeks!

For me, its sausages. Used to love them - I had a bite of a really high meat content sausage yesterday and it tasted like fat and gristle so I gave the rest of the sausage away.

Loving dried fruit at the moment - but it is still quite calorific so having to be careful with portion sizes...

FLUFFY83 SparkPoints: (138,810)
Fitness Minutes: (273,948)
Posts: 1,254
4/9/12 3:46 P

I used to love Taco Bell, but now the idea of it makes me wretch.

Actually, most fast food any more disagrees with me. I'd rather eat REAL food nowadays.

NOYAN291 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,500)
Posts: 217
4/9/12 3:37 P

Okra, leeks, McDee's, KFC

KATHY98665 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (55,882)
Posts: 272
4/9/12 3:03 P

I eliminated meat from my diet several months ago, just to see if it will help with diet, weight loss,cholesterol, etc, when I go for the next round of blood work in May. Last week, I made some spaghetti for my kids the way I have always made it- tons of fresh veggies including red peppers, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes,fresh kale and spinach and Italian sausage. When I ate it, my tongue kept finding something "gross", like a mushy piece of wadded up cardboard. I took it out and about fell out of my chair to see that it was the sausage! Even last night's Easter Ham that I tried was, if not "gross" really nothing that excited me the way it would have several months ago. Tried some fried chicken at my mom's- something I enthusiastically ate only a month ago...yuck! My husband is doing the vegetarian thing with me, and he has had the same experience. NEVER would have guessed our tastes/palate would have changed this way.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,409
4/9/12 2:53 P

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Old Country Buffet.

4/9/12 2:49 P

Anything deep fried. A couple of bites make me feel nauseous. Yuck!!

LENOREMM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (27,878)
Posts: 72
4/9/12 2:33 P

deli sandwiches - I feel sick if I eat that much white bread and mayo at once. The sugar hitting my bloodstream makes my heart pound in a really unpleasant way. I used to live on sandwiches like that.

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,214
4/9/12 2:16 P

Taco Bell. Used to LOVE LOVE LOVE it- I had to talk myself out of getting it too often. Now? Gross. I bought some a few weeks ago and ended up throwing most of it away. I agree with the sweetness others are mentioning- now that I have significantly cut the sugar, a lot of old favorites are far too sweet. A big one for this is sweet tea. I absolutely cannot drink it anymore. I still love chocolate, but I am satisfied a lot more quickly. Now I can have a 90 cal brownie for the craving, and the idea of eating a King Size Hershey's makes me a little nauseous.

4/9/12 2:13 P

Anything greasy or heavy feeling (like fast food) and dairy products. I have completely given up dairy because of lactose intolerance, I used to use Lactaid tabs and still eat dairy products but they did not always work. Now if I have cream or milk in my coffee or tea instead of using my soy-milk I notice a bloated and uncomfortable feeling in my stomach right away that sticks with me all day.

4/9/12 2:10 P

Fast food in general, but especially chicken nuggets. Ugh. Not even frozen ones.

LKG9999 Posts: 1,747
4/9/12 2:06 P

I don't know about gross, but portion sizes have changed dramatically. I'm eating about 1/2 of what I was 4 weeks ago and filling up faster.

YOGI12 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (3,270)
Posts: 187
4/9/12 1:51 P

Fast food! I don't really like eating out at all anymore. I don't know how it's cooked or what they really are putting in it!

DOGGIEMOMMA89 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (893)
Posts: 14
4/9/12 1:37 P

Pepsi. I used to think that water was gross so the only thing I would drink day or night was pepsi. The other day my water filter broke so I didn't have access to clean water. So I drank pepsi and it was so gross. All I wanted was ice water.

LESSOFPMCD SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (12,828)
Posts: 1,897
4/9/12 1:34 P

On Friday we ordered in pizza and wings. After it felt so heavy inside me - next morning wasn't feeling well etc.

I guess my body is rejecting all the fat from the fried wings and the meat/cheese on the pizza. Just have to remember this for next time I have the urge to splurge!

CSIENK Posts: 6,721
4/9/12 1:23 P

Fast Food hamburgers... ugh! I worked at McDonald's for three years when I was a teenager and I shudder to think of all of the double cheeseburgers I ate.

ROBOLIZ Posts: 29
4/9/12 1:19 P

I had Domino's pizza last week, the cheese slice was okay, but I also ate a pepperoni slice. Afterwards, I felt sick to my stomach. I think I now hate pepperoni. :( I still love pizza, but I think I'm going with healthier toppings. :D

R72485Z Posts: 155
4/9/12 1:11 P

Maggi Instant Noodles.

MARIPOSAGALAXIA SparkPoints: (19,274)
Fitness Minutes: (15,224)
Posts: 493
4/9/12 1:08 P

Most highly processed foods, with high levels of sodium and/or sugar. Anything with high levels of grease, as well, like potato chips, fried foods, or very spicy "fake" foods, like Takis, and Spicy Cheetos.

4/9/12 12:38 P

I don't miss sweets. I REALLY miss red meat, especially steak.

JAMGIRL8 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,005)
Posts: 1,455
4/9/12 12:36 P

Any kind of frozen meals or pizza, blah! Processed meat, sausage, bologna (which I never really ate) and packaged lunch meat.

Packaged sweets all seem to taste the same too, sweet, fake and not too tasty.

4/9/12 12:30 P

Bologna, hot dog etc ... also cake frosting and doughnuts..way too sweet and store bought frosting..might as well just eat Crisco! Yuck!

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
4/9/12 12:28 P

After not eating sweets for a couple of time, I had something this weekend and I found it WAY too sweet :(

Not very tempting!

SOON2BSMALL1313 Posts: 857
4/9/12 12:24 P

pop.... I keep trying to drink it but it just takes like over sugared syrup :(((((((

AEROGERS129 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (36,962)
Posts: 558
4/9/12 12:18 P

- Most battered and deep-fried foods -- the grease makes me physically sick to my stomach now that I rarely eat it
- Sugar cereals (I can't believe that some have hydrogenated oils...)
- Fruit cocktail (I can almost feel myself getting cavities with that syrup)
- Bologna and most other deli meats - the fact they can't be identified as a particular body part, and the fact that many deli meats are packed full of unsavory preservatives.

FRENCHIFAL SparkPoints: (141,635)
Fitness Minutes: (127,835)
Posts: 2,615
4/9/12 12:04 P

Macaroni and cheese, Zatarain's red beans and rice, Lean Cuisines and Lean Pockets...and most fast foods! More than anything, the smell of cooking meat is bothering me more and more, so I prefer to eat in. And I can taste the salt in prepackaged foods now, and I know I can make a healthier and more delicious version myself, so I tend to cook from scratch and completely avoid convenience foods when I'm at home. I'll admit, I still have a soft spot for pizza rolls, but I'm only allowed to have one box once a month and they taste less delicious every time, so I think I'll be weaned soon!

JENG829 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (14,729)
Posts: 791
4/9/12 11:51 A

Frozen pizza, Mac n cheese. I didn't eat these things often, but noticed a lot of people around me think of them as "normal foods". After not eating processed foods for a while I tasted them, and both of those things taste horrendous, just like chemicals. I have no problem with real cheese or real tomato sauce & veggies/meat toppings, but something about those convenience versions... yuck.

HOUNDLOVER1 Posts: 8,869
4/9/12 11:25 A

Wheat. After reading "Wheatbelly" I know that it is poison. Also sugar.

BEARCLAW6 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,376)
Posts: 1,939
4/9/12 11:23 A


I can't believe I used to put that garbage inside of me!

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,147)
Fitness Minutes: (18,761)
Posts: 1,243
4/9/12 11:00 A

This isn't so much a result of eating healthier, but just being observant. There have been a few occasions where I saw food that had been left out a little too long, and it was hardened, a little discolored, and REALLY nasty looking. Before that, it had looked somewhat appealing. That was kind of enough for me... If food that I'm eating can look THAT gross, then it's probably not all that great to be eating in the first place.

SENZ2001 Posts: 123
4/9/12 9:47 A

Too much candy in the house and I am happy to say that I am NOT tempted to eat it. I had a few pieces yesterday and they weren't that great.

What food do you now find gross now that you've changed your habits?

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