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When you say HIIT plus training, does that mean weight training? If not, then adding weight workouts on your off days would be good. Or, you can do yoga or Pilates; the right programs make me sweat! I have some of the 10 minute DVD's and sometimes do two routines at a time. Good old floor exercises work too.

Since you say low impact and focus on toning, I'm assuming things like walking, step exercise, dance or other cardio is not what you are looking for.

I do all my exercise at home, mostly using DVD's. They can be checked out of the library for free, or use the routines here on Spark, for free.

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3/13/14 12:53 P

Let me explain. I workout 3 times a week doing HIIT plus training for 30 minutes to an hour. The remaining days I can squeeze in a low impact workout but only about 15 to 20 minutes. I want to do something that will make me sweat but that's low impact and focusing more on toning and burns some fat. Is there anything like this? I can't afford the gym so please don't mention it.

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