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8/24/13 10:31 A


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8/22/13 1:06 P

Thanks for all the wonderful foods. This really helps, I will post list on refrigerator. Have a wonderful day.

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8/19/13 9:39 P

I like pretty simple. A small steak. A boneless skinless half chicken breast, grilled. A pork chop. A hamburger. Sometimes a chef salad. Sometimes i have breakfast for dinner--2 scrambled eggs, a medium potato, baked partially then cubed and "home fried" in the skillet with a spray of Pam. Maybe mushrooms and some cheese in the eggs. Or another veggie. Sometimes I just grill veggies and have all I want. I change it up a lot!! And a couple times a month I make spaghetti...

SHAYLA3 Posts: 207
8/19/13 10:39 A

What entrée do you have for dinner? Im really struggling in this area. Recipes are welcome.

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