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TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
3/4/13 8:24 A

OK, thanks Denise. On the bar under Community, sister site were once listed, but with the recent, seemingly minor, redesign of the site they disappeared. I did use SparkAmerica but I rather fell off from that. I looked into SparkTeen and BabyFit, but they have no application to me, and DailySpark and SparkRecipes are favorites for me.

It seems SparkSavings was the only mystery site.

There really is still a need for a SparkCentralStation that would get users to those sister sites more easily. Community Home would seem a logical location for that. Or a link to ... SparkCentralStation.

Thank you.

SP_COACH_DENISE Posts: 31,998
3/4/13 8:07 A

Our sister sites currently include:

BabyFit (for women who are pregnant or trying to conceive)
SparkTeens (for teens 13-17 years old)
DailySpark (blogs by our staff and other health professionals -- can be found by going to the Articles & Videos tab and selecting DailySpark)

Coach Denise

TIMOTHYNOHE Posts: 4,317
3/3/13 12:48 P

... that I don't know about?

Of course I know about SparkPeople. I mean here I am, right?

And I know about SparkRecipes. I use it alllll the time.

And Spark America. And the Lifestyle Centers. And Challenge Central. And Success Stories and Secrets of Success. Goodness there are a lot of place that are fairly easy to find.

Today I was going through some articles in Nutrition and I came upon this article:
Slash Your Grocery Bills: A Dozen Smart and Simple Tips from Food Bloggers

But the page didn't look like I expected. Wait a minute. The URL was also something I had never seen in 18 months. SparkSavings? Very interesting. I shall put this on my must explore list.

Of course that led me to thinking ... what other sister sites like SparkRecipes and SparkSavings are lurking out there, hiding, just waiting to be found?

I may need a SparkExpert for this SparkQuestion.

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