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MARSHA48 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/5/09 1:33 P

I agree with the others here. Proportion size will be different for all of us at that weight. I am currently at 172 pounds and I wear a size Large blouse and 16 pants still. Leaving room for breathing. LOL
Hips, waist, and neck etc, areas are different for us all. Try on clothes at Walmart, or wherever you shop get an idea that way. Just as Manufacturers of clothing are diffferent too.

2/5/09 1:03 P

everyone is different- you must be measured then get the right size-

LISSA2008 Posts: 1,042
2/5/09 12:59 P

Maybe go by measurements rather than weight? Try going to some of the bridesmaid dresses manufacturer websites and see if they give you sizes based on measurements. See what you would wear at your current size and then estimate from there.

I'm sure you'll look beautiful no matter what - of course NOT more beautiful than the bride...not allowed!

2/5/09 12:19 P

I agree that bridesmaid dresses run small. I'm at 175 and 5'2" - that would be a 14 in regular dresses, but maybe a 16 in a more formal dress.

2/5/09 12:17 P

I'm 4'11" and weigh right at 170lbs and I wear a 14/16. I'm busty, butty, and stomach so it really depends

CRAZYJAMO13 Posts: 129
2/5/09 10:24 A

Like everyone else says, it varies with the individual. I'm 5'11 and I weight 170-175, and I have weighed that for years. It's definately a 10/12 with variations depending on breast and butt size. Sometimes with an actual dress, it could be an 8. However, if you're shopping for a dress for future use to fit into, make sure you're reasonable with the size. Don't buy one that will be too small and that you cannot eventually get to.

KIMIKOYO Posts: 1,199
2/2/09 1:15 P

At 170 #'s I'd need a size 22 or 24 women's. I am barely 5'1"

BRIG24 Posts: 19
2/2/09 1:13 P

Be careful with BM dresses....they run extremely small! I would go pretty close to your measurments when you actually order it because it is way easier and cheaper to take a dress in, than to let it out.

2/2/09 1:10 P

I would say. . . 10/12.

I think it is great that you are so positive and confident about losing your weight and reaching your goal of 170. You can do it! Keep up the positive affirmations.

2/2/09 1:08 P

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. You know, a lot of wedding dresses run funny and people carry their weight in different places. Your best bet is to wait until you are ready to buy, and go try them on. For me, at 170, my butt won't even consider a 14! It's 16 or nothing for me. The waist needs adjusting the but the thighs and butt need the extra room.

AVABLISS Posts: 261
2/2/09 1:03 P

oh yah, I wont be buying anything until a month before the wedding (if not much closer!). Im just wondering what area Ill be looking in! Its fun to imagine a size 12 or 14 or even 16!! LOL Really good motivation. I will not be wearing it unless I do something about my jiggle arms (EWW).

Thanks! Let me know!

PHAT.GIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/09 12:59 P

I am 5'3, 172 lbs. For me it would be a 12 because my 14 dresses are a little loose now.
I say to be safe go with a sz 14.

ISEW4UANDME Posts: 1,701
2/2/09 12:26 P

That's tough, because everyone carries their weight differently. I think you'll have to wait a little longer to guess on the size!

PHROG1383 Posts: 1,860
2/2/09 12:25 P

It is different for everyone. When I last weighed 170 I was in a 14/16.

JENNALASS SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/09 12:22 P

I am 5'6, 179 (today!) and wear a size 10, 12, 14 and on occasion 16.

Congrat Pixie! I'll bet your dress will be gorgeous!

2/2/09 11:42 A

I am 5'4", 169 lbs, and heading to David's Bridal today. I'll let you know what size I end up with.

2/2/09 11:37 A

Its actually impossible to know! And even if I could say to you "Oh, you'll be a 14" or whatever, that could be a 6 in one store and a 20 in another.

I remember when I went prom dress shopping, I was fitting in dresses from 4 to 14. Don't ask me how that works.

THISTIMES Posts: 468
2/2/09 11:34 A

I am 185ish and I have a pair of GAP jeans in a size 12 that are getting too big for me, and I am only 5'4" so I have to agree its a pretty random thing.

2/2/09 7:08 A

I'm 5'6" and at 175, I can wear anywhere from a size 10 to a 14 depending on the clothes. It just depends on the outfit.

JIACOLO SparkPoints: (532,475)
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2/2/09 6:53 A

I agree with everyone else that it would depend on your body shape, height, and where you carry weight.

PONDERFUL Posts: 550
2/2/09 6:39 A

Just make sure not to get bummed out by the sizes--I think that bridal attire has its own sizing system. I recall having to buy dresses 2-3 sizes bigger than my normal size. Keep that in mind and it wont be such an excruciating experience (unless the bride says "I picked a dress that you can wear again...)

HEATHERBRIE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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2/2/09 6:35 A

You can't judge a size by the weight. A 5'2 person will be a totally different size than someone who is the same weight and 5'7. Everybody holds their weight differently as well. Just start trying things on and go from there!!

AVABLISS Posts: 261
2/1/09 10:27 P

I hope Im not STILL a size 20 at 170lbs! lol, that would SUCK!!!

Yah, I was thinking 14... hmmmm.

This is turning into some awesome motivation!!

2/1/09 10:15 P

right now i am in the 160s and i wear 12s. so maybe 14 would be a close guess, oh i am 5'5

2/1/09 10:12 P

Believe it or not, when I weighed 170, I was a size 10 (at 5'5). Everyone carries weight differently.

My suggestion is to go with something larger, as people suggest... 12 or 14. Those dresses are always cut small.

KAILIIA SparkPoints: (77,182)
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Posts: 5,146
2/1/09 10:08 P

tough to say but if they are sized on traditional dress forms (say the ones sewing patterns are based around)you might even be an 18 or a 20.

EPM415 Posts: 47
2/1/09 10:05 P

HUGE guess here since it really varies, as you know :) but I would guess a 14, or more likely a 16 because bridesmaid dress sizing is always larger than normal clothes sizes (so annoying!)

Have fun and good luck!!

AVABLISS Posts: 261
2/1/09 9:56 P

I know this will be VERY different for everyone BUT the reason I am asking is cause I am a bridesmaid in Sept and by then I am hoping to be down to about 170lbs. We are going dress shopping in a few months but I am curious what size I should be looking at... Altho I wont be buying the dress until much closer to the date.

I am 5'4". Right now my dress size is 20 @ 236lbs.

Any thoughts?

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