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RENEEW2010 Posts: 308
3/9/10 4:14 P

I do have measuring cups :) and I broke down and bought a scale today so no more guessing!

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LETOVERN Posts: 2,603
3/9/10 12:11 P

About 2/3 c.--I hope you do have measuring cups.

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KYBORN Posts: 454
3/9/10 12:00 P

I know that 3 oz of wheat spaghetti weighs 6 5/8 oz cooked. Hope this helps.

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3/9/10 7:06 A

Here's a really useful resource on SP that lists visual equivalents of serving sizes for a number of key foods!

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JULIEN* Posts: 5,331
3/8/10 11:14 P

about the same size as a tennis ball or about 1/2 cup. : )

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RENEEW2010 Posts: 308
3/8/10 11:03 P

I made rotini rigate tonight and I don't have a scale... 2 oz dry is a serving. How many oz would a cup of dry rotini be?

I love me for me and want to be the healthiest me I can be!
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