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1/16/10 7:47 P

Thanks everyone! I'm going to estimate on the high side of things just to make sure. It was a store bought double layered sheet cake. I think it was for 24-32 people.

JENNIFAY3 Posts: 343
1/16/10 4:20 P

right, but the spark people measurement of "cake" is "vanilla cake with frosting" or "chocolate cake with chocolate frosting" and lists it as 105 calories for one ounce.

1THIRTY3 Posts: 308
1/16/10 4:13 P

the problem with the boxed cake analogy is that it doesn't account for the frosting.

JENNIFAY3 Posts: 343
1/16/10 3:33 P

one ounce of cake is 100 calories, and one serving of a "box mix" cake like duncan hines is 1/12 of the cake for about 200 calories. so in theory its 1/24 of a cake that you'd make from a box mix, or a 1/2 slice of the whole duncan hines/pillsbury/sarah lee cake.

AQUAKWEEN Posts: 215
1/16/10 3:31 P

perhaps it would be a cubic inch or two. that's a great question.

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1/16/10 3:25 P

I don't think there is really anyway of accurately calculating something like that. I will say this one ounce is teeeny.

JENNIFAY3 Posts: 343
1/16/10 2:26 P

I'm not sure if this is accurate, but i read online that it was the size of a deck of cards.

JENNIFAY3 Posts: 343
1/16/10 2:16 P

ounces measures weight, and cheese is much denser than cake, so i would expect that it isn't the same size as an ounce of cheese.

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1/16/10 1:30 P

If it's anything like cheese, an ounce is the size of a pair of dice. Your typical party piece from a sheet cake is probably about 4oz.

Edit: Okay, yeah, cake is lighter than cheese. Nevermind. Visualize the cake. Was it the size of a ho-ho, or more like a honeybun? If you have something to compare it to, that might help you find out how much it weighs.

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1/16/10 10:34 A

I went to a luncheon yesterday, and they served a sheet cake with frosting. I splurged and had about 3/4 of the piece they served me (it was a sit down, where you can't control what is served or in what portions). It was a large piece IMHO. I have not had cake in over a year, so it was a treat for me.

The tracker uses ounces to measure this kind of cake, so I'm wondering if anyone knows how to eyeball an ounce of cake.


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