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Cereals with a high fibre/protein and low sugar/saturated and trans fats/sodium. A really good example is Rolled Oats. Make it with low-fat milk for the added protein/calcium, and add some fruit to it.


Quality wholegrain bread, toasted with peanut or other nut butter, poached/scrambled eggs or baked beans. Have a piece of fruit with it.


a smoothie made with fruit and Greek yoghurt and some low-fat milk. Add some oat bran, wheatgerm and/or nuts to it if you want.

I have found a really good, quick and easy breakfast/lunch is to use plain or wholemeal couscous. Chop up some dates and add it to some milk and heat the milk. Add that to the couscous, along with a sprinkle of ground cinnamon. The dates will sweeten it, and if you want you can add some stewed apple or mashed banana to the mix as well. It is very filling and healthy.

If you are at a total loss, you could always turn on the SP Menu Planner (if you are in the northern hemisphere). They give you a shopping list, too.

Make sure that you touch all your bases - fat isn't a baddie - it is just eat less saturated fat and make sure that you get enough healthy fats, e.g. from avocado, nuts, hummus, olive oil or rice bran oil.

I weigh all of my food for increased accuracy and enter everything into the Nutrition Tracker. This means I can keep an eye on the make-up of carbs/fats/protein and calories, and tweak as and when necessary.

having a small handful of nuts and a few dried fruit (like dates, figs, apricots) are good for nibbling as a snack if needed during the day. I often have some in my bag when I go out. I also often take a low calorie high fibre bar with me - I only have them if needed. I also chop up a piece of apple or pear and take that as well. It goes with my lunch or I have it as a snack.

You say that you have been exercising and eating well, but I wonder if you are actually measuring what you eat and paying attention to the content. Eating fruit and veges as snacks are a great way to include them in your day, and they are mostly low calorie. Mind you, some (fruit particularly) are higher than others. Pears and Apples are a lower calorie choice compared with Bananas.

Good luck,

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I'm sorry I don't see how I violated the community guidelines... emoticon

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I need help, I'm going shopping tomorrow and need some good ideas on what to buy for breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks. Anything is helpful. I need to lose 30 pounds, I've been exercising and watching what I eat but I don't think I'm doing it to an exact science...I just need ideas on low fat healthy eating, ANY info would be helpful, just like what you eat in general. Thank you! :)

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