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What do you think about...Salad?!

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Posts: 106
2/26/13 7:20 P

What is HCG?

Posts: 1,061
2/26/13 9:26 A

I think salads are much more satisfying when there is something hot in them. I like to add grilled chicken or steamed green beans.

I rarely eat commerical salad dressing. I make my own. My current favorite is buttermilk, greek yogurt, and seasoning that's heavy on dill.

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Posts: 196
2/26/13 12:30 A

I use a salad dressing that has 0 calories. They have 3 kinds: Citrus/Ginger, Sweet Mustard, Italian Vinegrette. I get it thru hcg, I do not use any of the other products. These dressings are a life saver.

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Posts: 161
2/25/13 9:17 P

Love salad! I have one for lunch almost every day.

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Posts: 994
2/25/13 7:25 P

I love salads I create myself. MOST restaurants (unless they get a bit upscale) serve:

Iceberg lettuce
Hothouse cardboard tomatos
A couple other random veggies but not in good amounts.
Choices of salad dressing that are high in unhealthy fats and sugars
Choices of salad dressing that are lower in fats (healthy or unhealthy) and extra sugars
Choices of salad dressing that are lower in fats (healthy or unhealthy) and faux foodoid items that are supposed to make you not miss the sugar or the fat but who really KNOWS what is in them.

I LOVE my homemade salads since I can add whatever is nutritional that I want to them.

I respect a GOOD salad. With a variety of healthy ingredients. Failing that, I usually ask for oil and vinegar on the side, for salads I order out.

Posts: 261
2/25/13 7:12 P

I do not like salad. Unless it's the carby kind! Lol. I'll eat a caesar, chicken, or spinach salad, but I won't like it.

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Posts: 737
2/25/13 7:11 P

I love salad! One of my standard lunches is to chop up various raw veggies from the fridge, trying to include every color of the rainbow, and eat them as a salad, dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and topped with blue cheese, beans, and surimi (fish).

SparkPoints: (46,737)
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Posts: 1,215
2/25/13 6:36 P

Love it

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Posts: 531
2/25/13 6:28 P

love it. took awhile thou...

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Fitness Minutes: (7,228)
Posts: 531
2/25/13 6:24 P

love it.

Posts: 338
2/25/13 5:45 P

I'm a salad lover, too! I love mixing in some cold cooked quinoa, olives of any kind, sauerkraut, feta cheese, beets...the possibilities are endless.

I top mine with homemade clean eating ranch, or oil and vinegar dressing.

Posts: 4,209
2/25/13 5:40 P

I love salads, but only in that I love eating vegetables... and salads are a great way to boost your fruit/veggie count for the day. :)

SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
2/25/13 11:38 A

I love salads and never get tired of them. For lunch today I have a tossed salad with shredded cheese. I will stuff some of this into a pita pocket and just eat the rest.

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Posts: 76
2/25/13 11:16 A

I love salads, but they have to be hearty ones to fill me up, and I have to switch up my toppings frequently in order to not get bored. I always make my own dressing with different oils, vinegars, mustards, and citrus juices. Some of my favorite toppings are shredded red cabbage, beets, walnuts, sesame seeds, tuna, raisins, black beans, radishes, and apricots. I sometimes revert to the traditional carrots-tomatoes-green pepper salad, but mostly I try to think outside the typical salad box. I like to sometimes use kale, chard, or arugula instead of lettuce or spinach. I also like crunchy salads made with cabbage and carrots.

Also, my new favorite topping is hummus instead of dressing. Makes for the world's most filling salad.

Posts: 265
2/25/13 10:22 A

Love salads. My favorite things to jazz it up are:

feta cheese
red onion
sunflower seeds (roasted no salt)

I also eat my salads dry as I don't like the taste of many dressings.

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Posts: 442
2/25/13 10:17 A


SparkPoints: (3,674)
Fitness Minutes: (2,155)
Posts: 1,148
2/25/13 10:15 A

I go on and off salad kicks. Right now I'm back on, but don't have any lettuce in the house. Boo. I love romaine lettuce for the crunch, chuck in whatever veggies I have lying around, chopped pecans, and my favorite red wine vinaigrette. Yummy.

Posts: 2,238
2/25/13 9:13 A

Cherry tomatos, mozzarella cubes, sweet basil, and a touch of oil. OMG best salad ever!

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Posts: 1,082
2/25/13 5:31 A

I do not like the prewashed packages of greens. Do they put something on it? I think I can tell. So I will buy bunches of greens and wash and spin dry. Lots of work, I know. But if I'm in a hurry, I go through the Wendy's drive through and pick up a garden side salad....lettuce, tomatoes and carrot. One is enough for 2 of us.

Another favorite is what I call layered salad. Start with lettuce or a mix of greens of your choice. Layer with what you love. Such as sliced mushrooms, zucchini, tomatoes, onions, cukes, peppers, etc. Then on top a layer of frozen peas, light mayo and cheese. Best if refrigerated overnight. And pretty in a glass bowl.

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SparkPoints: (25,112)
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Posts: 2,340
2/25/13 4:10 A

i love being creative with the salad
before i never consider salad as a meal
or i will be full just eating salad

now i am enjoying it
because i never eat it plain

Posts: 393
2/25/13 12:11 A


SparkPoints: (41,658)
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Posts: 2,210
2/24/13 9:16 P

I love salad! I just don't like making it!

Posts: 1,598
2/24/13 9:15 P

I have a grouping called Big Salad and I eat it a few times a week for lunch. I start with a big bowl of greens, then add cold chicken, hard-boiled eggs, kidney beans, little sweet pickles, dried cranberries, blue cheese, or whatever else I have around that looks good. Yum! I feel like these big protein-added salads keep my going for hours.

SparkPoints: (56,424)
Fitness Minutes: (14,252)
Posts: 9,587
2/24/13 8:19 P

I love salad. My favorite uses red leaf lettuce and a huge variety of veggies. My daughter even created a salad involving shredded zucchini, carrots, and cheese. Not a bit of lettuce in sight!

SparkPoints: (33,140)
Fitness Minutes: (19,684)
Posts: 1,144
2/24/13 6:52 P

I love salad. My day is not complete unless I have one. My favorite green right now is kale. I try to keep a variety of veggies on hand to add: squash, cukes, tomatoes, onion, beets etc. My go to dressing is actually salsa because it has a lower sodium content than a lot of prepared dressings, although I will make my own or just use vinegar.

SparkPoints: (73,318)
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Posts: 5,088
2/24/13 5:42 P

I'm not a fan of salads unless I go to a restaurant that has a delicious homemade Caesar dressing. At home, my salads pretty much consist of lettuce and balsamic vinegar.

SparkPoints: (8,058)
Fitness Minutes: (3,634)
Posts: 136
2/24/13 5:29 P

I love salads. I will add grilled chicken or oven roasted tirkey to mine to give it a little more something at times.

SparkPoints: (73,312)
Fitness Minutes: (58,698)
Posts: 2,488
2/24/13 2:28 P

I enjoy salads. Mine usually include a couple different veggies, a fruit, a nut and some protein. I use everything from olive oil, vinegars, lemon juice, honey, vanilla Greek yogurt, or a low cal salad dressing for dressing.

I love spinach, a whole egg, chopped up snap peas, another veg I have on hand, almonds and olive oil.

I like to sweeten up my salads with at least one fruit usually; mandarin oranges, strawberries, apples, grapes, dried fruit.

I've made a few different broccoli salads. Love the last one I made and had a honey, apple cidar vinegar and olive oil mayo dressing with shaved almonds, peas, red onion. There was another one with grapes.

I just had a to die for shrimp, mango, pineapple, kale, red bell pepper, black bean and onion salad w/lemon juice the last couple days. Mango goes amazing with shrimp! *drool*

Tonight I'm trying an Atlantic salmon salad from one of Jillian Micheal's cookbooks. It calls for blueberries but sadly I'm out until Monday but I'm cooking a huge fillet of salmon so I plan on having 4 servings. So half the time it will be with strawberries and then I'll try it with blueberries. It has tomato, black beans, red onion, walnuts and feta cheese with raspberry vinegarette dressing.

SparkPoints: (6,021)
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Posts: 278
2/24/13 2:10 P

I love salad and have since I was a kid. We would go out to eat at buffets and I would eat pretty much just salad. I could eat the same salad day in and day out. I love croutons, black olives, and ranch dressing. Yummy. Avocado is also good in salad among many other things. Like you said, you can make salad so many different ways.

SparkPoints: (3,439)
Fitness Minutes: (1,708)
Posts: 214
2/24/13 1:25 P

I don't really care for it at all. I prefer my meals to be warm (or, at minimum, room temperature) and the only "dressing" that I like is salsa. I do eat taco salad occasionally and sometimes spinach/tomato salad , but otherwise, I generally pass. Something about cold food makes me less satisfied...not sure why though.

Posts: 11,848
2/24/13 1:12 P

My favourite things to do to perk up a salad are:

Add chopped crisp apple or pear.
Add pickled vegetables like sauerkraut or vinegared mushrooms.
Add a good dressing like palm vinegar and pomegranate molasses, or balsamic vinegar.

SparkPoints: (12,390)
Fitness Minutes: (34,809)
Posts: 126
2/24/13 1:10 P

I know, I know...Salad...Boooriing!! Well, honestly I don't think so. I love salad, always have!

The cool thing about salad is you can make a salad completely different every time. You can add, take away, and mix & match ingredients. I really don't have a favorite kind of salad. I can't pick just ONE way that I prefer it. I love throwin a bit of everything in there. Of course you start with veggies and I like adding meats, fruit, nuts, dairy (cheese) and my favorite dressing at the moment (lately Sweet & Sour Dressing, Old Dutch brand). My salads very seldom taste the same, and I can eat salad every day without a complaint.

Do you like salad? Or maybe a specific veggie? Fruit? Dressings? Or do you hate it? Maybe you prefer cooked veggies?
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