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What do you snack on during the day?

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SparkPoints: (1,835)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 152
7/2/13 12:15 P

Fruit, Fruit salad, string cheese, veggies & hummus dip, piece of swiss rolled up in lettuce.

SparkPoints: (8,517)
Fitness Minutes: (7,603)
Posts: 271
7/2/13 12:07 P

Cherry tomatoes are my fab!
Mini carrots

Posts: 1,112
7/2/13 11:47 A

Today, my first snack was 6 small dried prunes and Genmaicha tea sweetened with Stevia. My second snack will be one slice of whole wheat bread with a spoon of Rawmio Hazelnut Silk topped with fresh yummy!! emoticon

Posts: 2,667
7/2/13 11:42 A

snow peas
carrot sticks

sometimes nuts

Posts: 727
7/2/13 11:08 A

morning snack is usually plain oatmeal with natural peanut butter and a little honey. Afternoon snack is usually green beans and string cheese. Banana for preworkout.

Posts: 1,044
7/2/13 11:06 A

Fruit, yogurt, cheese, almonds, popcorn, turkey jerky, carrots, cucumber, protein shakes (made at home, before/after a workout)

homemade flavored iced teas - today I'm drinking a delicious "fireside s'mores" tea. Which tastes as much like a s'more as you'd expect tea to, I suppose, but it's a nice way to cool off on a hot summer day.

Posts: 106
7/2/13 11:00 A

This morning's snack was an apple and this afternoon my snack is 1 oz. of almonds.

SparkPoints: (23,808)
Fitness Minutes: (12,364)
Posts: 1,052
7/2/13 10:36 A

It depends on my work schedule, but usually some kind of fruit. Or carrots and pb. I'm actually about to hard boil some eggs so those will be snacks for a few days.

SparkPoints: (72,281)
Fitness Minutes: (55,156)
Posts: 2,483
7/2/13 10:26 A

I have pre-planned, scheduled snacks that closely resemble meals. Usually a veggie egg white omelette. Whole wheat toast with ricotta, tomato, peach and red onion or French toast on whole wheat/whole grain with natural peanut butter/pumpkin puree, apples and pumpkin pie spice. Sometimes a salad with Salmon, shrimp or grilled chicken and a rainbow of veg and fruit. A stuffed portabella mushroom. Homemade frozen Greek yogurt or a Greek yogurt parfait with natural peanut butter, fresh fruit and Kashi Go Lean, high protein, high fiber cereal.

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SparkPoints: (12,752)
Fitness Minutes: (7,551)
Posts: 931
7/2/13 9:58 A

Pretzles, gum

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