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What do you serve with soup?

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Posts: 2,139
1/29/11 7:43 P

I really like the orowheat sandwhich thins. I open them up, spray them with a little Pam, top them with fresh mushroom slices and a small amount of parmesan cheese, and broil them for a few minutes. They're very satisfying with soup.

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1/29/11 2:36 P

It really depends on what kind of soup. If it's all veggies I try to add some protein. If it's broth with no starch (noodles, pasta, potato), then I add bread, either homemade or New French Bakery baguettes. I usually end with a fruit dessert. Today we are having 1 cup broccoli cheddar soup, homemade coleslaw, a New French breadstick, Swiss Miss hot cocoa, 3 oz fresh raspberries, and 1 oz sweetened low fat sour cream. Calories are 400.

Posts: 1,345
1/29/11 12:29 P

Baked potato white or sweet. Either along side or I prefer to put potato in bowl- cut up- add soup Try it you will like it.

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Posts: 70
1/27/11 12:02 P

I prefer salad on the side and a few crackers.

Posts: 2,037
1/27/11 9:06 A

yummy bread.

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Posts: 35
1/25/11 4:06 P

I like bagel thins or things of that nature toasted with hummus or grilled with l/f cheese. I also enjoy corn muffins with soup and when I make them I make them mini so they fit within my meal plan. emoticon

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1/25/11 2:14 P

A salad, crackers and cheese or buns.

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1/25/11 10:55 A

Spinach salad, crackers or, wheat thins.

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Posts: 227
1/22/11 2:09 P

Whole grain bread or cornbread

Posts: 13,636
1/22/11 1:39 P

a small side salad does me pretty good, or crackers if no bread.

I love having triscuit on the side (if i didn't eat it all already--love the new flavors they have now, but plain works well with soup too)--its small, dense, and packs a fibrous punch so you don't wanna go overboard (and you can dip it in your soup if you want and it won't fall apart right off that bat!)

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1/22/11 9:13 A

It really depends on what type of soup.....for instance when I make cream of broccoli....I have a wonderful rice bread that I make, or when I make oxtail soup.........I like to make hoe cakes... a recipe I found in a cooking magazine some years ago

I don't like anything ordinary when I make soup....I even make mini subs....when it comes to soup, I go with the flow and what my mind tells me to do......

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Posts: 84
1/20/11 10:01 P

Often it'll just be soup & crackers. If it's a dark stew it gets bread. If it's a pureed squash soup or a lentil stew I will serve it on a bed of orzo or quinoa so it interests my kids more. If it's a very simple soup (tomato or vegetable) I will grill sandwiches on the George Foreman to go with it. The kids love grilled cheese and soup, and my dh really likes a cup of soup and a grilled sandwich. Chili always gets either cornbread or a baked potato.

Posts: 264
1/19/11 10:23 P

Mostly I enjoy crackers with soup. But if it's a thick creamy kind of soup, I like bread or tortillas (flour or corn). But there's really nothing better on a cold day than a steaming bowl of tomato soup with a grilled cheese sandwich. I use soy cheese.

Posts: 86
1/19/11 8:20 P

I enjoy gluten free bread sticks, dressing & a green salad with my soup & a hot cup of tea. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Posts: 6,362
12/10/10 10:41 A

I made some oatmeal muffins (that had just a touch of sugar in them, so not too sweet) and served them with creamy wild rice and turkey soup this week. They went well with the soup.

Posts: 2,547
12/8/10 3:09 P

some crusty homemade bread is great with a broth soup. I like salad with soup too.

Posts: 298
12/8/10 10:33 A

I love bread with soup too! Since I could eat an entire loaf of bread at time, I cut up bread into single servings and put in the freezer. Then, I only take out a piece at a time. The rest is frozen solid so I can't eat it.

Posts: 1,504
12/8/10 8:20 A

Barbara, that's a nice idea! I like adding fruit, which adds to my fruit/veggies for the day, as most of my soups have at least a serving of veggies in them.

Posts: 660
12/7/10 7:46 P

I like whole wheat crackers, cheese and fruit.

Posts: 1,504
12/7/10 4:39 P

Wow, you guys have given me some great ideas! I always thought of bread as bad, but if I portioned it out as a half sandwich or such, or half of a baked potato, that would certainly work. Thanks for all the inspiration!

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12/6/10 7:41 A

I will eat homemade split pea soup by itself. I'll let it sit on the stove top or in the slow cooker all day. Carrots, celery and potatoes are good items to put in while cooking. Croutons are a nice topper or half a grilled cheese sandwich.

Posts: 86
12/4/10 7:13 P

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I like to have a salad with my soup, fruit that I have on hand & lightly heated & buttered tortilla bread. I tear the bread apart & dunk it in my soup. Delicious!

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Posts: 6,362
12/3/10 11:14 A

Crisp Breadsticks, a light side salad, whole grain crackers, fresh fruit, applesauce cornbread, flat bread, sliced cheese, oyster crackers, - all depends on the type of soup.

Posts: 6,256
12/2/10 8:31 A

It's according to the type of soup. Some I serve cornbread (homemade from scratch) or bread, some crackers, some cheese, some sausage (chicken).

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Posts: 1,620
12/2/10 8:27 A

Homemade wheat bread or a sandwich.

Posts: 1,345
10/27/10 10:06 A

a baked potato or a sandwich (1/2 will do) depending on soup

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Posts: 2,615
10/26/10 2:36 P

you could do a half cup of brown rice on side?

Posts: 781
10/24/10 12:15 P

i also feel the need for something with my soup, wether is it a light soup or a meal soup. anyway, i know you said you have a problem with bread so not sure this will help, but i like to have 1 100 calorie thomas's multigrain english muffin, toasted. i don't even need to butter it. it satisfies that bread craving with 8 grams of fiber, 5 protein, and only 100 cals! plus you can toast only one and sit down with it, so it's portion control.

otherwise, i have a sliced apple, or a serving of crunchy baby carrots.

Posts: 2,037
10/24/10 8:51 A

for lunch i'll just hv it alone or a piece of fruit afterwards but at dinner i like at least 1 piece of bread. i love soup especially when it;s cold out

Posts: 382
10/23/10 12:01 A

serve homemade bread or crackers with soup

Posts: 382
10/23/10 12:01 A

serve homemade bread or crackers with soup

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Posts: 1,978
10/22/10 11:28 P

I agree that homemade soup is more substanial than store bought. I don't need anything else.

Posts: 2,452
10/22/10 11:07 A

a small serving of croutons are great in most soups... adds a touch of crunch and the flavor of bread and I find I will use a lot less than if I were to have yummy bread.

Posts: 207
10/22/10 10:29 A

usually a salad or some roasted veggies

Posts: 5,747
10/21/10 11:37 P

one pita bread, baked croutons (can portion control in advance), a pita bread sliced in half and slow baked in oven, a dinner roll, parmesan crisps .....
depends on the soup

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Posts: 137
10/21/10 11:25 P

I serve a La tortilla whole grain tortilla (100 cals. only) made into a quesadilla with 1/3 cup of shredded cheese. Also, sometimes I add a salad in addition to the quesadilla. It helps make a filling meal! emoticon

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Posts: 368
10/21/10 8:50 P

A glass of cold milk.

Posts: 1,680
10/21/10 7:43 P

I love soup n salad !
Just a basic romaine lettuce and dressing salad.

If I eat bread or crackers with my soup, I eat too much . So I stay away from it too.

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Posts: 159
10/21/10 7:39 P

Since I make my own soup, it is the main meal. Sometimes oyster style crackers or wheat thins with it. A small veggie salad. sliced veggies, or fruit salad also goes well with soup.

Posts: 1,504
10/21/10 3:58 P

Typically, I think of bread with soup. I don't really know what else to serve with it! There's nothing wrong with bread, but I have...issues, with bread. I have a strong love for it, you could say. I didn't even realize it until I started SP! So I'm trying to find alternatives, so I don't always feel I 'have' to do bread as a side. So, what are some of your faves? For example, tonight we're having split pea soup. I have nothing to serve with it as of yet!

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