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6/3/09 8:38 P

i eat this every morning for breakfast pretty much! 0% Fage yogurt w/either flax plus cereal or a puffins or kashi (3/4- 1 cup cereal) and berries! Strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, whatever i have. so filling and great protein :)

ELISA322 Posts: 693
6/3/09 12:27 P

Greek yogurt, honey and slivered almonds is just divine. I try not to add too much honey though, so to save on calories I also add a bit of Splenda. This is has become my all-time favorite snack and I am sad that I ate the rest of my Greek yogurt yesterday!


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DANIELLE58 Posts: 45
6/2/09 3:46 P

Nothing. It's absolutely delicious the way it is. On top of that, you can taste the healthy choice you are making with every bite! emoticon

Side Note:
For every pound, it equals 3500 calories. So if you do burn about 6000 calories, then you would be losing almost 1.5 pounds per week.
6/2/09 3:35 P

I like to get the kind with honey and then I add some type of Kashi cereal (0.25 cup) and some fruit. Today I used Kashi Crunch almond and flax, and 0.25 cup of blueberries. Awesome!

GAUT0038 Posts: 941
6/2/09 3:35 P

What is Greek Yogurt? I've never heard of it?


BONAR81 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/2/09 3:33 P

Bare Naked Granola. love the fruit and nut kind with it

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SURFGIRL9005 Posts: 66
6/2/09 2:50 P

Vanilla flavored Stevia with cinnamon. Other times blueberries or raspberries. It really isn't bad plain either.

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
6/2/09 2:17 P

So I get the impression you can't eat it plain? I was thinking it would be an easy grab and go snack but it's more something you have to plan so you have something to put in it right? I don't like honey at all so many of these haven't struck a fancy for me, but I'm definitely going to try some strawberries when I get home or maybe some cinnamon. But I'm also going to try putting it in things instead of sourcream. What an awesome idea!

I also saw some that had a little part for the yogurt and a little part for some fruit on the side so I guess that should have been an indication I needed to put something in it. The fruit and yogurt ones were quite expensive but I guess it would be worth the extra money to have a grab and go snack on hand.


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ADAVIS19 Posts: 180
6/2/09 1:09 P

I need textured mix-ins. Something to give it crunch. My current favorites are either 1/4 cup All Bran or 1 tbsp. of flax seeds.

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SEANNAH143 Posts: 491
6/2/09 1:07 P

AHH I JUST HAD IT FOR LUNCH! This is what I put in it.

FF Chaboni Yogurt
A couple of raisins/cranberries.
A couple of walnuts.
A packet of Stevia.

mmm mmm YUMMMO!

IAMSHE-RA Posts: 2,562
6/2/09 1:05 P

Non fat plain Chobani Greek Yogurt with blackberries, a granola bar crumbled up and a teaspoon of honey drizzled over the top. Yum!

LOGICALLIE SparkPoints: (46,066)
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6/2/09 12:55 P

I eat Chobani and usually get the kind that already has fruit in it. Blueberry is my favorite!

MOMMAPANTZ SparkPoints: (72,594)
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Posts: 2,360
6/2/09 12:35 P

Berries and agave nectar or maple syrup.

BRITOMART Posts: 7,702
6/2/09 12:11 P

Like PBJTIME, I put it ON more things than I put on IT--I like it on thick soups (like sour cream) on no-pudge-brownies (well, it's IN those, too)on fruit, on toast (the thickest is almost like ricotta, another favorite margarie sub. for me). It's such a good way to add protein and flavor, I love the stuff.


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ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (34,860)
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6/2/09 11:30 A

fresh fruits and a drop of splenda

6/2/09 10:29 A

I can't afford Greek yogurt at the moment, but I used to eat it a lot when I was in the UK and my favorite mix-ins were honey and a few crumbled walnuts. It's best if you can get crystallized honey (makes a great texture contrast) but any honey tastes good. Strawberries are a good choice, too, since they'll sweeten the yogurt naturally. Get creative - any chopped fruit (kiwis, plums, passionfruit, etc.) will make it seem like a gourmet treat! If you don't like honey, a little sprinkling of raw brown sugar is also nice :)

EMMAMOOSE Posts: 132
6/2/09 5:08 A

pineapple and strawberries.
Fresh pineapple is so sweet there is no need to add honey

JINXSTORM Posts: 6,719
6/2/09 2:37 A

berries and almonds

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DAHEMMI Posts: 225
6/2/09 2:16 A

At first you'll probably find it a bit tart if you're used to sweetened yoghurts. put about half a cup to a full cup in a small glass, and spoon a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half of honey on it, dont stir it in, just get a bit of each on your spoon. that way u dont need to add as much, and each mouthful will have a different balance of sweet and tart. As you get more used to the sourness of it, u can reduce the honey and experiment with adding other things. Another nice one is put the yoghurt in the glass and add about half a cup of frozen mixed berries that you've microwaved until warmed through, they create their own syrup when you do this. experiment with blueberries and other fresh berries as you become more confident with the types of tastes you can combine with this one, unsalted nuts are also nice.
You can also use it as a fantastic dressing for a potato salad or pasta. cook about 5 potatoes cut into quaters and then gently stir through 3 tablepoons of the yoghurt and some herbs, no mayonaise needed! i prefer this to normal potato salad as it leaves you feeling fresher. for pasta, combine small cherry tomatoes and baby spinich with cooked pasta and just enough yoghurt for a thin coating. for more flavour stir through a tablespoon or so of pesto or put a small dolop on the top of each serve- be sparing with that one too. and remember wholemeal pasta is far more filling than white

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6/2/09 1:32 A

I've only just started experimenting with plain Greek yogurt by making my own buttermilk ranch dressing. I tried equal parts milk and yogurt. It tastes fine but is on the thin side so you could use less milk to keep it thicker. I add my own spices to taste...garlic, onion powder, parsley, dill, salt, pepper and chives etc.

TURTLERAE55 SparkPoints: (0)
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6/2/09 12:29 A

I add fresh strawberries, apples, kasha almond & flax cereal.

Plus I use my Greek yogurt for a smoothie.

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SEPA-ISIS Posts: 127
6/1/09 11:43 P

Honey and Almonds

GREYFUZZY Posts: 600
6/1/09 10:46 P

I like the fruit and honey stuff too, but I am a HUGE fan of savory yogurt. Sounds weird, but trust me! Throw in some chopped herbs, garlic, tomatoes, and/or diced cucumber... delicious! You can also use it in place of sour cream, or even tie it up in a cheesecloth and hang it over a bowl - and after it drips for a few hours you have something akin to cream cheese.

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6/1/09 9:25 P

I love it with a little agave nectar, fresh berries, and almond slivers + a few drops of almond extract.

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6/1/09 9:18 P

Gee....the Hidden Valley Ranch and pepper flakes is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that??
(insert dumb look here)
Thanks for sharing.

6/1/09 9:17 P

Gee....the Hidden Valley Ranch and pepper flakes is a great idea! Why didn't I think of that??
(insert dumb look here)
Thanks for sharing.

SCOTTIE07 Posts: 812
6/1/09 8:41 P

Either Life cereal or a bit of chocolate protein powder. I need to get back in the habit of bringing it as a snack at work. The candy is too tempting!

PBJTIME SparkPoints: (14,089)
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Posts: 162
6/1/09 8:38 P

I stir in a bit of Hidden Valley ranch powder (and sometimes red pepper flakes) and make a (spicy) ranch veggie dip that's super thick and mostly protein!

I also add greek yogurt to anything that I would use sour cream in - tacos, tomato soup, even on pasta - so yummy!

HYACINTHE_PAX SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 127
6/1/09 8:14 P

I am addicted greek yoghurt! I put it on everything; fruit, muesli, oatmeal and add it to curries and chillis as a sour cream substitute. I even eat it with cake! Of course often I just eat it with a bit of honey. I've tried it with peanut butter but didn't quite like it, but its worth a try if you like pb. It might seem a bit tart at first, but experiment with it and you'll find its really yummy!

6/1/09 7:02 P

Usually fresh fruit and if necessary and little bit of sugar free jam. :)

RAGDOLL555 Posts: 951
6/1/09 7:02 P

i mix a ton of different things into greek yogurt. my favorite is sliced banana, fiber one cereal, and a heaping tablespoon of almond butter. sometimes i'll throw some nuts in there too!

6/1/09 6:46 P

Frozen, thawed berries or Kashi GoLean Crunch cereal.

SPORTSGIRL30 Posts: 1,433
6/1/09 6:21 P

A teaspoon of almond butter and Fiber One cereal (and mix it all together in the Greek yogurt) -- YUM!

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LYNNMELO Posts: 99
6/1/09 6:16 P

I used to put fruit and honey, but I realized that I really don't need the honey. It tastes good without it. That said, I usually put in 1/3 - 1/2 banana and a few cherries (frozen, thawed--the cherry juice sweetens it, too). It's really delicious and not that many calories (I use 2% Fage).

A few walnuts are also tasty with the fruit if you can spare the calories.

6/1/09 6:09 P

My homemade plain yogurt comes out almost as thick as Greek yogurt, and I like it with sliced bananas and granola or meusli, or with fresh raspberries and blueberries when they're in season. Really any fresh fruit is good. If I want a more traditionally-flavored yogurt, I'll mix in a tablespoon of good jam.

ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
6/1/09 6:00 P

What kinds of things do y'all mix in your Greek yogurt or do you just eat it plain? I've never tried it before so I'm quite apprehensive...


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