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What do you look for in a Diet Buddy?

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5/12/13 5:46 P

I have never thought about a diet buddy. It is hard enough to control myself, let alone helping or working with someone else.

Posts: 65
5/12/13 5:41 P

Hmmm! Good question! I guess I would look for someone who is willing to text or email with me
Ask me questions offer. Advice and opinions correct me if they see I need it but in a loving way not a pushy way after all we all make mistakes......... And if they were local and I clicked with them maybe hang out together and exercise.

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Posts: 92
5/12/13 4:56 P

That's interesting. Seems the overall consensus is that having a one-to-one diet buddy may not be as helpful as first imagined.

Posts: 732
5/9/13 1:20 P

My ideal "diet buddy" has a similar mindset to me - realizes that changes happen in the kitchen rather than the gym, that you don't have to starve yourself to lose weight, that dieting and then "going back to normal" is a recipe for disaster, and that exercise makes you strong and isn't a way to punish yourself.

I have a friend at work that has a similar mindset and we discuss what we're doing quite a bit - exchange recipes, plan fun active weekends, a new delicious vegetable we just discovered. I also have a few friends at work that talk about extreme diets, cutting out food groups, eating less than 1000 calories - I get extremely frustrated talking to these people and after sharing what I know and why they're having trouble, I have to walk away.

Posts: 229
5/9/13 11:39 A

I generally go it alone, too. There is one woman on here that I need to get in touch with as far as random exercising, but I do it myself. Nobody around me seems to be interested in anything other than watching TV and eating donuts or have the 'I can't wait to do it!' attitude but never start.

Posts: 1,343
5/9/13 9:36 A

To be honest, I like to go it alone. I have support, and I'll work out with people, and prepare healthy meals, but I am accountable to no one but myself. I reluctantly agreed to be 'buddies' with two people in the last year and a half, and one stopped writing all together, then other stopped writing for about 4 months, and only recently started writing again. If I had been relying on them, I would have given up a long time ago when they stopped. Sure, I've had friends that I work out with, but I too have that friend who believes you can eat whatever you want, and "work off" that huge slice of cake. Stuff like that just makes me cringe.

I have lost 85 pounds without being accountable to anyone but myself. I honestly feel like it's more rewarding that way too. I'll support other people and give advice when they ask, but I'm by no means about to try and hold myself accountable to anyone else, nor am I about to babysit someone else while they try and figure it out. I've got enough craziness in my own life to have to do that :)

Posts: 5,070
5/9/13 9:01 A

I don't do diet buddies. I have support when I need it, but this is my journey and I need to go at it at my pace. My motivations are strong enough that I can do it. That is not to say that I don't need a friendly push every now and then. But I find that when i try to partner up, i get further behind.

SparkPoints: (7,178)
Fitness Minutes: (1,588)
Posts: 92
5/9/13 5:23 A

Exactly that - what do you look for in a diet buddy?

Is it someone who has the same amount of weight to lose? Someone who is in your area? Someone you get on well with - what?

My diet buddy from my old website yo-yos like crazy, thinks exercise videos are something you watch whilst sipping a glass of wine and that she really can live on granola bars all day :-)

Honestly we are so different in our approach to losing weight it's amazing either of us have gotten this far - but we have!

So what do you look for in a diet buddy?

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