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SNOWFLAKE561 Posts: 788
5/6/13 6:41 P

Read a book, bake (not the best thing to do, but i try to find low fat, low cal choices), or take a nap!!

CHERYLHURT SparkPoints: (193,867)
Fitness Minutes: (113,527)
Posts: 28,805
5/6/13 6:03 P

Go walking with my husband under a shared umbrella.

MICHELLE2343 Posts: 714
5/6/13 5:28 P

Curl up on the couch with a good book-as long as there isn't any housework that needs to be done. emoticon

A Stronger Woman
MARTYJOE Posts: 428
5/6/13 2:58 P

Pick up a good book

PARKERB2 SparkPoints: (129,515)
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Posts: 12,065
5/6/13 2:57 P


SIMPLYME160 SparkPoints: (1,834)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 143
5/6/13 2:36 P

Today is a rainy day here, I finished housework, laundry, ironing, plus a few extra things i've been putting off. So got on Spark for a while, then will put dishes away when done, start dinner for family, clean kitchen (again) after dinner, then perhaps read a few magazines or play some Facebook games, or take a short walk if rain stops.

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KRAFTYKRAFT SparkPoints: (59,370)
Fitness Minutes: (43,806)
Posts: 3,052
5/6/13 2:05 P

sit on my couch and read a good book

PAMLICO-DAZE SparkPoints: (46,810)
Fitness Minutes: (34,007)
Posts: 1,215
5/6/13 1:56 P

Excerise at the gym

Remember to take time to enjoy the journey!
5/6/13 1:39 P

sleep emoticon

LAKEZURICHDANA SparkPoints: (101,841)
Fitness Minutes: (61,427)
Posts: 3,321
5/6/13 1:33 P


DLBROWN93 Posts: 887
5/6/13 12:12 P

watch a movie

JLEMUS1 Posts: 4,054
5/6/13 12:11 P


The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf!!!

LORIVIOLA SparkPoints: (97,359)
Fitness Minutes: (48,930)
Posts: 1,429
5/6/13 12:10 P

i sometimes like to emoticon in the rain, if it's not cold.
i also like to get cozy and listen to the raindrops.

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
5/6/13 11:42 A

Watch Movies till I fall asleep. emoticon

5/6/13 11:38 A


GERARLAUR Posts: 341
5/6/13 11:19 A


CARRIENIGN SparkPoints: (53,681)
Fitness Minutes: (35,226)
Posts: 465
5/6/13 10:59 A

Get stuff done around the house and read a book!

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OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (97,894)
Fitness Minutes: (60,941)
Posts: 6,380
5/6/13 10:56 A

watch old movies on TCM. I have some saved to the DVR if their schedule isn't to my liking.

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FIRECOM SparkPoints: (107,673)
Fitness Minutes: (11,796)
Posts: 5,855
5/6/13 10:43 A

Get outside and get wet. Kind of reminds me of our 41 years living in Seattle. BTW - this is typically not a problem where we live now in AZ.

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HOLLYM48 SparkPoints: (171,680)
Fitness Minutes: (113,981)
Posts: 9,737
5/6/13 10:26 A

treadmill or elliptical

I can do it!!
Spark People are the best!
GOLDEELOCKS SparkPoints: (43,641)
Fitness Minutes: (29,283)
Posts: 1,425
5/6/13 10:25 A


GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (144,892)
Fitness Minutes: (187,604)
Posts: 2,241
5/6/13 10:11 A

It so rarely rains here....I suppose I'd read a good book! Nothing beats that!

It Is What It Is.... :)
TIG123GER SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
5/6/13 10:06 A

Snuggle in my warm PJs with a soft blanket and read a good book.

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REDPANDA10 Posts: 347
5/6/13 1:41 A

i catch up on the housework, sew, read and surf the internet

FAWNZIB SparkPoints: (10,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,671)
Posts: 3,491
5/6/13 1:20 A

I personally love it because we live in the desert lol I go outside and breathe it in!

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ETHELMERZ SparkPoints: (126,171)
Fitness Minutes: (109,100)
Posts: 8,171
5/5/13 10:53 P

Same thing I do when it's not rainy, prepare veggies, fruits, cook, wash dishes, prepare veggies, fruits, cook, wash dishes........................etc.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (107,996)
Fitness Minutes: (82,255)
Posts: 2,954
5/5/13 10:53 P

Curl up and watch an old movie on DVD

MUSHCAT Posts: 4,639
5/5/13 10:33 P

Enjoy it with windows open and exercise in the basement.

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MSFROGGIE Posts: 2,928
5/5/13 9:50 P

work on crafts, read, watch tv

West Palm Beach, FL

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FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,866
5/5/13 9:47 P


Starting to like the new me!
Waiting for my garden to come to life!
JUDYAMK SparkPoints: (24,702)
Fitness Minutes: (7,146)
Posts: 1,451
5/5/13 9:17 P

I like to walk in the rain ,I like how it feels on my body & the smell of rain in the air. Then when I come home I take a long shower & put something cotton on.
I read a book sitting by my window sipping tea in my delicate china tea cup & listening as the rain pelts against the windows. To me rainy days are cozy!!!

SBURDEN Posts: 5,229
5/5/13 9:16 P

read, clean or cook

PCASEY7 Posts: 2,886
5/5/13 8:59 P


ONTHEPATH2 SparkPoints: (89,904)
Fitness Minutes: (82,627)
Posts: 4,527
5/5/13 8:03 P

Read, which usually leads to a nappy!!!

Grand Rapids, MI

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/5/13 8:01 P

have sex........U asked.

INANTIT29 SparkPoints: (1,206)
Fitness Minutes: (475)
Posts: 20
5/5/13 7:59 P

Hi Erin,
It's nice to meet you! My name is Erin too. Funny that we have the same name and the same target weight! I hope you don't mind me asking how tall are you?

ANNIE924 Posts: 1,478
5/5/13 7:48 P

Read, knit or crochet

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PT.JEFFGIRL SparkPoints: (161,630)
Fitness Minutes: (154,673)
Posts: 7,136
5/5/13 7:29 P

Many things-read, use my iPad, work on the computer and watch some T.V. though not a big T.V. watcher.

CHERYLHURT SparkPoints: (193,867)
Fitness Minutes: (113,527)
Posts: 28,805
5/5/13 7:29 P

Today we went walking in the downpour!

KMMAKI SparkPoints: (85,590)
Fitness Minutes: (101,395)
Posts: 2,100
5/5/13 7:18 P

read a book

MAGIK0731 Posts: 5,315
5/5/13 6:46 P

Sometimes watch the rain fall, otherwise watch tv.

SHERYLDS Posts: 13,349
5/5/13 6:04 P

exercise: I like to do some Zumba
food: I like a chicken/bean/veggie soup
relaxing: I like to read a good mystery

but what I should do is tackle one closet and de-clutter

Sheryl from New Jersey, EST...2015 Summer final wt. 225
EL for 2015 5% Challenge...Spirited Underdogs Team
STARS4ME Posts: 227
5/5/13 2:49 P

I like to do laps around the mall emoticon

One day at a time , closer to my goal !
PEACEFULONE SparkPoints: (73,343)
Fitness Minutes: (76,886)
Posts: 6,000
5/5/13 2:24 P

read a book or bake

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not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11
ERINTFG SparkPoints: (41,663)
Fitness Minutes: (21,289)
Posts: 563
5/5/13 2:20 P

Coffee and a book sound about perfect. Well, it would be even better with some warm baked goods. ;)

5/5/13 2:06 P

I love rainy weather so I enjoy going for walk and drives in it. It's also nice to curl up with a warm blanket and a good book.

Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic. ~Anonymous

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
5/5/13 2:00 P

Many different things including going out in it. I like the rain.

INANTIT29 SparkPoints: (1,206)
Fitness Minutes: (475)
Posts: 20
5/5/13 1:55 P

I am cleaning the house today! I work 3rd so I go back to work tonight and I like to have my house in order, with the exception of mopping since I know my kids are sure to track the floor with dirty feet lol!

TEIGH45 SparkPoints: (3,382)
Fitness Minutes: (1,984)
Posts: 31
5/5/13 1:49 P

Sitting on the porch watching the rain while drinking a hot cup of coffee if it is cold or a cold drink of lemonade if it is hot. :o)

SUZZQ4LIFE SparkPoints: (33,518)
Fitness Minutes: (14,694)
Posts: 1,230
5/5/13 1:47 P

It's gloomy & rainy today. I just feel like curling up with the book I'm reading right now and great cup of coffee. Sounds good to me!!!

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