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3/22/13 8:59 P

I am not a blogger, I use the blogs for myself and my journey weight loss is why I post and I try to every day, because that is how I am accountable for me.

When I read others what captures me is the title of the blogs.. sometimes its shorter or sometimes its longer.. It depends on the subject for me and the mood that I am in at the time of reading someone else's blogs..

With my blogs I hope to help motivate and share my experiences on what I have learned to get where I am now with my 55lb weight loss.. I still have so much more to go though, and that is where I seek others for motivation.

I find the longer posters really put feelings and more detail.. I can read a whole blog and find only one or two sentences of that one particular blog hit me to what I needed to hear for the day. I think it depends on the person

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3/22/13 7:16 P

Some people find that long posts/blogs, even without much content, to be very beneficial emotionally, and the same goes for short ones. I don't see that it is for us to second-guess what a person has written what/how they have (altho' I am sure a lot of us DO second-guess, me included). It boils down to choice - do we choose to write a long blog about something/nothing, or a short one with the same content? Do we choose to READ a long blog about something/nothing, or a short one, again with the same content.


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3/22/13 4:18 P

If you read posts/blogs to learn and equip yourself to loose weight and improve your health, there is more helpful information in a long messages/article, although there can be helpful small tid-bits in short messages!

If you are simply jumping into a blog to grab and go to play the Spark Point game! Any size blog can work because reading the blog isn't required to get points! Just post a simple all purpose response like emoticon .

If you are in a hurry because you have so much on your agenda, It might be helpful to prioritize what is important! Maybe reading a long informative message really isn't worth your effort!

You are in control and what you get out of something is equal to what you put into it!

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