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BAREFOOT-LISA Posts: 1,412
8/10/10 10:50 A

I cannot imagine eating over 1400 cals a day at this point, so I am just in awe of how I would manage to get that much food in!

However, on days that I just don't think I can fit any food in but know I need it for nutritional value, I will have a large glass of soy milk.
A large glass can be a couple hundred calories depending on the brand.
Of course, if you don't like soy, there is always almond, rice, hemp, kefir or cows milk.
Just 2 large glasses a day (approx 12-16oz each) will put you up to where you need for the next few days or however long.
Maybe then just add in a spoonful extra of your usual meals.
It just seems like an awful lot of fuss and work for what may only be 3 days, so hopefully my suggestion will help and be simple!
The simplest I can come with other than adding nutrionally dense liquids would be as others said, simply eat a bit more of what you are already eating.
Or of course, lose the extra activity that is making you ravenous.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
8/10/10 9:25 A

I eat half that amount in calories, but if I was eating 2500 I'd fill up on hummus, almonds, avocado, etc.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (181,356)
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Posts: 15,589
8/10/10 6:18 A

I don't count calories, but this is at least 2000 cals and pretty typical of my daily menu.
- fat free greek yogurt + honey + blueberries (1/2-3/4 cup yogurt, less than a teaspoon of honey, lots of berries) - you could switch this to full fat yogurt
- whole grain pita, butter, Marmite
- coffee with skim milk (1/4 c)

AM snack:
- chocolate soy milk, piece of fruit

- BBQ chicken leg with skin on, kale chips, boiled corn on the cob

PM snack:
- 15 almonds
- cherries (lots)
- 10 Kashi TLC crackers

- steak, green beans (lots), oven roasted potatoes
- sometimes a little treat, a couple cookies or small ice cream

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8/10/10 3:36 A

i eat around 2200 cals a day, here are the foods i mix up and like to eat:

-whole wheat bagel with peanut butter
-grapes with pretzel sticks
-granola bar
-trail mix/almonds/mixed nuts
-grilled chicken breast with a slice of pepper jack cheese on top
-salad (lettuce, bacon bits, shredded cheese)
-tuna sandwich (2 slices of whole wheat bread, can of tuna, 1 tsp of reduced fat mayo)
-yogurt with multi-grain cheerios
-ian's organic chicken nuggets
-sugar free strawberry applesauce
-mandarin oranges
-string cheese
-carrot sticks and salsa
-steamed broccoli
-1 cup of light chocolate soymilk

8/8/10 11:10 P

You shouldn't be eating until you're stuffed. You should only be eating until you're no longer hungry. Then if you need to eat again in a couple of hours, go ahead and do it.

CELESTE617 Posts: 690
8/8/10 7:01 P

I don't know; don't even reach my daily goal (1200-1550).

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/8/10 3:51 P

if the volume of food is too much to increase portion size and you dont want to constantly be eating, then caloire dense foods are the way to go. You may be adverse to adding more fat to your diet, but it goes a long way to making you stay full longer than a diet lower in fat with more calories. Try upping your fat % a little at a time, you may find that you dont need so many calories. Full fat dairy products and fattier proteins (salmon vs tilapia, etc.) With more calories comes more nutrients: more fat, protein and carbs so theres no avoiding that.

Here's some meal ideas with things I like to eat that keep me full for hours. Keep in mind that I eat low carb for PCOS/insulin resistance.

2 eggs mixed with 1 c frozen spinach and 1/2 tsp chopped garlic, cooked in butter omlette style and topped with swiss cheese. You could add some sprouted grain toast or even some leftover brown rice for carbs.

Salmon patties made from canned salmon, 1 egg, and old fashioned oats cooked in olive oil and served with buttered green beans (1-2 cups) or served over a salad with your favorite greens/raw veggies. For more carbs, add baked potato (sweet or regular)

Zucchini split lengthwise, seeds removed, and stuffed with cooked ground meat of your choice mixed with brown rice (more rice on the side for more carbs), your favorite seasonings and topped with cheddar cheese. Bake in oven 30 min@ 350 or until zucchini is tender.

some snacks I like:

full fat plain organic yogurt

sliced apple

glass of milk

apple or pear
glass of milk

toasted oats

MBG976 Posts: 338
8/8/10 3:35 P

I will sometimes eat a 2000-2300 calorie day once every 5 or 6 days to mix my diet up.
Here are some examples of what I eat(each meal runs around 400-600 cals each):

Note - I'm a pescetarian, so I do eat eggs, seafood, and limited dairy.
- 2 bowls of oatmeal, almond butter, brown sugar
- 2 slices of whole grain bread, 2 eggs, slice of cheddar
- Ezekiel english muffin, Earth balance or butter on one side, almond butter on the other, jam
- oat bran, some canned pumpkin, chia seeds, almond butter, maybe one egg

- An Amy's Kitchen meal, salad with dressing, or veggies with Earth Balance or butter
- Arnold thin or 2 slices of whole grain bread, salmon patty(from Costco) or Dr. Praeger's veggie burger, veggies or edamame with a little butter or Earth Balance
- Big salad with tons of hummus(usually Sabra), TBS of dressing, beans of choice, raisins
- Crackers with a can of sardines
- Any type of sandwich with added avocado.

Dinner(usually close to Lunch ideas):
- pasta(rice or whole wheat), tomato sauce, meat subsitute(Gardein most of the time), veggies
- brown rice, veggie stir-fry with tofu or some type of seafood
- Salmon, veggies, rice(main staple meal)
- I go to Chipolte a lot and get the veggie burrito bowl with extra guac and light on the rice.

Snacks or another meal(usually eat 4 meals a day):
- Cliff Mojo bars
- Kind bars
- Kashi cereal with almond milk
- vegan protein shakes with almond milk

Hope this helps you come up with some ideas. I'm liberal on the fat, so I am always on the top of my range. But fat keeps me full and that's why I tend to eat more.

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LADYAMELIA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 974
8/8/10 3:27 P

I eat PBJ sandwiches or have some PB on a toasted whole wheat bagel in the morning. That REALLY increases my calories.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
8/8/10 3:12 P

if you're stuffed when eating, but hungry soon after, eat less but more often. say you usually eat a two cup of lettuce salad with another cup of veggies added in. instead of having that much at once, cut back to a cup and a third of lettuce and 2/3 cup added veggies. then when you get hungry again in an hour, eat that same meal again [1.33 cups lettuce and .67 cups veggies]. so you're cutting 1/3 of your usual meal out so you aren't as stuffed, but since you're eating it again right after you're getting in more calories.

could you show us where you are? because at 140 g protein, 300 carbs and 90 fat, my math skills tell me that's 2570 cals or right where you want to be. i know that doesn't take out any fiber, but i'm pretty sure that the 500 cal difference isn't fiber.

JANET0116 Posts: 672
8/8/10 3:07 P

Below link has imbedded PDF 7-day meal plans for various calorie levels, going up to 3000 cal/day. HTH

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,567)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
8/8/10 2:58 P

I'm struggling with the whole "Just add more" concept - if it was that easy, I'd be doing it.

Add more of what?

I'm eating well over 40g protein at every meal (over 140g per day), I'm getting over 300g carbs in a day, and the rest is fats, around 90g per day. Each meal is well over 600 calories.

I'm running out of food! I don't know what to put on my shopping list.

I don't have that many starchy carbs on hand because in my regular, normal conditions, 1-2 servings a day is perfectly adequate for me.

I am trying to eat non-starchy carbs, but I've gone through a weeks worth in about 2 days and I'm still hungry.

I'm just about out of oil and avocado, though I do have some butter.

I'm really crazed with hunger to the point it's hard for me to think.

Each meal has me so stuffed I can't imagine eating more, but before long I'm hungry again. I can't add "more" to a meal or I'll be so overstuffed it'll come right back up.

I'm eating frequently - actually I had my morning snack within 20 minutes of eating my breakfast ... and I'm eating my evening snack for noon, having just finished lunch 45 minutes ago.

It's really crazy.


Help me put a shopping list together for tomorrow!

BLUETAT2 Posts: 403
8/8/10 2:28 P

I am no where near 2000 cal a day, but I do have high/low calorie days that differ by up to 500 calories. When I need to have a higher calorie day and keep my ratios the same, I just adjust my portions of the things I already eat. As a previous poster mentioned, adding just a bit to each thing can make a difference. for example a 1/4 cup of yogurt to my normal 1c. serving, along with a few extra berries and chopped walnuts etc. turns a snack into a lunch while my ratios of fat/carbs/protein stay the same - and the calories add up rather effortlessly without having to change your meal plans or invest more time into making an extra meal.

AUDREYSMOMMY SparkPoints: (13,045)
Fitness Minutes: (12,184)
Posts: 391
8/8/10 1:43 P

Unfortunately I can't be of help as I'm not in that high a range. Plus I don't pay attention to my fat/carb/protein ratios much, but am usually in the ballpark. I'm not fond of the spark menus either.

Best of luck. Maybe a google search of menu plans for 2500 calories would yield something.

Good luck!

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,567)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
8/8/10 1:12 P

I COULD but as I mentioned, that's a heck of a lot of work, it will undo all my regular stuff, it's a pain to restore it all ...

And probably 80% of the stuff Spark recommends I can't eat.

Always in the past when I've needed assistance like this I've gotten much better help from reading what other Sparker's do vs. going by Spark's Menu plans.

And honestly, I really don't want to change up my tracker just for a relatively short time ... 2 days, 3, 1, I don't know how long this ridiculous hunger will last, but as I'm not as active as I was last weekend, I expect this to drop down to reasonable any day now.

I don't want to mess up my tracker for something so very, very short term. Plus I want something I can actually eat.

Sparkers in the past have been quite helpful.

Maybe I am eating more calories than most Sparkers, maybe that's why I can't seem to get any menus for the 2500 mark.

I can get to 2000 fairly easily, well it's a challenge but do-able, but getting healthfully to 2500 without eating incessantly is proving to be extremely challenging.

AUDREYSMOMMY SparkPoints: (13,045)
Fitness Minutes: (12,184)
Posts: 391
8/8/10 1:00 P

Can't you just go into your spark plan and change your calories to 2500 and then look at the meal plans they give you?

That would at least give you some healthful daily menus to use for as long as you need it. Then you can change it back when you want to.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,102
8/8/10 12:50 P

i generally eat more around 1700-2000, so most of my meals run about 150-300 cals, which is a little bit lower than you need. but if i need to bump up an individual meal to balance out, i generally just slightly increase my portion of whatever i'm already having. i mean, if you figure an average of 7 meals a day, at 2000 cals you're getting in about 285 cals a meal and to get 2500, you just need to bump up to 357, or 72 more calories a go. so adding an extra quarter cup to your cup of stew or a teaspoon to your Tablespoon of something is going to help.

and i really hope you're not still trying to stick to raw vegan, because most of my suggestions are going to be utterly useless.
- half a wheat bagel with cheese [runs about 150-200 cals] and for me, it's really easy to eat when i'm not really that hungry [ie when i wake up]. plus pair it with a serving of fruit and that gets you even closer, even if you use it for a snack.
- a large zucchini in an egg white and a half cooked in a tsp of olive oil [sort of a cross between scrambled and an omelet] will run you about 130, add some cheese for another 50 or so, and serve it on half a lavash or a tortilla for another 55
- stews and curries. i do a lot of throw together all the veggies in the fridge, add some beans/lentils, potatoes, and spices and voila -meal! things. so this is where the eat a little bit more is really going to work.
- instead of having plain veggies, i pop them in a crust or just a pan with a roux and some beans for a chickenless pot pie. or i'll add them to some lentils that i cooked and added some mushrooms and tamari to and then i'll top everything with some mashed potatoes for a shepard's pie.
- i also like magic loaves from the magic loaf studio. the one i usually make is about 200 cals a slice, and if you add some sides like a 100g baked potato and half a cup of broccoli, that should get you to the higher number. plus i like topping my loaf with a curry roux, which adds in a few more calories too.
- adding about a quarter cup of beans to most meals should bump you up about 50 cals.
- quesadillas are also nice and easy. i use 2 servings of lavash [220 cals], 2 oz mozzarella cheese [150 cals], and veggies sauteed in a drop or two of olive oil, most often portabellas and asparagus, but really anything you prefer works. i'll sometimes sub the cheese for about 3/4 cup pureed white beans with some spices.
- hummus and carrots don't have to be a large meal or anything, but get in another 100 cals.
- berry smoothies. i generally make 2 at a time and add a container of yogurt [180 cals -i like the whole milk kind or rice], 1 or 2 cups of berries, and milk/juice/water to thin it out based upon what i have in the fridge. they only run about 150-200, but they really don't quite fill you up the way food does, and if you freeze them when you make them, when you take them out to sip on it's like getting the calories from an extra meal without feeling like you're eating one.

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TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,567)
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Posts: 16,790
8/8/10 11:46 A

I eat 6-8 times a day.

I really need to see what other people eat.

I have all kinds of ideas for how to look here there and everywhere for recipes, but I'm wondering how other people put their meals together.

Since I'm not expecting this to be a long-term situation, I really don't want to put hours into finding all kinds of recipes, hours into creating intricate menu plans.

I really want to see what other people are eating and eat that.

I'm curious how other people get their 2500 calories in, with balanced meals and snacks that keep their blood sugar up.

So far I'm reasonably able to healthfully get to around 2000 calories, but that last 500-600 is challenging, and I end up eating a can of spaghetti and meatballs, or a can of chili or something like t that, which isn't very healthy.

I'd like to have balanced meals and I'm struggling to figure out how to balance my meals and snacks without overstuffing myself, and so I keep my blood sugar up.

Please - I can find recipes, I can figure out how to add small amounts of calories ... I really need sample menus from people who actually eat 2500 calories or more a day.

8/8/10 11:36 A

Hi. You didn mention how many times a day you eat, I find it easier to eat less if I know in a couple of hours Im going to have another snack (or meal). I eat about 6 times a day. I also have created a veggie chili dish that is loaded with beans and rice that is filling but doesnt overload on the fat. I also did that with a chicken lasagna. I make lots and freeze portions so that I know how much Im eating. Check out the sparks recipes too. There are lots of great med. cal ideas there.
Good luck

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,567)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
8/8/10 10:57 A

I'd like help sticking to healthy ratios.

Getting that extra 1,000 calories in nuts and nut butters would put my fat off the chart, and would have me eating extremely imbalanced meals.

SANDRA_92083 SparkPoints: (10,237)
Fitness Minutes: (8,879)
Posts: 649
8/8/10 10:30 A

I don't eat that many calories a day, but almonds and nut butters are good ways to get extra calories in - a piece of wheat toast with a TBS of peanut butter is another 200+ calories a day, etc.

TRILLIANTOO SparkPoints: (41,567)
Fitness Minutes: (30,218)
Posts: 16,790
8/8/10 10:16 A

Due to a recent increase in my activities, I'm finding I want to eat about 2500 calories a day, I just don't feel full unless I eat that much.

I'd hoped that would taper down by the end of the week as my activities normalized, but I'm still ravenously hungry.

I'm struggling to figure out what to eat ... I'm more used to 1500-1800 calories.

If you're eating around 2500 calories (a bit above or below is fine) would you please give me an idea of what you eat, and in what quantities, for your meals and snacks?

I know I could change my goals in Spark and try the Meal Plans, but I'm expecting this to be temporary and I don't want to re-set everything.

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