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KASSAY25 Posts: 3,218
8/18/10 1:46 P

Today i had a Boca Burger (120) inside a sandwich pocket (80), with a tablespoon of Dijon mustard (5) and some fresh lettuce (10) and onions (10).
Yummy, filling and only 225 calories, i had it with a 100-cal pack. emoticon

8/13/10 9:32 A

I usually eat tuna salad with light mayo and pickle and onion on whole grain bread. Its about 300 calories.

8/11/10 1:48 P

I usually have a cup of grapes, a yogurt, and an english muffin with jelly. Usually about 400 calories.

ZEROGIRL Posts: 111
8/10/10 10:23 P

I rarely sit down and eat a proper lunch; I usually snack on beef jerky, an apple, and whole grain crackers totaling about 300 or 400 calories. This is something I'm trying to work on!

LUZON49 Posts: 684
8/9/10 11:17 P

I had a sliced NJ tomato on whole grain bread with a little Miracle whip lite.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
8/9/10 12:06 P

rare roast beef wrapped with nice crisp lettuce

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DWILCZKO Posts: 3,010
8/6/10 12:30 A

peanut butter sandwich and some fruit

SANDELEE Posts: 2,935
7/31/10 6:59 P

A cup of Soup-Any kind not creamed
Turkey Burger on Wheat Bread with a Slice of onion
Grilled Chicken Breast on Rye Bread Plain
A vegetable or Fruit on the side

KIKI_GIRL Posts: 61
7/12/10 3:52 P

I'm really into Pita Pockets :) There's this pita made by western bagel called "the Alternative Pita" and it's full of fiber and protein for 110 calories. I stuff it with stacks of veggies and either salmon from a can or turkey. A bit of light mayo or some avocado give me the fat I need. It's my new favorite cause it's super easy to make and stays between 300 and 400 calories without much thought.

SANDRA_92083 SparkPoints: (9,517)
Fitness Minutes: (8,474)
Posts: 646
7/12/10 3:03 P

I use a meal plan, and these are some of the suggestions I use - most are in the 450-550 calorie range.

Baked potato with
2 TBS light sour cream
3 slices turkey bacon
1 oz cheddar cheese
1 granola bar (115 calories)

Suggestion 2:
Chef salad with
2 cups shredded romaine lettuce
1 cup chopped roasted chicken
1 oz. mozzarella cheese
1 lg. hard boiled egg
2 med. slices tomato
2 slices cucumber
2 rings green pepper
2 TBS lite ranch salad dressing
1 King's Hawaiian Honey Wheat roll
1 cup 1% milk
1 nectarine

Suggestion 3:
Tuna salad sandwich (2oz) on whole-wheat bread with:
1 TBS mayo
1 TBS relish
1 leaf lettuce
2 med. slices tomatoes
4 slices cucumber
1 small pear
1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese

Suggestion 4:
Salad with:
1/2 chicken breast
2 cups shredded romaine
1 TBS chickpeas
1 oz Swiss cheese
1/2 cup cherry tomatoes
3 cucumber slices
1/2 cup croutons
2 TBS light salad dressing
1 cup grapes
King's Hawaiian Honey Wheat roll

Suggestion 5:
Whole wheat pita with
3 ounces roast turkey (3 slices)
2 leaves romaine lettuce
2 med. slices tomato
3 slices cucumber
1 TBS mayonnaise
1 cup of 1% milk
1 apple

Suggestion 6:
Chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat with:
4 oz. canned chicken
1 TBS light mayo
1 med. slice tomato
.5 cup slices cucumber
1 leaf romaine lettuce
1 cup seedless grapes

Suggestion 7:
1 cup tomato soup
Grilled Cheese sandwich (2 slices low fat cheese on whole wheat grilled with 1 tsp smart balance)
5 whole-wheat Ritz crackers
1 cup 1% milk

Suggestion 8:
Chicken Wrap with:
Whole wheat tortilla
½ chicken breast
2 cups shredded romaine
2 TBS light Ranch
1/2 diced roma tomato
1 TBS shredded cheddar
1 cup strawberries

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CHINQUITA1 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (620)
Posts: 46
7/11/10 10:37 P

Spread low-fat cream cheese on wheat flat bread, add a slice of 97% fat free turkey, shredded carrots and peeled and shredded cucumbers. Roll it up, cut it in half and there you go. I also use romain lettuce or any kind you can roll up like a taco just omit the cream cheese and add avocado instead.


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JPARCEL1 Posts: 7
5/6/10 3:45 P

Frozen panninis from Aldi. The steak, mushroom, and cheese ones are great. Pretty inexpensive and less than 300 calories.

CHRISTINEW1984 SparkPoints: (5,392)
Fitness Minutes: (1,482)
Posts: 37
5/5/10 9:30 P

Either tuna salad or salmon salad made with stone-ground mustard instead of mayo over baby spinach leaves on a slice of 12-grain bread, low-fat mozzarella stick, and green tea. Apple slices for dessert if I'm still hungry.

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JCG702 Posts: 237
5/4/10 1:27 A

A sliced chicken sandwich with reduced calorie mayo, half of an apple and 1/2 cup of pretzels.

JUSGETTENBY42 Posts: 7,605
4/27/10 2:53 P

salad or a boca burger on whole wheat thins

Mary Canavan
KAICOR Posts: 108
4/27/10 9:17 A

tuna on a sandwich thin, a plum, baked lays and sometimes a sugar free jello cup. and lots and lots of water. yumm

FIXIN-TO-THRILL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,384)
Posts: 221
4/26/10 8:07 P

...I have a large lunch because i'm not able to eat breakfast in the morning due to time contraints but...I try to get a little bit of everything I had half a twelve grain bagel with margarine, ten baby carrots, 3 tbsp of kraft calorie wise three cheese ranch dressing, triangle of laughing cow cheese, an apple, and two clementines. it keeps me full all day until I get home at 6 or 6:30 and only racked up about 450 cals.

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SMARTYPANTS24 Posts: 268
4/18/10 2:14 P

An egg salad sandwich on whole grain bread...only 350 calories for about a half cup of salad on 2 slices of bread. I use the whole egg, about a tablespoon of light mayo and 1/2 teaspoon of mustard...just enough to make it sweet/tangy and creamy!

BETHV61 SparkPoints: (36,986)
Fitness Minutes: (30,008)
Posts: 181
4/17/10 11:18 P

Mixed greens salad with white tuna, some greek olives and a little feta cheese with the spray oil and vinegar dressing.

BRANDI0074 SparkPoints: (17,694)
Fitness Minutes: (16,954)
Posts: 702
4/17/10 3:02 P

Lately I have been loving tacos, I use whatever lean meat I cook through out the week, 1 corn tortilla, some pico de gallo, and lots for fresh lettuce. I have used fish, chicken, pork and shrimp! Feels like I'm being bad, but I'm not. Pair it with a side of fresh veggies and you are good for the afternoon.

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4/17/10 12:19 A

Today I just had 2 oranges...I was lazy

usually a large salad with either tuna or a chicken breast (boneless skinless)

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-AIMIE- Posts: 1,371
4/13/10 10:07 P

often at work I will eat the tuna salad kits that have the tuna stuff along with 6 crackers. I also eat either an apple or a can of citrus fruit salad. Usually a couple hours later I will eat a light yogurt just to hold me over until dinner. All of that together is less than 500 calories!

MITURN Posts: 1,099
4/13/10 12:44 P

Lately its been my veggie soup with black beans..Totally yummy and good for you...I can't seem to get enough
Oh....and oh so easy to make

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IZZY2184 Posts: 16
4/13/10 9:24 A

You need to try the new frozen Contessa meals. I would normally walk past them in the freezer section, but they have great flavor; sesame chicken, chicken stir fry, etc. Made w/fresh veg, brown rice (which is rarely seen)and low in calories, salt and fat. Take a look, you'll be surprised. They really are wonderful and quick, about 7-8 min total.

LILMEL978 Posts: 134
4/8/10 4:46 P

I find that eating protein really fills me up the best. I would recommend making a tuna salad with low calorie dressing and then putting the salad on some low calorie crackers for some crunch.

I really like the special k crackers they are about 90 calories for 17 crackers.

You can also make a salad using any other meat like chicken or the canned salmon or even crab meat.

REGMAGLYPTS SparkPoints: (20,252)
Fitness Minutes: (25,786)
Posts: 357
4/5/10 2:30 P

steamed greens with sauteed mushrooms and bison meat. A favorite!

IGARDEN2 Posts: 10
4/3/10 9:48 P

Any dry cerial in a plastic container and a container of vanilla yogurt. Sometimes I mix them together sometimes I eat a little of each. That and a piece of fruit makes a good meal. Any cerial works or if you are daring, mix a couple together and scoop it into a container that will travel. If you have a family, its a good way to use up the left overs.

I buy the big yogurts and make my own single serving in a plastic container.

CRAZYLIZZIE Posts: 1,221
4/1/10 8:49 P

Weight Watchers Smart Ones are my best friend, sometimes I bring a salad or fruit too!

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KKONOSKE Posts: 41
4/1/10 8:06 P

This is just a thought but if the stomach pain happens immediately maybe it is a gluten issue. Have you looked into Siliac (Sp???) issues.

SOMERSMOM SparkPoints: (5,660)
Fitness Minutes: (4,002)
Posts: 55
3/31/10 5:31 P

I love to make wraps on low card, high fiber tortillas (La Tortilla brand). I start with either hummus or tzatziki on the wrap. Add turkey breast, romaine or spinach leaves, roasted red peppers, and black beans. Sometimes a little feta or gorgonzola cheese. YUM!

BAR0867 Posts: 42
3/31/10 5:11 P

I have had to deal with IBS and sorry I don't know what works either. I know salad and light greens are bad bad. I have been eating a whole wheat wrap with a vegie side, and almost always have an apple and that has been working very well.

MMILAD Posts: 24
3/31/10 2:05 P

Any of you out there have IBS or stomach issues? It makes lunch planning REALLY hard!! I try to have some fruit after my sandwich at lunch (otherwise I'm still hungry) But never fails, I get stomach pains right after!

JUDIL62 SparkPoints: (37,288)
Fitness Minutes: (40,028)
Posts: 1,065
3/30/10 3:44 P

roast beef on a sandwich thin w/ lettuce tomato and laughing cow cheese. Baby carrots w/ hummus and 1/2 c. of strawberries. I was very full after that!

BLONDIE929 Posts: 43
3/30/10 12:34 P

I tend to bring leftovers. A small complex carb, a lot of protein and veggies. I think a larger lunch is the way to keep me going.

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MSSIS2 Posts: 480
3/29/10 12:15 P

Healthy Choice Portabella Spinch Parmesan entree, 270 calories and cup of soup. Also, eat an apple around 2:00 if I get hungry.

SHINGLAE Posts: 115
3/28/10 9:20 P

vegetarian chili 141 cal 3 fat per serving
recipe is on the meal planner

GSREMUS5 Posts: 200
3/28/10 7:23 P

bunch of romaine with turkey & a different fruit / veggie combo each day. I also use the wichbone salad spritzers & have a different flavor daily.

ALPOWL3 Posts: 6
3/28/10 6:05 P

I eat chicken breast meat in a "flat out" bread (you can get them at costco). you can drizzle bbq sauce on it or dip it in something. very filling :)

SHOZZIE Posts: 949
3/28/10 3:18 P

Lots of fresh fruits and veggies (I mix it up so I don't get bored. Then I also have a sandwich on light wholegrain bread (veggie, turkey, or chicken usually) or grilled cheese.

Sometimes I will have a wrap. I use a whole grain tortilla and I will either have that by itself or cut it in half and have it with fruits and veggies. Just kind of depends what I put in it. I love shrimp. I use different spices and have it by itself, in pasta, in a wrap, in a soup, on a salad, etc.

Soups and salads are pretty filling to me as long as I make sure to have enough protein and stay away from high calorie cream based soups or salad dressings.

BAR0867 Posts: 42
3/28/10 2:56 P

Lots of turkey being eaten for lunch. Anybody getting sleepy?!? emoticon

SUZIEQS65 Posts: 1,781
3/28/10 11:43 A

My home made onion soup, with a small salad if I am still hungry after my cup of soup. emoticon

SHELLY8AND8 Posts: 66
3/27/10 8:43 P

Arnold multigrain sanwich rolls, low fat pepper turkey, Boars Head is my favorite, 2% cheddar cheese. cucumbers, banana peppers, pickles, fresh spinach.

THINRONNA Posts: 3,618
3/27/10 3:55 P

Open faced tuna melt on whole wheat with diced red bell peppers and tomato between the low fat cheese and tuna.

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3/27/10 12:28 P

My husband's vegetable soup-160 cal.+ high in folate!! emoticon

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JIRENEM Posts: 2,308
3/27/10 10:42 A

Boca burger, melted cheese, arugula or spinach, red pepper spread or salsa on Arlnolds Multi-grain Sandwich Thin for a perfect fit, followed by some fruit.

NFABROS Posts: 69
3/26/10 9:04 P

I usually eat a turkey sandwich with some lettuce, tomato and turkey bacon or BLT omitting the turkey.
Often I'll have a pb sandwich too using reduced fat pb.

NFABROS Posts: 69
3/26/10 9:04 P

I usually eat a turkey sandwich with some lettuce, tomato and turkey bacon or BLT omitting the turkey.
Often I'll have a pb sandwich too using reduced fat pb.

PATINOH Posts: 480
3/26/10 7:31 P

I like a sandwich of turkey or other lunch meat, maybe a slice of LC cheese ....with lots of salad veggies.Sliced or shredded crisp veggies & mustard.

JENNA154 Posts: 2
3/25/10 1:06 P

I east cheerios for breakfast, but I would like to know what to eat for lunch that would be filling with some crunch to it.

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