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8/5/09 3:18 P

My usual summer breakfast is cottage cheese with plums or nectarines.

As a kid we used to eat it with canned peaches for dessert.

RUNNER1976 Posts: 537
8/5/09 3:17 P


Blackberries, blueberries, strawberries. YUM!

SHAYBREW Posts: 53
8/5/09 3:12 P

I take fat free cottage cheese,drain it, and use it in place of most of cheeses since joining Spark... I've used it in eggs, on toasted sandwiches, on pita-pizzas...all delicious! I even mixed it with fruit and yogurt for a homemade protein shake (could've been better, but not bad)! A friend of mine way back had said something about using it in place of ricotta for a vegetarian lasagna... thinking about doing that with some whole-wheat lasagna pasta (once I find it) soon.

8/5/09 3:11 P

I used to throw it in oatmeal xD I think its because it reminds me of the salty Chinese porridge concoctions, and it didnt' really become too sticky or overwhelmingly cheesy, since I got the skim version.

When I had jam, I threw in a bit too. But now its too inconvenient to buy cottage cheese because its not at my normal grocery store.

GLDNLPRD Posts: 728
8/5/09 3:03 P

Nothing I cant stand cottage cheese emoticon

MOXIECT Posts: 23
8/5/09 2:56 P

I mix in chopped fresh fruit.

8/5/09 7:31 A

I love it with yogurt

MARATHON_MOM SparkPoints: (192,701)
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8/5/09 7:24 A

I like to add splenda to my cottage cheese and some fruit, especially blueberries or pineapple

MACLOVERR SparkPoints: (0)
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8/5/09 5:52 A

Bananas and blueberries are my favorite things to eat with cottage cheese!

ELSEYDON Posts: 3,438
8/5/09 4:16 A


COOKIEJIM Posts: 851
8/5/09 2:37 A

Only took me 35 years to start likeing the stuff.
I fix it with pineapple,a sprinkle of splenda and lots of fresh ground pepper. It's a good potato topping and a lower cal.filler for lazanga.

8/5/09 1:23 A

I LOVE cottage cheese with cut up bananas in it! The salty and sweet combo is very satisfying.

MLONDON87 Posts: 1,300
8/4/09 8:02 P

I like it over baked sweet potatoes or mixed with blueberries, splenda, and cinnamon. I switched to the nonfat variety and it tastes less salty to me.

8/4/09 7:42 P

Just a bit of pepper for a snack or side with my sandwich at lunch is always good. My favorite is to add pineapple chunks. I also mix it with yogurt, granola and fruit for a great breakfast. I love to add toasted, sliced almonds too for some extra crunch.

8/4/09 7:41 P

I don't like cottage cheese (i hate weird textured foods), but my dad does and he eats it with avocados. I've also heard of it on peaches or maybe with sweet potatoes.

KKLAJOIE Posts: 489
8/4/09 6:45 P


8/4/09 6:40 P

I love to eat it with just pepper on it if I'm having it as a side dish.

If I'm having it as a snack or breakfast, I like to put berries in it.

If I'm having it as a dessert, I like to put brown sugar on it. It tastes like cheesecake!!!

BRIT83 Posts: 687
8/4/09 5:45 P

Peaches or pineapple. Super yummu!

-CORAL- SparkPoints: (40,297)
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8/4/09 5:12 P

I like it plain with pepper on it!

KRISTY7746 SparkPoints: (0)
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8/4/09 4:57 P

I place it on celery when I want a crunch. But generally, I enjoy it on a salad as the salad dressing and eliminate the calories from dressing.

AJSCHUB Posts: 67
8/4/09 3:17 P


V-RON_CAN Posts: 3,673
8/2/09 8:02 P

celery or rice cakes are my favorites

MOIRAFITZ Posts: 458
8/2/09 8:02 P

I prefer to eat it plain or with fruit.

GRACEISENUF Posts: 12,805
8/2/09 7:56 P

i really like to hollow out a cantaloupe and fill the center with cottage cheese

LAURAK1993 Posts: 447
8/2/09 7:17 P


FANGLE Posts: 1,821
8/2/09 6:24 P

grapes or berries for me

TURQUOIS26 Posts: 111
8/2/09 5:59 P

canned peaches

8/2/09 5:56 P

8 cherry tomatoes

NINAPEA Posts: 527
8/2/09 5:55 P

just a little bit of salt and a lot of pepper. mmm. my fave!

FBRITTT Posts: 64
8/2/09 5:46 P

It seems like more people eat it with sweets (like fruit) than salty foods, but I pretty much only use it with savory foods. I use it with everything, but here are a few favorites:

diced cucumber and scallion mixed in
with canned tuna (with dried or fresh dill, pepper)
on a whole grain english muffin mixed with just some pepper
Trader Joe's has this amazing red pepper & eggplant spread that is good with everything, but very yummy mixed w/cottage cheese

8/2/09 1:04 A

Fresh cracked black pepper. I have friends that eat it with pineapple or peaches, I haven't had it that way yet.

E_JUST_E SparkPoints: (10,193)
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Posts: 454
8/1/09 11:21 P

I like using fat-free cottage cheese as a substitute for feta or goat cheese in recipes

8/1/09 11:01 P

This is going to sound weird, but I really like cottage cheese with cantaloupe! Half a cantaloupe with the center filled with low-fat cottage cheese tastes so good--it's the perfect combination of salty and sweet!

IMAJICCA Posts: 760
8/1/09 10:59 P

I love it with pineapple. I also use it in place of ricotta cheese in my lasagne.

IBHLKING Posts: 1,341
7/29/09 6:20 P

For an easy snack, I pair it with a sweet fruit (berries, melon, nectarines, kiwi, etc). Tonight I am making a stuff potato recipe which uses it to make a version of a twice baked potato but adds some additional nutrients. I found the recipe on SP so I suggest doing a search for recipes which include it in the ingredients.

CHATIONE1 Posts: 401
7/29/09 6:14 P

I love cottage cheese just as itself with a little salt and pepper

ITSNOTME1 Posts: 355
7/29/09 6:12 P

On crackers sprinkled with Mrs. Dash

SONICB Posts: 4,377
7/29/09 5:53 P

Strawberry jam!

I also found a SP recipe for an English muffin pizza with cottage cheese.

- Toast a whole wheat English muffin
- Scoop a tablespoon (or two) of spaghetti sauce on each.
- Top with a tablespoon of cottage cheese.
- Sprinkle with cheese.
- Microwave for 30 to 45 seconds.

The cottage cheese melts in the microwave and becomes gooey and yummy.

BRITOMART Posts: 8,145
7/29/09 3:36 P

I mix it with things that I then don't salt:
cooked with scrambled eggs
added to bean soup (makes a great combo, but maybe I'm weird)
tuna salad
fruit, of course

7/29/09 3:27 P

I spread it on toast. I also know someone who puts a thin layer of jelly on the toast then spoons the cottage cheese on top.

LLINDALOU Posts: 341
7/29/09 3:10 P


-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (318,126)
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7/29/09 3:06 P

I really like eating it with canned tuna. Great protein meal and really nicely filling.

FANCFACE Posts: 25
7/29/09 2:53 P

Here is a fantastic dessert made with cottage cheese:

1. Whip 1 C small curd/low fat cottage cheese in a food processor until it is smooth.
2. Mix up a pkg of Sug Free Fat Free Jello Pudding (cheesecake flavor).
3. Add the cottage cheese to the pudding and mix thoroughly
4. Top a serving of this with a teaspoon of graham cracker crumb

This will give you protein and the healthy benefits of cottage cheese and give that cheesecake flavor just a bit of a punch. The graham cracker crumbs substitute for a crust so you just get the "flavor" of crust without having it.

Another old Weight Watcher idea I utilize is to add a pkt of splenda to a cup of cottage cheese and add a dash or two of cinnamon. This can be put on a piece of whole wheat bread and toasted under the broiler or you can eat the cottage cheese as is.

My personal favorite is to mix cottage cheese with no-sugar-added applesauce and a dash of cinnamon!! (this would also work on whole wheat and broiled too!! YUMMY

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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7/29/09 2:40 P

Plain or on top of potatoes like it is sour cream

ANNA1679 SparkPoints: (3,295)
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Posts: 308
7/29/09 2:38 P

Sometimes I'll shred a few radishes into it or I'll chop some chives out of my garden into it.

DIETWAR99 Posts: 776
7/29/09 2:21 P

I love cottage cheese. I always eat it alone. But you could always eat it as a side dish with your meals if you don't want to just eat it for a meal or a snack.

MZBLUE Posts: 8
7/29/09 2:16 P

when i was a kid and my mom wanted to give us a healthy snack she would give us cottage cheese with either peaches or pears in it, sometimes on a lettuce leaf in a bowl but now that i am older i totally love it and now i want some.

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
7/29/09 2:05 P


First, have you tried looking for a lower-sodium brand? I recently discovered one and it does make a difference! (President's Choice 2% Cottage Cheese with Howaru; it has about 100 mg less sodium than Nordica).

I usually eat cottage cheese without anything on it, but when I do want a topping, I stick with berries or fresh fruit.

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
7/29/09 1:37 P

I like it on my salad with salsa. A lot of people like mixing it with different fruits to add sweetness, that might be able to balance out the saltiness for you. For me adding it to raw veggies or salads do the trick though.

LDSLEES Posts: 65
7/29/09 1:35 P

I am trying to "learn" to like the stuff, I can't get past the saltiness...just wondering what you paired it with.

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