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GEVANS7 SparkPoints: (278,308)
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7/13/13 7:15 A

I wear it across my back. The ear buds are my problem. I'm a head sweater and the ear buds won't stay in from the sweat in my ears.

NANLEYKW SparkPoints: (76,244)
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7/12/13 10:58 P

I went wireless (though I rarely run with earbuds anymore). Before I was wireless, I just let the wire hang where it hung--it bothered me way more inside my sleeve than dangling.

KRISTEN_SAYS SparkPoints: (81,265)
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7/12/13 10:03 P

It drives me nuts too. Last time I wrapped my cord around my arm a few times...not too tight but tight enough that there was no bouncy wire. Sometimes I feed the wire through my shirt but 85% of the time I run without music. It's almost too much of a hassle.

KURS10B Posts: 5,106
7/12/13 8:43 P

I wear an armband, so I thread the wire through my sleeve and out the neck. The rest is pulled down on the inside of my shirt. It stays there and doesnt get caught up in your arms when you are moving around.

TCHERNO SparkPoints: (8,323)
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7/12/13 6:17 P

I have a little gadget designed specifically for this purpose! I have no idea what it's called. I found it at Sports Authority for about $5 (if it was even that much). It clips to your shirt and you wrap the extra cord around it. Mine is shaped like a little man but I'm pretty sure there are different shapes. It's fantastic! Just look for it at a sporting goods store (it was right by where they sell the headphones and other electronic things. Best investment I have made towards exercise!

MINDBEND SparkPoints: (30,263)
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7/12/13 2:17 P

I am the type that hates anything flying around when I run, whether it be my hair or my iPod wire.

Thus no arm bands for me.

When I had a long earbuds, I'd put the iPod in my pocket, then thread the wire under my shirt and put the buds in my ears that way. Thus when I ran the wires would not fly around - it'd be hidden under my shirt.

Now I have an extremely short wire for my ear buds. Thus I clip on my iPod to the top of my sports bra under my shirt, and then wear the ear buds. There is a noose to tighten the wires under your chin so it doesn't fly around.

BEANBYDESIGN SparkPoints: (0)
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7/12/13 1:47 P

I loop the wire loosely around my hand a couple of times - not so tight that I'm pulling it as my arms swing, but enough that there's not really any "bounce" to the wire, if that makes any sense.

JEWELS571 Posts: 2,885
7/12/13 1:30 P

NITE-IZE CURVYMAN! This is what I use to keep the wired out of my hair!

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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7/12/13 1:24 P

I've also seen people loop up the wire a bit so there isn't as much to bounce around.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (191,913)
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7/12/13 12:54 P

I put my phone on the little shelf of the treadmill.

That's the only time I run with music.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
7/12/13 12:41 P

I route the wire behind me, and I also take a bobby pin and clip the wire to the back collar of my shirt. I find when I don't clip, the wire bounces too much and pulls the earbuds out of my ears. The clip also makes it less like that when I bend over, that the wire comes over my shoulder and hinders any movement.

CRIM12 SparkPoints: (3,878)
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7/12/13 12:35 P

Really that wire drives me nuts and I don't think I'll be shelling out money to buy a wireless set.

I think on my next run, since my ipod is on an arm band, I'll just put it though my sleeve and behind me. Maybe that will keep it from irritating me.

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