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JMEISSNER18 Posts: 130
2/10/10 6:39 P

Posting again with an update -- SLIMLILA, I used your idea, but swapped a can of potatoes for the pasta, added the kraut, soup and some browned ground beef and baked in the oven for a half hour. Unbelievably delicious. Thank you so much!!

NORASPAT Posts: 50,874
2/10/10 4:49 P

I had never used Sauerkraut at all till just recently. I was having a German friend to dinner and I jokingly mentioned Sauerkraut. She said she should make some but since there are only 2 of them she does not. I used a 4 pound Pork loin and I jar of Sauerkraut. I rinsed the Kraut and put it in the bottom of the crock pot. Pork on top, added pepper. Caraway seeds if you like them. Slow cooker on High -I hour then 5-6 hours on low.Internal temp160 degrees

JMEISSNER18 Posts: 130
2/10/10 3:36 P

This thread is perfect - I am moving over the weekend, so my pantry is pretty bare right now and I was just pondering what I could do with the can of saurkraut that's in there! (I am also snowed in, so no trip to the grocery today) Thanks for the great ideas! emoticon

2/10/10 11:44 A

I don't know what to do with the few ingredients you've listed however, if you ever make it to the store, pick up some potatoes and mash them then top with the kraut and some sausage. awesome.

PATINOH Posts: 480
2/10/10 9:34 A

Use the kraut...if it's still rinsing very well,then putting it in a baking dish or cake pan that has been sprayed with Pam...or greased.

Top the kraut with hot dogs & add either a can of cream of soup....any flavor is ok.If you have potatoes,peel & cut in 4ths & add with kraut.No cream soup? Gravy will work or some broth. Add pepper & a scant Tbl of sugar.Cover with lid or foil. Bake about 45 mins on 350*. Serve with mustard & whatever else you like for side dish.Here's a recipe on SP that looks good. Will try it next wk.
"Kapusta (Sausage & Sauerkraut)"

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2/9/10 8:47 P

I have a recipe from Joanna M. Lund's healthy Exchanges cookbook that calls for 2 cups pasta, 2 cups sauerkraut, and a can of Healthy Choice Cream of Mushroom soup, and caraway seeds, (I think they say 1 tsp, but I use at least 1 TBSP!). It is so good and so quick.

I also have a little recipe for a snack that says to eat it to trick your body's sweet tooth by giving it opposite of what you crave . leftover rice, spoonful sauerkraut and toasted sesame seeds - I haven't tried it myself.

LAURALEE_M Posts: 119
2/9/10 6:54 P

I just realized when I re-read your post, it sounds like you're snowed in and can only use what you listed. I'd use the ramen noodles if you don't have the pasta I mentioned and hot dogs, if you use the chicken you'll want to brown the chicken first and sprinkle it beforehand with cumin, paprika, coriander, spices that are smoky and meaty tasting you know?

LAURALEE_M Posts: 119
2/9/10 6:51 P

First, give the jar you have in the frig a sniff and a taste, just because it's a pickle doesn't mean it can't go bad! I make a killer and healthy pasta with sauerkraut, I know it sounds weird, but so good! I'm sort of an improvisational cook so I can give you a general idea but if what I say next makes you go "Wha?" Just google past with sauerkraut and you'll get fun ideas.
Improv Sauerkraut Pasta
get some water ready for boiling pasta, I prefer whole wheat spaghetti or barilla plus.
in a large pan saute some garlic in olive oil with a pinch of crushed red pepper, don't burn the garlic! add in a combo of veggies, like parsnips, cauliflower etc. brown on a higher heat being careful not to burn the garlic. add in some smoked turkey sausage or chicken and apple sausage and brown that too, add in the kraut and maybe a pinch of caraway seeds with some chicken broth. toss with pasta and italian parsley and or green onions. yummy!

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2/9/10 12:19 P

I have a jar of sauerkraut that been sitting in my fridge for a while... i put it on hot dogs sometimes but i want to know what else to do with it....?? we havent went grocery shopping and we are SNOWED IN today lol. We have hot dogs, chicken, steak, NO BREAD, spaghetti, tuna, canned chicken... ramen noodles, lettuce, rice, condiments... thats about it lol.. can u make casseroles with it? i dont even know how to make casserole! OH THE PRESSURE MY POOR HUSBAND IS STARVING! hahah oh no :\

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