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ZEDMAY Posts: 41
12/6/12 11:11 A

Don't feel like you have to resist every craving. Total deprivation is something no one can stick with forever. I like to plan a few treats into my week when I am doing my meal planning. I try to make any desserts and treats from scratch so that they are as healthy as possible. I then pre-cut or portion them out into appropriate serving sizes, so that I don't overindulge by "accidentally" cutting myself a serving that is too large.

I also keep a supply of good quality dark chocolate on hand and will eat 1-2 squares when a strong craving hits. If it's the good stuff, it curbs the craving pretty fast, but I make sure I sit and enjoy it undistracted (no wolfing it down in front of the TV).

Another thing I keep on hand for when I feel like something sweet is a variety of teas. I like fruity herbal teas or Chai with a little milk and a Splenda when I am in the mood for a sweet treat.

KRALLEN1 Posts: 257
12/6/12 10:28 A

My family is all about the unhealthy food too and it is really hard. I feel your pain. Its really hard not to give in but when you don't and look back later it feels really good to know that you didn't give in to food that will keep you from reaching your goals. Christmas is coming and that doens't help. I think having a little of the goodies here and there is fine just go workout a little harder. I really struggle with this too. Its easier said than done but once you can resist it gets easier.

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12/4/12 3:42 P

i always drink lots of water, or have a tea or some sort of healthy drink i like when stuff like that is happening and when i get that feeling i just drink my drink and idk why but it was like as long as i was consuming somthing i felt satisfied or didnt crave it as bad, and in a case like that it would be watter or tea vs cake or pie. also sugar free gum helps me alot, especialy the "extra" desert delight. in fact the even have a cheese cake flavor that is great and only 5 calories, wich you will burn off just by chewing, hope this helped.

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12/4/12 3:33 P

The cravings hit? Or that certain time of day when the rest of the family is enjoying dessert! Ughhhh.... Help!

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