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2/3/13 1:16 P

I second the toaster oven idea. Usually the oven gets used for larger items. Fishsticks and single serving things that need to be reheated (not in the microwave) go into the toaster oven.

To answer the original question in this thread, I rarely stick to my plan and just try to make healthy-ish choices within the given constraints. Usually this just means making sure I eat a veggie with my meal.

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
2/3/13 8:14 A

too bad it wasn't the temp you needed, and you could share the space

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,128
2/3/13 7:25 A

I've been seriously considering getting a small toaster oven myself. I really hate cranking up the "big" oven, just to do one relatively small thing for DH and I.

That said, was what your sister was cooking in the oven so large, or at such a different temperature, that you couldn't put your fish sticks in at the same time? Most ovens have at least 2 racks and a tray of fish sticks could've been slid in on the second rack either below or above her stuff.

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2/3/13 5:05 A

Have you thought about getting a small electric frypan for those times? It would be a lot quicker, AND easier on the power, and has a myriad of uses, too!


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2/2/13 11:44 P

So, about an hour ago, I started to get hungry and I wanted nothing more than fish sticks, something I have been craving and decided to have today (just one serving). I went to go prepare them, as they take ~20 minutes to cook, and I found the oven in my apartment was already in use by my sister.

We are supposed to inform each other when we use major appliances, if not ask if it's okay. Usually I am fine with her cooking whenever and she is fine with me cooking whenever, especially because we don't use them often for more than 30 mins at a time, and that's okay. But now, she has had the oven for over an hour, and I am getting ravenous, and all I had planned were those fish sticks and everything else is nauseating me. I have had to wait so long to use the oven- and she keeps telling me 'it's almost done' that now my appetite for anything but fish sticks has been totally wiped away.

I could rant about how annoying she has been lately, but let's just focus on what I can do different next time:

What do you guys do when things come up and you can no longer eat as you plan? If your meals are pushed back so far that you get nauseous and moody, but you don't have anything else that doesn't nauseate you?

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