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What do you do to relieve stress?

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Posts: 1,549
6/21/12 8:15 A

Two big ones: I work out or I play with the kids. For whatever reason, having a tickle fight with my boys is guaranteed to put a smile on all of our faces!
If I am feeling REALLY stressed I do some extra strength training. I have no clue why, but struggling with the weights is enough of a distraction to help.
In the past, I used to turn to food. I don't allow that anymore! Now I see when my co-workers do it and shudder (example: I watched two of my co-workers kill several miniature Hershey's yesterday. That used to be me!)
Of course, my overall stress level has gone down drastically over the last six months, which is helpful!

SparkPoints: (29,418)
Fitness Minutes: (23,067)
Posts: 1,004
6/21/12 7:48 A

Drink hot tea, read a book, clean or organize thing (I know, I'm weird), exercise, listen to music, spend time with my animals

Posts: 442
6/21/12 6:23 A


Posts: 663
6/21/12 6:05 A

apart from running, reading is actually the best way for me to get my mind off things. Also, writing. If I put everything down on paper it seems to help me sort my thoughts

SparkPoints: (67,411)
Fitness Minutes: (51,822)
Posts: 4,905
6/21/12 5:55 A

Yoga, meditation or time spent with the pets

SparkPoints: (44,460)
Fitness Minutes: (56,017)
Posts: 441
6/21/12 5:29 A

I find a change of pace helps. I tend to be a stress eater and when I get stressed, I tend to eat more so I always make sure to have cut up fruit to eat which at least lessens the calorie intake. I like walking on the treadmill or outdoors. Strength training helps as well Anything that changes the pace or the outlook reduces the stress for me. I also use deep breathing techiniques if the situation is urgent. I also have learned that telling myself that eating will not reduce stress or change the situation - that helps immensely to acknowledge the behavior and to acknowledge that it really does not help the situation but only adds to further stress down the line over a weight gain.

SparkPoints: (6,433)
Fitness Minutes: (10,875)
Posts: 140
6/21/12 4:40 A

The best stress relievers for me are yoga, running, and listening to music. When I'm physically exhausted, I have less energy to spend thinking about things.

SparkPoints: (80,440)
Fitness Minutes: (57,483)
Posts: 2,875
6/21/12 1:00 A

Definitely play with my dogs. They infuse me with their energy. They make me laugh and that's usually all it takes.

SparkPoints: (3,769)
Fitness Minutes: (515)
Posts: 23
6/21/12 12:32 A

I craft. I am a scrapbooker, cardmaker, quilter and love to try all other crafts at least once. I left a job that took the life right out of me to a job where I make less money but am so much happier and have more time for myself.

Posts: 1,243
6/21/12 12:18 A

walk, deep breathing, play guitar, pray, pet my dog. Wow! It used to be just "eat." Thanks for asking this question!


SparkPoints: (50,340)
Fitness Minutes: (36,334)
Posts: 2,481
6/21/12 12:13 A

I deep-breathe while sipping a soothing tea.

Posts: 10,490
6/20/12 11:37 P

Getting things out is a great way to let go of the stress. emoticon

Posts: 379
6/20/12 11:18 P

I very rarely get stressed, but if I do, I find that talking about what is causing the stress really relieves it.

SparkPoints: (2,215)
Fitness Minutes: (4,164)
Posts: 1
6/20/12 11:11 P

I like to read or color with my daughter Kayla.

Posts: 469
6/20/12 10:33 P

Wii boxing on those really stressful days, or a walk with the dogs. Fishing is a good relaxer for me too : )

Posts: 688
6/20/12 10:26 P

When I have the money, I go out and get some really nice anti- stress aromatheray products (candles, spray scents, body wash...etc.). Otherwise stress relieving breathing exercises. And time at the beach staring at the ocean or a nice long walk keeps my mind off things.

Posts: 3,530
6/20/12 9:13 P

Exercise, usually walking or jogging

Posts: 111
6/20/12 7:33 P

I find weeding my garden to be very relaxing when I am upset about something.

Posts: 10,490
6/20/12 7:29 P

Does a slow paced walking jar too much? You might check out some of the Spark videos to see if they could be modified? There is a team dedicated to chair exercise, and they are less stressful. You might find some ideas there.
I hope you find something which works for you. Sometimes it is necessary to just do what you can. Band exercises might be an option.
Good luck!

SparkPoints: (3,376)
Fitness Minutes: (3,541)
Posts: 27
6/20/12 7:27 P

i blast my ipod and hit the weights.

if im ready for more i like to run for a few miles.

SparkPoints: (1,950)
Fitness Minutes: (105)
Posts: 10
6/20/12 7:05 P

I have just gotten interested in Sparks and already feel the difference but I also was just diagnosed with stress headaches and running is out of the question right now it jiggles my head (really) very painful Ideas!!

Posts: 443
6/20/12 7:01 P

DANCE- just dance! No mirrors- no one around. Just move and be silly with no self judgement about how I look, how silly the moves may be.

Posts: 148
6/20/12 6:10 P

I run

SparkPoints: (5,410)
Fitness Minutes: (3,212)
Posts: 3
6/20/12 6:02 P

I listen to music.

Posts: 10,490
6/20/12 5:26 P

First I take note of my breathing, and take a few deep breaths (my I have a tendency to hold my breath, or take shallow ones.) Next I will do some type of exercise. This is one of my best stress reducers.

SparkPoints: (26,213)
Fitness Minutes: (25,260)
Posts: 1,237
6/20/12 5:19 P

Call my best friend, go for a walk/workout..

SparkPoints: (34,393)
Fitness Minutes: (29,278)
Posts: 1,518
6/20/12 4:25 P

RUN! emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,742)
Fitness Minutes: (4,067)
Posts: 53
6/20/12 3:57 P

only joking..... i always think of happy memories... makes me feel better. emoticon

SparkPoints: (1,742)
Fitness Minutes: (4,067)
Posts: 53
6/20/12 3:56 P

SCREAM! emoticon

SparkPoints: (54,758)
Fitness Minutes: (47,930)
Posts: 1,618
6/20/12 3:51 P

i do yoga & pilates, very relaxing!

Posts: 9,186
6/20/12 3:30 P

I dance.......

SparkPoints: (79,589)
Fitness Minutes: (50,458)
Posts: 3,276
6/20/12 3:11 P

go outside - the natural world soothes me even if its pouring rain

Posts: 87
6/20/12 1:45 P

I sing(badly) to a favourite song. I sing loudly and proudly in my car. Out of my car i dance while I sing and it just feels great

SparkPoints: (92,626)
Fitness Minutes: (53,597)
Posts: 4,901
6/20/12 1:41 P

working in the garaden is my biggest stress reliever

Posts: 11,580
6/20/12 1:25 P

Yoga and jogging.

Posts: 514
6/20/12 1:19 P

exercise can actually be great therapy. i meditate when i run: listen to the rhythm of my feet hitting the pavement or focus on my breathing. Or I love a nice walk with my husband; we talk about whatever topics come up.
I also use house cleaning, yardwork and grocery shopping as exercise so knowing that i'm getting accomplished at the same time relieves stress.
For non exercise stress relief i meditate when i sit down with my first meal or cup of coffee for the day: just sit for a couple minutes and breathe; try not to think of anything else and just focus on each breath itself.
I've also been reading "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. wonderful book. It has taught me how to look at stress and life in general in a different perspective.
I also like to sort through my recipes or just read cooking or fitness/health magazines.

Well, really i guess i don't have a lot of stress in my life. I just don't look at it that way.

SparkPoints: (45,786)
Fitness Minutes: (33,881)
Posts: 1,833
6/20/12 1:16 P

exercise and drink more water

Posts: 2,000
6/20/12 1:10 P

Try to get at the root of the problem and talk to family or friends about it. Alone time with S.P. also helps. Walking helps too but after work I'm too exhausted and in pain to do anything physical. Hope it will improve with time.

SparkPoints: (4,381)
Fitness Minutes: (1,835)
Posts: 29
6/20/12 11:00 A

My favorite is a long long walk somewhere in nature! That way I can think things through while having the soothing sound of wind in the trees, waves hitting the shore, or birds chirping in the sky.

If I'm short on time, anything that gets me sweating and gives me a shot of endorphins is great! Not only am I more energized to take on whatever is stressing me, I'm also a lot more positive about it :o)

Posts: 321
6/20/12 10:27 A


SparkPoints: (43,937)
Fitness Minutes: (38,178)
Posts: 839
6/20/12 9:16 A

45 mins of cardio does the trick for me!

SparkPoints: (34,609)
Fitness Minutes: (20,328)
Posts: 1,964
6/20/12 9:07 A

I run to relieve stress. Some of my best long runs have been after really bad days at work or dealing with family junk. I always feel better when I get back and I have a clear head.

Posts: 238
6/20/12 8:34 A

Long walk or run helps... If I feel lazy, then I just sip wine with my friends ;-)

Posts: 1,193
6/20/12 8:18 A

Exercise relieves my stress, specifically running, swimming, or Vinyasa yoga.

Posts: 437
6/20/12 7:19 A

I believe that my cardio exercising of either running or biking greatly helps my stress. I've only been exercising for almost two years, but I can tell when I've had a tough day or something is bothering me and I need to just get out and exercise. Always helps!!!!!!!!!

SparkPoints: (1,486)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 1
6/20/12 4:32 A

stress directly affects weightloss. More stressed you are the more you will put on weight, all other factors remaining same - I guess the body just reacts differently/badly to anything while your mind is under stress.

Yoga helps, though not power yoga - Holding asanas does help me center myself for that moment. Also - playing tennis or any other sports help as well.

SparkPoints: (62,328)
Fitness Minutes: (32,427)
Posts: 2,148
6/20/12 4:11 A

Put on a favorite audiobook and go on:
- a long walk, of about 2 hours
- a 10k run, of less than 1 hour

I also love to work on my several computer programming projects that are not at all urgent.

I love to watch 2 and a half men. Its a pity that Charlie Sheen is no longer. I love Big Bang too. But 2 and a half men is just hilarious for me.

Posts: 270
6/20/12 3:43 A

Yoga! Great for stress relief and for exercise. And wine. :-)

SparkPoints: (21,955)
Fitness Minutes: (20,943)
Posts: 2,800
6/20/12 2:10 A

Believe it or not, exercise is my stress relief! I work in a stressful job, and most people hit the bar on a Friday night for a few drinks. They were amazed when I said that I lift weights on Fridays, and that is what relaxes me the most!

Posts: 231
6/20/12 12:54 A

Does stress interfere with your being able to focus on weighloss? What do you do to relieve stress?

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