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TJDIEMER SparkPoints: (813)
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8/19/13 12:43 P

My girls and I bought a 750 piece puzzle a few weeks ago. When I get bored, I sit and try to get a few pieces in. It occupies my mind, the time goes fast, and I forget that I am hungry. Same goes with a good book. OR, alot of the time, I will go window shopping (just not for food..LOL)

JO74555 SparkPoints: (4,560)
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8/19/13 12:25 P very very true. if i'm sitting around doing nothing, i find that i forage for food. not just any food, but sweets and carbs. keeping busy not only stops me from tearing into the snacks, but burns calories; always a good thing. :).

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
8/18/13 9:29 P

So you are bored, and the answer is to eat? How does that relieve boredom? Afterwards, you will still be bored.

The problem is that you are bored. Simple fix. Go do something. Take a class at your local college. Volunteer. Make your day so busy, you are never bored.

KAHSEY20000 Posts: 294
8/18/13 7:51 P

Going to work on the computer helps. No liquids or grease around the keyboard! Keeps those idle little hands busy typing. If it's nervous related boredom and I can't concentrate on what I'm doing, I'll take a nap. Chewing gum helps my mouth and my stomach think they're eating something.

CIRANDELLA SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 6,094
8/18/13 5:31 P

I try to get busy, too...and the shift in attention always helps. Back in the beginning, this was much more difficult. But over time, you really do learn to engage yourself in a whole host of other activities which lure you out of the kitchen and into other aspects of day-to-day living. Even a good nap can help, if you've got the time, to prevent boredom eating...*and* it's good for you.

CHERRYZMB60 Posts: 4,178
8/18/13 12:53 A

my boredom eating hits when I'm at the switchboard 1030pm-630am. to overcome it I eat the fruit I brought or mix a to go drink. other ways I'll walk the hallway or exercise with the 5lb dumbbells and/or Gold's gym total body kit i leave here

8/17/13 11:40 P

Get busy. If that isn't holding me, I eat a carrot, or some broccoli. If I just want to chew on something, and I'm afraid of chewing something worse... I'll do it.

DAVINAJM SparkPoints: (9,274)
Fitness Minutes: (25,875)
Posts: 147
8/17/13 6:14 P

Being conscious of the fact that, that's whats about to take place is the first step...

Something that has helped me skip boredom eating: Realizing that's a good time to get a workout in.

Food suggestions for those interested:
Drinking a glass of water (quences thrist and helps make you feel full)
Hot tea
Chew some gum

Only have (in your home, desk at work, lunch bag, etc) snacks that you won't feel so bad indulging in, if you do start eating out of boredom.

What has worked for me is having blueberries, apples, clementines, frozen strawberries, etc around and not any chocolate bars, chips, donuts, or heavily processed foods around.

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MCASKEY6 SparkPoints: (28,452)
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8/17/13 9:18 A

I put myself on a schedule. I scheduled my meals and my snacks. I put a few extra calories at the end of the day when I'm a little more hungry and more likely to boredom eat. I stay satisfied and it takes all the worry and guesswork out of the equation.

EWL978 Posts: 2,021
8/16/13 10:10 P

Must be in my genes, I'm never bored...or don't recognize it!!

8/16/13 9:44 P

drink a glass of water

8/16/13 8:27 P

I rely on food tracking and when I've used up the calories I go upstairs....away from the kitchen so I'm really careful when I get home from work!

MOMMY115 Posts: 48
8/16/13 7:24 P

I do hope Snickers is a dog, not a candy bar. lol

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GRACIE10 Posts: 5
8/16/13 5:29 P

I'll go brush my teeth and go read a book.

JBREILER1 Posts: 2
8/16/13 3:13 P

I always have something to do but I am disabled and had to retire from my job which I had for over 30 years. I need help keeping on track. Any suggestions

ANNE007 Posts: 153
8/16/13 2:22 P

Bored? Really? I have truly never had that problem. There is always something to do. If you don't have enough to do to fill your day, pick up a hobby, volunteer somewhere, pick up another job. Plenty out there!

LKENNICOTT SparkPoints: (7,351)
Fitness Minutes: (940)
Posts: 438
8/16/13 12:09 P

Don't let yourself get, walk, do crafts, clean the house...there is always something that can be done...I read awhile then walk and think about what I read.

SILVER_WOLF1221 Posts: 1,452
8/16/13 11:15 A

Play on the computer
Do homework
Go to the gym
Go for a walk
Start up a conversation
Play with my chinchillas

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (222,461)
Fitness Minutes: (56,692)
Posts: 12,246
8/16/13 10:28 A

let myself busy, drinking water, walking

AAHMED61 SparkPoints: (6,085)
Fitness Minutes: (3,468)
Posts: 41
8/16/13 3:05 A

Login to sparkpeople.
Call my friend.
Watch T.V or any Movie.

SLIMBOT Posts: 147
8/16/13 12:37 A


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8/15/13 9:22 P

Boredom eating is the reason that my bathroom scale has reached over 205 pounds for most of the past ten years (I'm only 5' 4 1/2"). Now that I recognize that I eat not when I am hungry, but when I just need something to do, it is getting easier to control. When an urge to eat strikes, I first look at the clock to figure out how long since my last meal/snack and how long until my next. If it is almost time to eat, I drink a bottle of water and find a game on-line to play. Sometimes, Snickers and I go for a walk or I get on my Ab Lounger. If it is later at night, and I am done eating for the day, I take a shower, watch a movie, play a computer game, or simply go to bed and read a book. If nothing else works, I eat a small piece of fruit and power through the cravings.

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,220
8/15/13 3:46 P

I ask myself why I am hungry, first and foremost! If I am genuinely hungry, I'll go ahead and eat a little something, or get started on cooking our next meal.

When I *know* it is boredom or stress, then there are a few things I like to do:
Read a book either in bed or outside. I don't like my hands dirty, touching those beautiful book pages, and staying in the kitchen is a baaad idea.
Read to my kids.
If it's late, take a bath.
Play a game on my husband's smartphone.
Browse a favorite site.
If the boredom isn't too severe, a quickie workout is great. Something simple, like a couple sets of squats and calf raises.

BRENDAB49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,336)
Posts: 501
8/15/13 10:53 A

@Judy 1260 .....I like those ideas. Good ones, especially polishing your finger nails. Cant eat with wet nails. Don't want to mess them up

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BRENDAB49 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (7,336)
Posts: 501
8/15/13 10:51 A

When I am bored I usually go to bed...because boredom comes when I finally sit still for the evening..

PISCES20 Posts: 3
8/15/13 10:18 A

I just grab my phone and make a call

KITTYCAT64 Posts: 599
8/15/13 10:16 A

If my hands are busy, I don't think about eating. Luckily, for me, I like sewing, embroidery, refurbishing old quilts,, crochet. I also have several projects going at one time.

WATERONE SparkPoints: (96,566)
Fitness Minutes: (87,023)
Posts: 1,912
8/15/13 8:45 A

I ask myself why I want to eat? Am I hungry? Am I thirsty? Is it because someone else is eating or a commercial on tv? Do I just want to eat something because it is there?

I try drinking a glass of water or cup of hot tea first. That will take care of the thirst if that is what it is.

Next, I get up and walk around some. I'm easily distracted and so if I see something to do, I often get involved in that.

If it is day time, I go out and check to see if I have any ripe tomatoes, peppers or cukes. Or I deadhead a few flowers. Often this draws my attention to birds or butterflies in the yard and I go and get the camera and start taking pictures.

I check my to do list and see if there is something I can be doing.

I start doing a jigsaw puzzle on the computer or playing a game.

If I try all of these things and am still hungry, I fix a healthy snack and eat that.

JUDY1260 Posts: 1,567
8/15/13 8:31 A

Luckily I seem to have broken the eating because I'm bored cycle.

Here's a few suggestions if you still need them:
Do something crafty (knitting, sewing, scrapbooking). You don't want to touch your project with dirty hands.
Paint your fingernails (great suggestion made by others!)
Paint your toes
Plan your outfits for the week
Declutter an area in your house that you keep putting off
Read a good book
Take a walk
Check out free exercise routines on On Demand (if you get it) or YouTube
Get lost on Pinterest (no mindless eating allowed while doing it)

KARENPOWNER SparkPoints: (403)
Fitness Minutes: (557)
Posts: 9
8/15/13 6:35 A

If I'm starving I'll grab something to drink and find a new recipe on pinterest to cook for dinner

DASHKATH Posts: 862
8/15/13 5:33 A

Chew gum, drink water, find something else to do (walk, clean, play games on my phone, etc)

I.M.MAGIC Posts: 13,164
8/15/13 2:37 A

I drink a glass of water and then find something constructive to do... housework doesn't always do the trick though, 'cause it's there every day. Instead, I'll putter around with ideas--

I'm studying the Korean language so I find a Korean drama on Netflix and try to translate it before turning on the subtitles.

I plan and/or implement a plan to re-arrange or redecorate a room

I recruit one of the neighborhood kids or one of my friends to help on things I can't manage alone... sometimes they're bored too and need something to do! LOL

I call my sister or my brother or my dad or one of my BFF's and chat for a bit...

I work with my cats, grooming or playing...

I do my physical therapy

... the fact is, there's always something to do that can hold my interest if I let. Always.

Being bored is just not taking that first step into my own life. My mom (smart lady that she was) showed us kids by example that when you're really living, there is no room for boredom. I'm only bored if I CHOOSE to be...

When it all boils down to basics, the thing at the root of everything is the choices I make...
And that is an amazing gift!

... I'm so powerful!...LOL

(kind of scary, aren't I? LOL)
Kathy emoticon emoticon emoticon

Edited by: I.M.MAGIC at: 8/15/2013 (02:40)
8/14/13 8:36 P

Trying to acknowledge that it's just boredom instead of hunger can help a lot. Once I've convinced myself that I'd be eating for the wrong reasons, it's much easier to not go through with it.

SARAHLYNETTE21 SparkPoints: (827)
Fitness Minutes: (450)
Posts: 1
8/14/13 4:04 P

I typically have a big glass of ice cold water or a low cal or no cal drink such as tea. My favorite is a cup of black coffee.. usually gives me a big energy boost with only a few calories spent. Taking my dogs for a walk around the block usually help both me & them stay in shape and out of the treats ! :)

TARAINCOGNITA SparkPoints: (8,807)
Fitness Minutes: (3,089)
Posts: 46
8/14/13 3:20 P

One thing I just started doing was writing in my blog. Other things: reading, doing those short little exercise videos they have on here, playing with my dogs...anything to keep my mind off food.

CHIBI_TOTORO SparkPoints: (147)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 79
8/14/13 2:59 P

Flavored teas are one of my best go tos. I have all kinds from spicy to fruity. they give my mouth some variety in taste, and I sit there with a glass in my hand instead of fruit.

I also used to pack a small "snack bag", which had X number of cals, and I would sit and much it all morning long. I knew if i just ate what was in that bag, i could track it. but didn't have to be worried about my "mindless eating".

8/14/13 2:57 P

I get away from my desk and talk a quick walk. Keeping food away from my desk is also a huge savior for me.

FIFIFRIZZLE Posts: 2,148
8/14/13 2:28 P

I make It a habit to always eat at the kitchen table. So I am sitting down to a little meal. Some food snacks just look wrong on a plate, with cutlery and napery, & that helps you not eat unhelpful things like chippies and the like.
I deflect the eating urge by making a cup of food type tea. You can get a lot of herbal teas that are dessert flavored, lemon meringue & the like. I used to kinda disapprove of them, but they really fill a flavor gap. Chai tea, no milk, is top of my pops for the wonderful spices
I clean and tidy - but not in the kitchen - when at risk of random eating, I stay away from the kitchen.
Even taking a drawer into the living room & sitting down listening to the radio or watching TV as you sort & tidy it, gets you through a lot of drawers!
I brush my cats, they adore it so it is wonderful feedback.
I sit outside and get some vitamin D while watching the world go by. Turn your boredom into relaxation!

Edited by: FIFIFRIZZLE at: 8/14/2013 (14:35)
8/14/13 10:47 A

Drink tea, eat raw celery/carrots/cucumber. I suppose that's not REALLY beating boredom eating, but it's channeling it. After crunching on celery I'm sick of it.

HAPPYGIRL1523 SparkPoints: (8)
Fitness Minutes: (126)
Posts: 20
8/14/13 10:33 A

Clean, exercise, paint my nails, or floss and brush my teeth.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (107,234)
Fitness Minutes: (107,665)
Posts: 3,873
8/14/13 10:20 A

-Do my nails.
-Walk out of the house so I'm not near food.
-Clean out my purse.
-Read a book.
-Play a video game.

MRSAND Posts: 1,611
8/14/13 10:04 A

Drink a big glass of water and get myself away from the fridge

FLOYDIE40 Posts: 34
8/14/13 10:01 A

Crafts are good if you like them beacause they keep your hands busy and you can be proud of them when you're done.

Another great option is brushing your teeth, flossing and mouthwash. Snacks don't usually taste right after that. LOL!

HSHEAJ5 Posts: 3,133
8/14/13 9:25 A

computer, exercise, play with the dog

VEINTELIBRAS SparkPoints: (6,689)
Fitness Minutes: (565)
Posts: 5
8/14/13 9:05 A

I have no strategies for beating boredom eating. I graze the fridge and a lot of times talk myself out of eating -- but not always. Thanks for the reminder to make a cuppa tea. I had forgotten that I used to do that. It works; especially if I have that Good Earth original caffeine-free spice tea on hand. It's satisfying enough.

ROADRRUNNER007 Posts: 1,369
8/14/13 9:00 A

Drink something

MOONSHINE52 SparkPoints: (806)
Fitness Minutes: (240)
Posts: 20
8/14/13 8:54 A

Go for a drive to pick up the mail

CERTHIA SparkPoints: (22,539)
Fitness Minutes: (16,207)
Posts: 770
8/14/13 8:21 A

If I am too tired to actually DO something (tidy, clean, pester hubby to play board-games with me) I will make myself some tea instead of raiding the fridge.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,249
8/14/13 8:15 A

do something else. it's the best [and worst] advice possible.
when you find yourself busy, make a note of what else you need to do or what you would like to do. keep something with you to jot this stuff down at all times, but keep a copy of the list in the kitchen so that when you know you are bored you can look at your list instead of what is in the fridge and do something from that list. alternately, keep a bowl on the counter and jot down those ideal on little slips of paper. grab a slip when you are bored and do what is on the slip instead of completing your journey to the fridge.

PRINCESSAA12 Posts: 473
8/14/13 7:55 A

I find that sometimes I go looking for food when I'm bored. Not that I'm hungry, but bored. What do you do when you're bored? Any food free suggestions?

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