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9/12/14 12:42 A

Oops. Ok well just a word of caution. It turns out the 600 calorie burn may specifically be for a KB workout program called the Viking Warrior and ones like it, only.

9/4/14 12:25 A

I love my kettlebell! Amazon prime free videos fire workouts too.

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9/3/14 8:25 P

Thanks everyone for the replies. I like the you tube idea!! And kettle bells. That sounds interesting :)

9/2/14 11:15 P

I cut down on traditional cardio because it wasn't fun. Try kettlebells; I just found out that 30 minutes burns 600 calories. I did 4 clusters of 4 sets of 10, 15, 25, 50 a few days ago. Give it a try.

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9/2/14 10:12 P

Spark people videos such as 10 minuet cardio and pair it with a half an hour kickboxing sculpt. Or on nice nights go for a run outside, i use nike+ iphone app to keep track of run rimes and distance as well as calories burnt. Good luck!!

9/2/14 10:01 P

I walk, ride a recumbent bike, rebound, kickboxing, belly dance, cardio dance, hula hoop, there are so many options and YouTube has a ton of free workouts you can try out to find what fits.

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9/2/14 9:54 P

I swim , fun and burns a ton of calories

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9/2/14 9:37 P

I have an iPhone app called JEFit. I used different workouts each week.

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9/2/14 9:35 P

What do you do for exercise? I need ideas to help start again.

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