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5/29/12 8:18 P

Agreed that your body still absorbs calories. However, I still think that you should eat a normal meal for lunch and dinner as if you're so hungry in the morning that you're eating to the point of vomiting, you're probably not eating enough. Also at 5'3" you don't need to lose any more weight; 105 is the lowest you can go before you're underweight.

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5/29/12 7:55 P

I agree with everyone.

Just want to clear this up, "I did throw up everything that i ate"

Even though it probably felt like you threw up everything, your body still absorbed calories.

Just wanted to point that out, in case anyone out there reads that and thinks that throwing up gets rid of everything or that you start at zero calories.

5/29/12 4:56 P

Thanks DRAGONCHILDE! Yes, i have been undereating alot latley, and i've been running the last couple of days, so i do think that it was my body telling me today that it was lacking nutrients and that's where the binge came from. Oh and im 5'3 by the way. Hopefully it all evens out. Thanks again to all!

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5/29/12 4:40 P

Don't worry about the calories from today. Just write them off as a loss. Don't starve yourself because of a mistake earlier. There's no way to know how many of those calories you actually absorbed. Eat normally from now on. What you need to do is figure out why you binged so badly, and what to do to prevent that from happening again.

I looked at your last few days of trackers, and I think your probably is you aren't eating enough! You're not even getting 1200 calories some days. At 118 lbs, you don't have that much to lose at all (without knowing how tall you are). Unless you're sedentary or very, very slight, you need a minimum of 1200 calories! The fact that you binged that badly tells me that you're likely undereating, and your body and mind are rebelling at the lack of nutrients you're giving it.

5/29/12 4:19 P

Thank you for the responses! I did end up throwing everything up that i had eaten, do i need to start from the beginning of my calories? Probably not? I did throw up everything that i ate . Thanks again

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5/29/12 4:06 P

I'd eat like you normally would because I'd be concerned that you're eating till you're so full you vomit indicates that you're not getting enough food the day before.

I'd measure out your food in the morning to make sure you're not overeating. Wait 20 minutes when you're done and if you're still hungry have an apple or something small.

5/29/12 3:05 P

Personally, i'd worry less about the number of cals, than about what foods you might eat to keep your stomach happy. I'd say yougurt, but not every likes that after being sick.

The other question is more, tomorrow than today. What you did, what happened, what you can do again. If i can suggest? JOURNAL. Write down what you felt about why you ate, and why you felt you could not stop. I personally found that the more I was writing things down, the more control i had the next time.

And if there is a next time, portion yourself a place. Eat only that. Stop when it's done and get out of the house for 20 minutes, so you cannot "get more". Then, after 20 minutes, if you are still hungry, make another plate - and again, get out of the house.

this way, your stomach processes that it's no longer hungry. good luck, hope you feel better

5/29/12 3:02 P

Hey ya'll. So this morning i woke up starving, and i mean starving, i ate most if not all of my calories this morning. I could not stop eating, i was sooo full by the end of it all that i ended up puking everything that i had eaten, no i didn't make myself puke it up, it was just cuz i was so full i don't think my stomach was able to handle it. So my question is, what do i do now? Since I have eaten most of my cals, but obviously puked up all the food, how many calories do i eat now?

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