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2/3/13 6:22 P

Mine is made up of veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds entirely.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
2/3/13 2:50 P

These foods make up about 90% of my diet...

Oats, egg whites, almond milk, TONS of broccoli, apples, bananas, berries, grapefruit, greek yogurt, chicken, ground turkey, sweet potatoes, pb2, cottage cheese, reduced fat cheese, spaghetti squash, fat free sugar free chocolate pudding, protein powder, and Quest Bars.

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2/3/13 12:38 P

Thank you soooo much everyone!!!!

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2/3/13 8:38 A


For breakfast it could be different depending on the day.
Toast, cereal or cheesy eggs and a pancake along with milk.

Midmorning snack could be carrots with hummus or a banana

Lunch could be a frozen entrée, homemade chicken/tuna salad or spicy turkey patty. With vegetables and applesauce.

Mid afternoon snack could be an orange, apple, grapes or raspberries.

Dinner could be Fish, Lean Sirloin or Chicken. With vegetables along with a potato/sweet potato or pinto beans.

Late snack is a 1/2 grapefruit.

The key for me is to always give myself options for any given week.

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2/3/13 8:28 A

Luckily for me, my mom was always a bit a of healthy nut so I've always kind of had a rough idea on what a healthy diet consists of. But when I moved out on my own I rebelled and it was all fast food joints, pizza, tv dinners, chocolate, juice, koolaid and candy. All the forbidden fruits of my youth. I never learned how to cook, I just couldn't be bothered. (It wasn't until I rejoined Spark (first time around I lost most of my first pregnancy weight) back in August that I got serious about learning to cook. When I mean I didn't know how to cook, I mean I could barely make pasta with premade sauce. Now 6 months later I LIVE for cooking. I am constantly experiementing with different healthy recipes or taking "not so healthy recipes" and modifying them to fit my dietary needs. I am in the kitchen constantly doing "science experiments" with foods. Love it! And for the first time I've learned to love healthy foods instead of just saying I can't eat this or that, I *have to* eat this because this will help keep me thin or help me lose a few pounds. Now, I *want to* eat these things more than anything else in the world. I make such a huge variety of different foods, that way... I'm never bored. If my diet starts to feel stale and I start craving chocolate or some other refined carb I know it's time to try some new recipes. You can check out my nutrition tracker, it's set to shared. But lately, typically I eat:

Breakfast: Oatmeal (Today I had oatmeal with chocolate whey protein powder, almond milk, wheat bran and coconut flakes), Cottage cheese oatmeal pancakes with fresh fruit, hard boild eggs, Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola.

Post workout snack: protein shake with fruit, almond or soy milk and sometimes a bit of Greek yogurt, a slice of homemade banana bread or high fibre/protein muffin, egg white omelettes with veggies.

Lunch: Usually a sandwich with whole grain bread or a tortilla. I try to make open face sandwiches and use fresh meat, veggies and fruit. Some of my favs incl: egg, shrimp, cucumber and kale. Peanut butter, strawberries and honey. Low fat cream cheese, raisins and peacan wrap. Tuna, apple, egg, celery and kale wrap. Coach Nicole's grown up grilled cheese (low fat chedder, honey mustard, onion and tomato). Chicken salad with grapes, apples and raisins. Peanut butter with grated carrot, apples and celery. I usually have either or side of veggies, salad or low fat cottage cheese.

Afternoon snack: hummus, crackers and veggies, almonds or greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola or a salad.

Dinners usually consist of salmon (or other fish), chicken or pork tenderloin. I marinade, create my own sauces, use herbs/spices or make casaroles, quesedillas. With a carb like brown rice and veg, black beans and corn, sweet potatoes, veggie quiches (protein), just plain cooked veggies or a salad.

Feel free to check out my tracker. I snooped a lot at successful members trackers when I first joined Sparks. ;)

***I calorie cycle, so you'll notice I eat anywhere from 1100 cals to 1650 cals a day just in case you're curious.

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NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
2/3/13 4:10 A

Breakfast: 1 oatmeal bar, homemade - contains oats, oat bran, whey protein powder, Greek yogurt, honey, molasses, and dried fruit/nuts/chocolate -varies every time. -- 240-270 calories depending on the flavor.

Morning Snack: herbal tea or regular tea. -- 2 calories.

Lunch: this is my main meal. Usually legume based -- chickpeas, lentils, black eyed peas, yellow split peas, kidney beans, white beans, black beans; or potato / pasta / rice / bulgur based; always with a lot of vegetables. Sometimes the major ingredient is vegetables (peas, okra, eggplant, spinach, beets, cauliflower, or whatever is in season, with a little cheese, legumes, or grains). Fish 1x/month, meat 1x/month. Bread 1x/month. Olive oil in small quantities. -- 600-700 calories.

Afternoon Snack: 1 small serving of fruit (about 80 calories worth) + either some almonds or some lean turkey or a slice of cheese; and herbal tea. total 150 calories.

Dinner: omelette with 2 whole eggs, vegetables, sometimes a little cheese, and some Greek yogurt on the side. (In the summer, sometimes this is a salad instead.) 130-150 calories.

Where I live, lunch is the main meal of the day and dinner is very light.

Total is around 1200 calories. I almost never eat more than 1300 calories although 1-2 times/month I have a day where I actually eat twice that. I also do strength training for about an hour/day (but with longer than average breaks between exercises so it's not a crazy workout). I'm 5'8", 31, and although I lost 100 lbs (245 to 145) I regained a bunch with surgery and am trying to get back to 145 now.

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2/3/13 12:50 A

You can look at my tracker through my spark page to see what I eat. I eat more since I'm not really trying to lose, but I ate similar things while losing, just in smaller quantities. My diet isn't perfect of course, but it's one I enjoy and am happy to eat every day, and it works great for me.

The biggest thing that helped me was cooking meals at home, from scratch, by using very little processed foods. I cook at least 4 servings most of the time (it's just my SO and I), and use the leftovers for lunches. I also plan everything out a week ahead of time so I don't have to think about what to eat last minute. This helps prevent making bad food choices. I grocery shop with a list from the plan too, so I don't end up buying snacks and other junk that I don't need.

You might also try utilizing the Spark meal plans in the tracker. Even if you don't follow them 100%, you can start to get ideas as to what to eat and how much of it to eat.

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TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/3/13 12:47 A

lean meats, whole grains, fruits, veggies and some good fats like peanut butter, fat free mayonaise.

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2/2/13 10:52 P

What works for one person may not work for another.

That said, I feel a whole lot better when I'm eating mostly whole foods. I'm a vegetarian (I do eat seafood every now and then, so technically I'm a pescatarian), and I eat lots of fresh and frozen fruits and veggies, healthy fats in the form of nuts, nut butters, avocados, olive oil; I get my protein from cheese, greek yogurt, legumes, nuts, eggs and egg whites, oats, whole wheat breads and pastas, and like I said, the occasional seafood. I don't eat "diet" foods, no supplements, I stay away from sweets, junk food, processed food, convenience food, fast food, etc.

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2/2/13 9:33 P

I'm pretty boring on most week days. For reference, I'm 5'2, 33 years old, and usually around the low 120's for weight.

Breakfast at work is a whole wheat english muffin with peanut butter, a banana and greek yogurt. On the weekends, I eat oatmeal with fruit, cinnamon and a bit of brown sugar added.

For lunch, I usually grab a plate and fill it with assorted veggies. I might have some fruit along with that and some nuts. Sometimes I'll throw in a slice of toast or some crackers, or I'll do some scrambled eggs or soup along with it.

For pre-workout snacks, I do fruit or granola.

Dinner varies, but I try to stick to a half cup of starch if I'm having something like rice or potatoes, half a plate of veggies, and around 100g of meat or less.

I usually have a few treats throughout the week, and eat heavier on days when I do long runs. I average between 1600-1700 for maintenance most of the time (it's higher if I'm race training and getting into heavy mileage). My husband and I end up eating out about once a week on average, but it's usually closer to deli foods than heavy restaurant meals or fast food (we have awkward work schedules, so we'll usually go to the farmer's market as a weekly date and have breakfast or lunch there).

If you're interested, many people keep their food and fitness trackers public. You can go to a person's sparkpage and check it out (keeping in mind that most people have some nutritionally odd days in there to go with the good ones).

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2/2/13 9:18 P

For those of you who've lost 20+ pounds (and kept it off of course). I'd love to know exactly what you eat in a typical day. I've always been overweight and my family too, so I don't know how a "skinny" person eats. I hear it from dietitions, but i'd like to hear it from actual people. I'm not looking for a fad diet, I'm looking for something that I can reasonably sustain for the rest of my life.

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