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1/16/12 7:42 P

I have some fruit! Pineapple or pear always kicks my craving.

1/16/12 7:40 P

I think you will find some very helpful tips in the SP article on breaking the sugar addiction---a 4 week plan:

SP Dietitian Becky

SONI51 Posts: 491
1/16/12 6:34 P

Keep things in your house that requires a substitute for sugar and make healthy desserts that you can eat. Try keepingTruvia, cocoa powder, Almond Milk/flour in the house.

1/16/12 6:16 P

When it's really bad, I make jello. I have these cute little tubberwares, and the remind me of a shooter. I keep all 5 in the fridge, and when I need sugar, they are there! Perfect to end the craving!

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1/16/12 6:13 P

After dinner most nights, I crave sugar like crazy. It's getting better with each day but I was wondering, when you crave sugar and don't want to give in, what do you do? I usually pop some gum in my mouth and chew away the craving. Just curious if any of you have any other ideas or suggestions? I know the cravings will eventually die down as the weeks progress but for now- I want a cookie! But not giving in :)

Thanks for the help!

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