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1/29/13 11:07 P

Working to failure is an outmoded and no longer common workout technique. Your failure was a lack of endurance not strength. Yes you did work but not the type of work which produces the best results. Endurance work is cardio work not strength work.

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1/29/13 9:55 P

Sorry to say but it did have an effect. The weight work worked me until I couldnt do more reps. Same with the floor work. We pushed until we couldnt do anymore reps. It may have been simple stuff, but my muscles were worked to, crap I cant think of the word, its where you work until you cant do anymore reps.

Anyway, it may not have burned as many calories, but it did help strengthen and tone like it should have :).

1/28/13 11:20 P

I doubt that the weights use were more than nice props, if a weight does not challenge you in 8 or fewer repetitions it is not strength training. The floor work is basic bodyweight work .Just count it as a cardio workout, the other things are nice but not all that productive.

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1/28/13 11:07 P

Actually, the strength portion would have likely burned fewer calories than the low impact aerobics section. :) The primary benefit of strength training isn't immediate calorie burn, rather improved metabolism and higher burn over time.

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1/28/13 10:58 P

Thanks. I guess the last time i did aerobics, it was just that. It didnt include weights or floor work for the rest. It was strictly aerobics :). I probably will just do regular aerobics and leave it at that. I will know I burned xtra calories, but it just wont be on the tracker.

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1/28/13 10:54 P


You can use the general aerobics low impact option or possibly the circuit training option. Just remember all calorie calculators are just an estimate of calories expended.

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

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1/28/13 10:48 P

I did aerobics tonight, it was pretty low impact. But it included weights for toning and floor work for abs, thighs and glutes. I have no idea how to put this down. Any suggestions?

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