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3/12/14 12:06 P

I don't think 1800 calories sounds high at all. It looks like you're pretty close to maintenance, and if you're regularly running and strength training, that sounds pretty spot-on. (I'm in maintenance, run three or four days a week and do strength training two days a week, and I average 1850-2000 calories a day.)

I run before breakfast, so when I get home, I have a bagel with peanut butter, which is a good mix of carbs and protein to help me feel sated. I do find that on running days, I snack more, so I usually have an extra couple of pieces of fruit or some cheese as snacks.

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3/12/14 12:29 A

My calorie range on a day that I don't work out is 1200-1500.

Mon b/c I worked out and ran/ walked 6 miles, it was changed to 1800-2100.
My protein range regardless of workout is 65-136.

Eating 1800 calories seems high, even on a day like that. Most days, I try to stay towards the bottom of my range b/c I don't want to gain back what I have lost.

On a day where I have had a hard strength training it's hard to eat all of my calories b/c it wipes my appetite, but on days that I run, I feel like I did years ago when I was swimming and teaching water aerobics where at the end of the day all I wanted to do was eat.

I am just trying to find a healthy balance, making sure my body gets what it needs w/out packing the pounds back on.

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3/11/14 7:56 A

i'm not sure what time you're running, but if you can have a small snack beforehand it helps. if you're running later in the day add an extra snack or hundred or two hundred calories to one of your earlier meals as well. the other big help for me is eating right when i am done and rehydrating. a spoonful of peanut butter, a hardboiled egg, a bagel and cheese, something quick and easy and down my throat before i even get showered. if i don't have that snack right after i tend to want to shovel anything nearby into my mouth about an hour after i'm done and it takes a while to get me out of the cookie monster "me want to munch you munch you munch you" mindset. it's kind of like if i don't make myself eat the snack before i get hungry by the time i feel hungry i'm so far behind i can't catch up.
you may also want to pay attention to what foods you eat on run days and what foods you eat on non-run days and how long each kind keeps you [i mean, literally writing down that your breakfast was at 7am and you started to feel hungry again at 10:30am. lunch was at noon and you felt hungry at 3pm, or whatever it was]. it could be that if you're eating more easily digestible stuff on run days that it's not keeping you long enough,. or it could be that you're eating stuff that's so complex it's taking too long to digest and so you're hungry because the food isn't available enough yet. so if you're going more large salad, you might want to try more peanut butter or vice versa. it's kind of an art figuring out exactly what works for you when working out. but if you know what keeps you longest, you can either ditch your not as filling meals or tweak them to be more like what does keep you fullest the longest.

3/11/14 7:16 A

When you have these higher intensity exercise days---what is your total calorie intake?
And...what is your SP calorie range for the day?
Is there more calories to eat for the day?

Also how much protein are you eating on these days?

Are you taking in adequate carbohydrates?

If you make your nutrition tracker public, we may be able to give more helpful tips. Let me know if you need the steps to do this.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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3/11/14 2:52 A

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3/10/14 11:52 P

I have noticed that on days where I run, I am starving within a couple of hours. Here on SP, it ups my calories, but I am not sure what I should be eating.

Today I walked/ ran 5 miles and then did a 1 mile walk w/ my kids. After running I ate lunch, had a snack and then a sensible dinner, plus a snack after dinner. That being said, it's almost 11p and I am still hungry. I have noticed this pattern on other days where I run.

I want to eat healthy, but don't want to eat so much that I start gaining weight. Any thoughts?

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