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NIKKI_28 Posts: 679
5/26/10 2:51 P

My sister wanted to send me home with 5 chocolate chip cookies, that I would have eaten all of them, and I said no!

STYLELADY1 Posts: 360
5/26/10 2:43 P

Bagels..and lots of other carbs

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MOMOFEZRA Posts: 316
5/26/10 2:42 P

Last night I said no to sitting on my ass. I went for a nice walk instead!

MANDALIN787 Posts: 299
5/26/10 2:36 P

I said no to a nice cold ice cream sundae yesterday in the 90 degree heat!

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CDMMW060103 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (19,381)
Posts: 271
5/26/10 2:30 P

I said No to a coworker who offered to buy me lunch becasue I had already packed and brought my lunch, and logged it in yesterday :)

Over half way there!!

SLIMLILA SparkPoints: (84,219)
Fitness Minutes: (34,172)
Posts: 5,743
5/26/10 2:28 P

I say no to the candy bowl at work too.

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and lost it again in 2013... going down to 175 this fall, and staying there...this time!
5/26/10 2:27 P

I said no to a second helping of gelato. (1/2 cup ended up being just right....)

COVINGTON69 Posts: 328
5/26/10 2:24 P

I didn't get a sausage biscuit before golf this morning or a GREAT course hot dog after!

SWEETP1472 Posts: 18
5/26/10 2:20 P

I said no to more than a serving of cookies. If I don't indulge occasionally, I will end up eating the whole package. I have to remind myself that I can still have more cookies later and that I don't need to eat all of them now.

SGW1969 Posts: 121
5/26/10 2:17 P

I said no to lunch at a local seafood restaurant that only sells fried items.

You Are Loved.
5/26/10 2:13 P

One of the court reporters my firm uses always brings a box of dunkin donuts whenever she comes. I like to open the box, look at the donuts, breathe in the donut aroma, then close the box and walk away. You'd think that would make me want one more, but it actually satisfies me.

5/26/10 2:12 P

I say no to the candy bowl at work ... sometimes it's REALLY hard tho

5/26/10 2:11 P

I use to keep candy in my office. I told myself it was for my coworkers who always stopped by to visit. One day I noticed all the empty wrappers in my trash can and realized I was lying to myself.

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NAB_85 SparkPoints: (70,208)
Fitness Minutes: (55,049)
Posts: 712
5/26/10 2:09 P

I said No to Dairy Queen ice cream cake at a bday party last night!!!! That was so unlike me because I LOVE that cake! I was so proud of myself and woke up this morning and actually lost weight, that made me saying no sooo worth it.


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MERMRCM Posts: 57
5/26/10 2:07 P

I say NO to chocolate at work--even though I keep it in my office so people will stop by!

LALA8303 Posts: 37
5/26/10 1:58 P

I say no constantly to that nagging voice that calls me fatty..... Tells me to stop trying, that I will never loose weight so I should just stop trying. I said no dieting. Everything is alright in moderation. I said no to being negative. :) life awaits..... emoticon

DOMINICKSMOM05 SparkPoints: (20,034)
Fitness Minutes: (33,798)
Posts: 310
5/26/10 1:52 P

Alcohol- all kinds. I don't need it to have fun and I defiantly don't need all of the empty calories.

LOVEYORKIES SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (15,530)
Posts: 615
5/26/10 1:50 P

Holy Cow!! I've had to say No! to QVC!!!! It is the most addictive thing!!!

"I'm not telling you it's going to be easy. I'm telling you it's going to be worth it."
Art Williams
TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/26/10 1:50 P

It is all about what I have said "YES" to. When I bake chocolate chip cookies for church once a month I say "YES to having 2 cookies and not 2 dozen. I say "YES to running for 10 minutes longer and not no I can't do it. I say "YES I will have a salad for lunch and no I don't want to. get the picture?

PRECIOUSJ10 SparkPoints: (13,692)
Fitness Minutes: (9,020)
Posts: 252
5/26/10 1:49 P

I said no to my favorite chocolate. :-D Didn't know I had it in me.

HOLLYGIRL101 Posts: 103
5/26/10 1:49 P

I had to say no to Starbucks and buying lunch at work. Not only was I spending almost $15 a day between coffee and takeout, but I knew it had a lot to do with my weight. I'm fortunate that I live walking distance (10 min) to work, so I can go home for lunch. Not only does this cut out the cost and the calories, but I also get 40 minutes of walking in a day!

I've also said no to drinking quite a few times. A bottle of wine a night was a habit I'd fallen into and at 500 calories a bottle that adds up! Not to mention the crap I'd eat after drinking it.

I've made a number of other changes, but these three have made the biggest difference.

Losing weight is hard, but so is being fat.

5/26/10 1:48 P

I've learned to say no to everything. Nothing happens to me when I need to walk except my walk. I am a VERY picky eater. Most people hate going out with me so when I say no to that I think they are really thinking Thank God! HA

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (128,409)
Fitness Minutes: (112,405)
Posts: 6,206
5/26/10 1:46 P

ice cream and eating out

WESTENDGIRL75 SparkPoints: (19,387)
Fitness Minutes: (21,217)
Posts: 616
5/26/10 1:45 P

This morning, I said no to that little voice inside my head that kept screaming 'STOP RUNNING!!!' and ran further than ever before without stopping.


Falling Off The Wagon Doesn't Mean You Can't Get Back On

GOLIONS Posts: 819
5/26/10 1:43 P

For the first 8 months I said no to eating out (always brought lunch and cooked dinner at home). Also for the first year I said NO to potato chips.

Now I say, OKAY in moderation!!!

"Finish each day

And be done with it.

You have done what you could.

Some blunders and

Absurdities have crept in.

Forget them as soon as you can."

by: Ralph Waldo Emerson
DARK_ANGEL10 SparkPoints: (11,321)
Fitness Minutes: (9,949)
Posts: 1,385
5/26/10 1:43 P

I said No to any event that takes me away from what I need to do.

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KZIEGNER SparkPoints: (11,624)
Fitness Minutes: (13,765)
Posts: 495
5/26/10 1:37 P


Each day set a goal, and each day achive your goal.

With some determination and a little perserverance, you can move mountains.

YOU must be the
catalyst for change.

STARR12961 Posts: 210
5/26/10 1:30 P

I said NO to Birthday cake! :-)

BLAKBIRD SparkPoints: (13,339)
Fitness Minutes: (2,757)
Posts: 351
5/26/10 1:30 P

I started by saying no to Stout, followed by Porter, Bitter, Lager. It wasn't easy at first at least until I learned to choose my restaurants more wisely.

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SJP2010 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (195)
Posts: 74
5/26/10 1:29 P

For me saying NO to pop is my biggest thing. I LOVE pop!!! But I have done good so far. None since Monday! The more days I go, I think the easier it will be to say no!

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5/26/10 1:29 P

I said no to Burger King yesterday when I was tired and hungry!!

EARTHNUT Posts: 248
5/26/10 1:29 P

I haven't said no to anything. I've had a doughnut and gone out, and I just track everything and adjust the rest of my day to compensate. I figure if I say no I'm just depriving myself.

RARANM Posts: 664
5/26/10 1:28 P

I say no to bread most days. Which is really hard when your Grandfather is a chef, and an Italian one noless, and specialty breads are his, well, specialty. I love bread but it doesn't love me. It makes me groggy and moody. I will plan on having some on a special occasion though.

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5/26/10 1:24 P

I say no or a minute amount of white flour, white flour products & veggie oil, lard, any kind of butters and milk fats. Any kind of chips or snack crackers that are made from lard, butter, white flour. I now eat multi grain products There is some milk fat in chocolate so i keep it to a minimum amount.

5/26/10 1:24 P


5/26/10 1:17 P

I said no to ice cream last night. It was screaming to me VERY loudly especially since I have caramel sauce and nuts to go on it. was a close one.

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THERESACHANGED SparkPoints: (37,647)
Fitness Minutes: (67,599)
Posts: 1,330
5/26/10 1:13 P

Today I said no to both the cake and pizza being served at my daughter's 3rd grade end-of-year party. It smelled good, but pizza is definitely a binge food of mine and one slice leads to five. I did stop by Mcdonald's on the way home and treat myself to a 150 calorie ice cream cone as my consolation prize. I feel triumphant at the moment.

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SWISHSTARNAN SparkPoints: (111,260)
Fitness Minutes: (71,169)
Posts: 5,285
5/26/10 1:11 P

yesterday I said NO to a late snack of chips and twizzlers

MYUTMOST4HIM Posts: 11,447
5/26/10 1:09 P

"NO" is one of the hardest words to say in the English language - probably any language

"Be not afraid of going slowly, only of standing still"
KATELYN_Y Posts: 42
5/26/10 1:07 P

A couple of days ago at work my boss came in with a big tray of mini-cupcakes that looked sooo tasty. But i was SO proud of myself when I said no thank you :). It amazed me. And you know what? I didn't think about that cupcake after I said no until just obviously I didn't need it and didn't regret not having it.

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KENA101585 Posts: 206
5/26/10 1:02 P

I said "no" when I went for that extra piece of pizza. I stopped myself and thought "are you really still hungry" ... and what do you know I WASN'T. I was happy I stopped myself because after I sat there awhile my food settled and I was full!!

5/26/10 1:00 P

I say no a lot. I can't even remember.

ACUMPTON2010 Posts: 26
5/26/10 12:54 P

A Klondike (sp?) Bar

ACUMPTON2010 Posts: 26
5/26/10 12:52 P

A Klondike (sp?) Bar

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 13,924
5/26/10 11:52 A

Sugary cereal.... looked SO good!

DOLLIE6 Posts: 2,821
5/26/10 11:46 A

eating a Milky Way

I am transforming.
EXOUSIA336 Posts: 725
5/26/10 11:45 A

I've started saying "no" to all of the free samples at Costco. They used to be fun but a major source of unsureness on my part, so this feels a lot better and safer!

DEBHAPPY2B Posts: 575
5/26/10 11:36 A

I had a bag of candy in my hand...walked around the store a few minutes with it.Put it down and walked away...

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SUEVEE3 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (10,561)
Posts: 551
5/26/10 11:36 A

Cigarettes for the last 3 days and working on day #4 today, Yeah!

BIRD2020 Posts: 165
5/26/10 11:34 A

So I'm on a mission. I got concert plans, beach plans and cruise plans between now and October. I've set weight loss goals for each event. But, my workouts are getting interrupted with things I'm just not saying "no" to. THAT'S GOTTA CHANGE!

Let me practice.

Can you work late on this evening instead of that one? NO!

Instead of eating at your place, can we go out? NO!

Can I just hang out at your house and watch TV? NO, I gotta workout, but you can go with me.

Can you change this appointment time? NO!

Can you come here straight from work? NO!

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

As I live and breathe, I act healthily.
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