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What did you eat for dinner?

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SparkPoints: (3,187)
Fitness Minutes: (6,272)
Posts: 20
3/17/13 10:43 P

Lasagna. YUM!

SparkPoints: (10,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,671)
Posts: 3,491
3/16/13 10:04 P

plain spaghetti and salad

Posts: 1,818
3/7/13 11:06 P

Meatloaf -- just a little!

SparkPoints: (10,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,671)
Posts: 3,491
3/7/13 9:39 P

roast beef wrap

SparkPoints: (8,121)
Fitness Minutes: (3,587)
Posts: 126
3/7/13 11:18 A

chicken noddle soup and fresh strawberries

SparkPoints: (46,737)
Fitness Minutes: (34,007)
Posts: 1,215
3/2/13 6:46 P

Yogurt and Fiber One Cereal with blueberries.

SparkPoints: (48,875)
Fitness Minutes: (20,219)
Posts: 2,258
3/2/13 3:29 P

Cauliflower Cheese

Posts: 466
2/27/13 3:24 A

nothing yet

Posts: 714
2/26/13 6:43 P

Tonight I'm goint to have roasted red pepper pork tenderloin, with some sliced potatoes, and a side salad.

Posts: 520
2/10/13 9:42 P


SparkPoints: (49,251)
Fitness Minutes: (41,945)
Posts: 2,602
2/10/13 10:36 A

last night i had w slices of turkey ham with 3slices of gouda cheese and a handful of almonds

SparkPoints: (10,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,671)
Posts: 3,491
2/9/13 7:12 P

shake and apple

SparkPoints: (2,736)
Fitness Minutes: (619)
Posts: 50
10/2/12 10:45 A

Chopped celery with peanut butter.

Posts: 2,349
10/2/12 6:46 A

ice cream. I am very ill with a sore throat and nothing feels as good when sick.

SparkPoints: (26,830)
Fitness Minutes: (19,755)
Posts: 720
9/30/12 4:22 P

A good sized chunk of Costco Quiche: white cheese and ham with a bit of wine. Deliciousa!

SparkPoints: (32,067)
Fitness Minutes: (33,573)
Posts: 510
9/29/12 11:59 A

I ate a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with skim milk.

Posts: 217
9/29/12 2:49 A

three scrammbled eggs and a bowl of fresh berries sweetened with stevia

Posts: 15,666
9/23/12 11:26 P

Homemade chilli

Posts: 1,489
9/23/12 3:22 P

Last night was lentil stew and salad. Tonight is chicken sausage with homemade marinara, pasta, and salad.

Posts: 260
9/18/12 8:47 P

John West canned mackerel with curry sauce and a side of steamed organic brocolli and wax beans greek yogurt with granola for desert. Mmmmmm

Posts: 719
9/18/12 1:19 P

Pesto chicken with grilled veggies

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Posts: 14,688
9/15/12 8:34 P

homemade veggie pizza

SparkPoints: (92,949)
Fitness Minutes: (28,754)
Posts: 2,518
9/11/12 10:54 P

Grilled chicken breast and cucumber salad

Posts: 2,056
9/9/12 12:13 A

Had a Wendy's 1/2 BLT Cobb with Bernstein's Fat-Free Cheese and Garlic Dressing, a serving of King Arthur's gluten free chocolate cake with 1tsp of vanilla frosting, and a dozen grape tomatoes - all for under 400 calories.

SparkPoints: (92,949)
Fitness Minutes: (28,754)
Posts: 2,518
9/8/12 10:08 P

broiled chicken breast and raw veggies.

SparkPoints: (9,872)
Fitness Minutes: (7,247)
Posts: 595
9/8/12 10:33 A

Asian Lettuce Wraps (Homemade, too)

SparkPoints: (92,949)
Fitness Minutes: (28,754)
Posts: 2,518
9/6/12 10:32 P

Broiled chicken and Cucumber salad.

SparkPoints: (44,395)
Fitness Minutes: (38,635)
Posts: 2,043
9/4/12 7:50 A

big tossed salad with a dill viniagrette dressing, tuna, fresh beets, water emoticon

SparkPoints: (23,235)
Fitness Minutes: (17,192)
Posts: 550
9/3/12 8:16 P

Asian beef short ribs, udon noodles, spinach and bamboo shoots in a ginger broth. Not the leanest meat at the market, but every once in a while, it's a treat. Yep, taking my time to cook good meals and interesting cuisine is my passion!

If you ever need a suggestion... pop me a note!

Posts: 15,666
9/1/12 11:02 P

Grilled chicken, dressing and gravy and fresh corn

SparkPoints: (79)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 21
8/30/12 10:52 A

Last night I had a tuna/pb sandwich with high fiber/low cal bread, greek yogurt with 2 tablespoons of natural almond butter, walden's chocolate syrup, and some chex cereal mixed in. No cooking involved, lots of protein and good fats! :)

SparkPoints: (4,383)
Fitness Minutes: (2,671)
Posts: 77
8/25/12 12:59 P


SparkPoints: (13,367)
Fitness Minutes: (4,160)
Posts: 589
8/24/12 12:28 P


SparkPoints: (91,028)
Fitness Minutes: (2,976)
Posts: 7,882
8/24/12 11:07 A

Chicken and Brocolli

SparkPoints: (20,795)
Fitness Minutes: (12,143)
Posts: 2,304
8/24/12 10:32 A

Subway Turkey Salad - dressing on the side and just dipped my fork in it

SparkPoints: (26,403)
Fitness Minutes: (12,205)
Posts: 1,374
8/23/12 8:58 A

I made a very healthy vegetable soup with chicken broth and corn muffins made with fat free milk and egg beaters. The kids loved the soup and wanted to take it to school for lunch. I dont know if I am having more fun losing the extra pounds or seeing my kids enjoy vegetables.

SparkPoints: (127,520)
Fitness Minutes: (66,050)
Posts: 32,165
8/23/12 2:23 A

Fish, mussels and salad

SparkPoints: (23,665)
Fitness Minutes: (17,458)
Posts: 524
8/20/12 10:23 P

I made black bean chicken in the slow cooker. I use black rice instead of white or brown, and I add a small can of chopped green chilis to it to spice it up. YUM!

Posts: 165
8/20/12 8:50 A

Homemade chicken stir fry with small chunck of chicken peppers, onions, peas, and tomatoes with a light vinergrette dressing.

Posts: 7,020
8/19/12 9:47 P

Correction to my earlier post...

Started out well with Thai/tofu stir fry.

Then the insanity began calling my name. You know the stuff in the freezer? I usually make mock ice cream out of sugar free pudding mix, 2 cups skim milk and 4 ounces Cool Whip. When frozen and then left on counter for 15 to 20 minutes the texture is that of mock ice cream. This usually makes 4 - 5 servings of something sweet and I love it!

They say old habits die hard. Thought after 90 days of not cheating...even measuring all foods, old habits crept in.

Yes! I ate the whole container all by my lonesome!!!
So,what do I do now? Get back into the game of good habits.
Tomorrow is a new opportunity to start over.

That's it. I told on myself and feel better.

SparkPoints: (71,893)
Fitness Minutes: (43,855)
Posts: 1,297
8/19/12 9:20 P

Homemade pot roast -- both prepared and cleaned up by my husband. Heaven! :D

Posts: 7,020
8/19/12 1:37 P

Thai/tofu stirfry

Posts: 2,009
8/19/12 1:18 P

chicken sandwich

Posts: 7,020
8/17/12 3:15 P

Talapia, salad and brown rice.
Nice dinner for under 300 calories!

SparkPoints: (8,341)
Fitness Minutes: (805)
Posts: 24
8/17/12 6:57 A

Steak, baked potato and grilled veggies.

SparkPoints: (56,306)
Fitness Minutes: (14,204)
Posts: 9,583
8/16/12 11:11 P

You might like this article:

I don't diet, and I never will. :) Yes, I've cut back a lot, but this isn't a short-term change for me. I NEVER want to go back to eating the way I used to!

Posts: 7,020
8/16/12 9:55 P

salad with tomato and carrot - calorie free dressing
brown rice

SparkPoints: (972)
Fitness Minutes: (362)
Posts: 7
8/16/12 8:19 P

Ummmm have you ever had fried sushi!? And it is a diet when you are cutting back a lot.

SparkPoints: (56,306)
Fitness Minutes: (14,204)
Posts: 9,583
8/16/12 11:38 A

Guilty for what? This isn't a diet. It's healthy living! I love sushi, and it's actually pretty doggone healthy! Last night we had hamburgers and hot dogs at our church. I indulged a little, but I had room in my calorie range, so I enjoyed it. :)

SparkPoints: (972)
Fitness Minutes: (362)
Posts: 7
8/15/12 9:07 P

I had a splurge night and ate sushi! Feeling a little guilty... But it was delish!

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