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YACHTSMAN SparkPoints: (1,548)
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11/17/12 1:58 P

I take a few vitamins, D3, K2, magnesium, krill oil, etc. Overall, I try to eat well and to obtain most of nutrients through diet. Vitamin D3 is different since most of our needs for this nutrient comes from sunshine exposure. Now being late fall, winter like out, with sunshine on the wane, I take enough vitamin D3 to reach a testing level above 50ng/ml.

It seems this time of year, when the sun is seen less, articles come out on how to correctly take vitamin D3 - right supplements, testing, etc. Along those lines, saw this one the other day on Dr. Briffa's sight:

"My piece in The Times on vitamin D"

WINFIELD28 Posts: 6,405
11/17/12 11:19 A

Multi, & Vit D in winter, calcium sometimes

NANNABLACK Posts: 1,585
11/17/12 10:15 A

Multi, B-Complex, Flax, Garlic

11/17/12 9:44 A

Multivitamin (for folic acid and Vitamin D) and Fish Oil (when I remember and probably only through the winter months)

CATHWREN SparkPoints: (55,913)
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11/17/12 12:00 A

I take a multi and 2/3 of a calcium supplement because I have osteopenia, extra Vit D, cinnamon and Evening Primose oil which has really helped my dry eyes.

HUNNA13 Posts: 180
11/16/12 9:05 A

Multivitamin from Walgreens- they chewy fruit kind because I hate swallowing big horse pills!!

MIAMIVT SparkPoints: (11,784)
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11/16/12 8:36 A

Just a multivitamin

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (82,585)
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Posts: 2,145
11/16/12 8:32 A

Online Now  • ))
Just a multi. Try to do it every day but it usually turns out to be every other or every few days. The only other supplement I've considered was fish oil, but for now I'm just trying to eat more seafood.

SKYWATCHER6 Posts: 633
11/16/12 8:20 A

Vitamin C and Calcium with magnesium and D if my daily requirement is low

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
11/16/12 5:34 A

Only magnesium, recommended cause of preventing migraine. Vitamin D every 2 weeks (prescription, cause the blood results showed a serious lack)

I eat well balanced and don't think I need more.

AZAMLYNN20002 Posts: 14
11/15/12 11:53 P

I take herbalife vitamins which include : Multivitamin, cell activator, cellulose( to help with water retention and help lose inches- I have lost 58 inches of fat so far, around my whole body and a lot around my waist), aminogen( to help break down the extra protein I am taking) and thermobond ( to help my body eliminate the extra fat that I don't need ). Love it!!!!!

EMILYDOODLE Posts: 1,708
11/15/12 9:19 P

multi, fish oil and calcium

-POOKIE- SparkPoints: (319,177)
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Posts: 21,440
11/15/12 4:46 P

I don't take anything everyday.

I think that that can only lead to overdosing on levels you need.

I try to meet my goals through food, add a 50% RDA of calcium should I need it, and every other day I take a multivitamin.

11/15/12 4:23 P

Nothing, I try to (and usually succeed at) getting my vitamins through my food choices.
May not be the case when I'm older, but might as well enjoy it now.

CAH-RD Posts: 1,056
11/15/12 3:51 P

I'm taking a prenatal vitamin for pregnancy, but usually I don't take anything except fish oil and vitamin D. I have n-3's included in my prenatal and there isn't sufficient research to assure me taking mega doses of vitamin D (as I was doing pre-pregnancy) is safe, so I stopped that.

It depends on the vitamin. The B vitamins and Vitamin C are water soluble, meaning that your body will excrete what it doesn't need so overdosing on these is more difficult. Vitamin D is questionable...I was taking 4400IU+ daily during breastfeeding because I wasn't supplementing my daughter with vitamin D and we live in Northern Michigan where sunshine is scarce quite often. :) There is quite a bit of documentation out there showing how deficient a good majority of the US (namely those in the northern parts) really is. We just don't get enough sun.

Now, I'm in no way recommending anyone take supplements based on my thoughts/opinion. This is just what I do/have done based on my own education.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/15/12 3:44 P

Doesn't sound familiar. But is there someone who really thinks taking a daily multi will prevent diseases? AFAIK the taking of a daily multi is to help ensure you are getting healthy vitamins into the system, not disease prevention.

Mind you, there are people that think eating lemons will prevent cancer so ... who knows!

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (78,834)
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11/15/12 3:39 P

In the form of pills, nothing. Whatever I get from my food, that is all.

Does anyone remember a panel of experts refusing to recommend the consumption of multivitamin pills in the prevention of diseases? I vaguely remember something like that but not the name of the panel or who sponsored it.

OK, here is what I could find:
The article is about women, but the comments are general.

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UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
11/15/12 3:00 P

Never take more than a general daily multivitamin without a specific medical diagnosis of deficiency.

There is such a thing as vitamin overdose, and taking things because you read the jar and believe the hype can be very bad for you.

Take a daily multi. Anything further? Check with your doctor to see if you need it.

WHITLA011 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,857)
Posts: 63
11/15/12 2:32 P

multi, vitamin D, and biotin (i have SUPER thin hair and it is really helping)

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
11/15/12 2:16 P

Just a multi. But, my mom was just diagnosed with osteoporosis so I think I should probably start a calcium supplement as I don't always get enough through my diet.

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 385
11/15/12 2:14 P

Multi, B12, Wild Salmon Oil

KWOOD1955 SparkPoints: (70,889)
Fitness Minutes: (40,636)
Posts: 16,537
11/15/12 2:08 P

Multi, calcium, fish oil, iron.

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