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Thank you everyone

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1/27/14 6:27 A

The previous posters have given you some good advice. You should have been given a referral to see a registered dietitian after your weight loss surgery. If not, I would ask your doctor for a referral. An RD is best qualified to give you a meal plan specific to your needs.

Good luck!

Coach Jen

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1/27/14 5:32 A

I agree with SlimmerKiwi, with your situation you should be speaking to a registered dietitian and if not done properly this sort of dieting can be detrimental and cause you to miss out on vital nutrients. It's impossible to go "no-carb" first of all and not even low carb proponents take in no carbs, they still eat vegetables and other carbs.

Second, your weight is more than just fat, it also consists of lean muscle/tissue and *fluid*. The amount of fluid your body retains changes from day to day and hour to hour. This is why weight is not a static number and weight fluctuations are normal. Many things can affect weight from hormones, to sodium in your diet, sugar in your diet, exercise, how hydrated you are, etc. Your weight can fluctuate as much as 5 lbs in a single day. Instead, look at your weight as a trend over time rather than over the course of a few days.

When you manipulate your carbs, you largely manipulate fluid weight. Carbs cause you to retain more fluid... particularly high sugar foods. If you eat a huge piece of chocolate cake before bed, you may notice the next day you've gained 3 lbs. It takes 3500 cals above your total daily energy expenditure to gain 1 lb of fat. Is a piece of cake really going to put you over 10 500 cals? Doubtful, but the sugar in it may cause you to retain a few pounds of fluid weight.

Fluid gain/loss is usually easy to pinpoint because it comes on and off quickly, whereas fat loss/gain takes time and is a much slower process.

Again, I'd recommend you speak to registered dietitian if you wish to do low carb to ensure you're doing it properly and safely. It is not necessary to drastically cut carbs to lose weight. There are plenty of healthy carb sources; vegetables, fruit, legumes/lentils and whole grains. It's heavily refined grains, added sugars; cakes, pastries, candy, soda, high sugar breakfast cereals, donuts, etc. that you want to limit in your diet. These foods cause high insulin spikes which cause quick burst of energy that fizzle away quickly leaving you hungry, tired, irritable shortly after eating them and can cause you to overeat.

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I strongly urge you to make an appointment with your Registered Dietitian and speak with him/her about it. It is quite possible that these sorts of plans aren't suitable for you. I assume you have one considering you had a gastric sleeve done? if not, then please make an appointment with your Dr and ask for a referral to one. Odds are your needs will be a bit different to those who haven't had this procedure.

I WOULD suspect that at least some of the weight gain is because you have more food still in your system. it all weighs.


1/27/14 1:21 A

Okay so a few weeks ago I made a vow to get back into the game or shall I say the life style change to speed things up I started with a low carb /no carb diet the first two weeks , Surprisingly I lose 3 lbs woohoo . So I figured the next few weeks I will be on a low-fat , high fiber , more fruits and veggies type of regimen which i have been doing for three days now , when I weighed myself today it showed that i had gained to lbs back emoticon , Please note that I have been walking 10,000 steps 5 days a week and generally have been more active . I don't understand what it could be . Please also note that I have had gastric sleeving so I can't really eat that much so help please .

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