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4/8/11 12:19 A

I've never heard of kundalini. But I get that way sometimes too. But also I get cold also. I always blamed it on my fibro. I blame everything on the fibro. It's a great scapegoat.

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4/7/11 10:13 P

The first inclination/intuition I felt was that your kundalini is being active. Here is a link to details about body heat and kundalini.

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4/7/11 5:47 P

Does anyone know what causes body heat with no fever and its not hot flashes, its a continual heat radiating from your body and you can't sweat but your just super hot all the time. The only time you don't feel it is of course when you go to sleep. If anyone knows of this please help me out, this just started after I had a cold, but there is no temp, and the doc didn't know what it was from either.

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