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12/12/12 7:37 A

Work your way up to jogging on the treadmill and even running. Even better; jog/run intervals. That is the most effective method of burning calories.

I would also suggest starting up a strength training routine. If you go to your fitness tracker, you'll find something that says, "need workout suggestions?" and you'll find your "workout generator" in the same section (where you track your exercises). You can choose how long of a workout you want, whether you want full body (rec. for beginners), upper, lower, core and what type of equipment you have. If you have none, just choose "body weight". Begin with that, do about 6 weeks and then change your exercises. Maybe after you complete that 6 weeks give yourself a reward by buying a new piece of exercise equipment, like dumbells or barbells.

Take your time to research proper strength training. Spark has quite a few articles on strength training under the "healthy lifestyle" tab and "fitness".

From what I recall the hippocampus is responsible for memory. So it improves memory.

Benefits of cardio include; lowering your heart rate, increasing endurance, burning calories, reducing your risk of many diseases, improving your cardio vascular health, gives you more energy

Benefits of strength training include; stronger bones, increasing lean muslce mass, building muscle mass, building strength, boosting your metabolism, reducing risk of many diseases, reducing your risk of injury.

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There is detailed info about hippocampus here: . There is only one reference to exercise, albeit in a very good journal:
. More information on effect of exercise on brain function is in one of my favorite books:

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12/11/12 9:53 P

this is what working out has done for me. Cardio has improved my endourance. It helps with heart and lung strength. Lifting weights for me has made my muscles and joints stronger. If you want to strenght train I would get some resistance bands to start with. You can get those at walmart or online. I got mine at Big 5. I also got a box of weight plates with the bars for 25 bucks at walmart.

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12/11/12 3:57 P

I found this on how exercise improves our brain function. It may answer your questions.

A nutritious, balanced diet is the most important thing to weight loss. Strength training is the second most important part of the equation, and cardio comes in last. I never focused much on strength training and did almost all cardio and yeah, I lost 50 pounds, but I lost a lot of muscle in the process. If you want to lose weight, I suggest you focus more on strength training than cardio. And of course eat a healthy, balanced diet. SparkPeople has beginner videos for strength training. You can also do body weight exercises, which I love. As far as equipment goes, dumbbells aren't that expensive, but the problem I'm facing now is that I have to go out and buy heavier dumbbells. Obviously the heavier they are, the more they cost. If you can, take advantage of the equipment your mom's gym has since strength training is a huge part of weight loss. Start small though. Don't push yourself too hard in the beginning because you'll probably get tired of it.

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12/11/12 3:46 P

IADDISON, does your treadmill have a "cardio" mode? Usually that monitors your heart rate and adjusts the speed or resistance to give you the ideal cardio workout. That would be a good way to make sure you are pushing yourself hard enough. 5 minute cooldown is usually enough for me.

My personal favorite workout is when I take a class at the gym. It seems to give me a high more than any other workout.

I can't speak to the affect on the hippocampus and hormones other than doing a Google search. However, I will say anecdotally I feel more clear-headed and happy after working out. Especially if I do it for a couple weeks and drink enough water. If I don't sweat much I know I didn't drink enough and I don't get as good of a workout.

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12/11/12 3:41 P

It gives you a healthier body and mind, right? And helps your brain hippocampus function?
Would you mind telling me what hippocampus is and tell me what that has to do with exercising? Someone talked about it before, but I forgot now.
The only exercise I'm doing now to losing weight is using the treadmill I have.
Exercising helps lose weight, and gives you some nice benefits in a year or so?

Since I'm all new to SparkPeople and exercising..
I've used the treadmill on my first day today towards my goal.
I walked on the treadmill on "cool down" for 30 minutes. And I felt like that was a little easy so I guess I'll go for a higher mode tomorrow. Maybe.

Oh, my suggested SparkGoal was 50 pounds loss by next year, November 23rd.. something like that. I'm 5 feet 4 inches... a 24 yr old male, and weigh 201 pounds.

I was wondering what I should do for exercising for losing weight. I've only got a treadmill to use at home which I prefer only and not walk in the streets/traffic. I've got a bike to use to ride down to this small gym my mother has at a volleyball club. And that's about it... the small gym is probably used for muscles though.

I could go and purchase things to start off and exercise with if anyone have any suggestions for me? And does SparkPeople help out with growing muscles as well? If so, I'd like to lose my belly and get some upper chest improvements.

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