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9/4/13 7:10 P

eat before you're hungry


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9/4/13 6:51 P

What and when do you eat earlier in the day? what is your workout regimen?

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9/4/13 6:35 P

Eat real meals, starting with breakfast. Drink lots of fluids, starting in the morning.

I've found that if I eat a good breakfast with some protein, I can curb my tendency to want to snack at night.

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9/4/13 6:21 P

I eat something every 3 hours.
It includes my 3 healthy meals.

I'll eat a sweet potato, raisins, fresh fruit or veggie, a handful of almonds etc inbetween....every 3 hours to keep the hunger away.

I'm a CNA in a nursing home, and often I don't get a break, so I keep a tiny box of raisins or nuts in my pocket and eat on the run...this way I'm not STARVING come dinner time and grabbing junk food while I cook dinner....

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WADINGMOOSE Posts: 1,048
9/4/13 1:54 P

Eat a snack before you get hungry. I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks every day and the things that really help me are a good breakfast (300-400 calories, protein heavy) and an afternoon snack (100-200 calories) around 2:30 or 3pm.

It's hard because my breakfast is before 6am so it's a lot time between meals for me - which is why the snacks are a big help.

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9/4/13 9:57 A

It's hard to tell without seeing your nutrition tracker what might be going on (are you tracking your food?). I also get a mid-afternoon slump. It's much worse if I don't have a protein-oriented breakfast (like an egg white sandwich). If I have to snack I try eating something with more protein than sugar, like nuts or yogurt.

I used to eat "healthy" oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, but it just didn't contain enough protein and my pre-dinner cravings would be really bad. Try getting more protein earlier in the day, see if that helps.

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9/4/13 9:38 A

I do find about eating and not being hungry until about 4 pm. I am starving and no matter what I eat it doesn't curve the hunger. What is the best thing to do to help with that point of my day?

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