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HOPE4LIFE2 Posts: 262
3/26/10 12:45 P

I find eating at least some protein at snacks and meals helps a lot!

MOMM4LIFE Posts: 794
3/26/10 12:30 P

I have read somewhere that a person should "graze" all day. I suggest to keep some healthy and good-tasting snacks with you. For example, pretzels, bananas, apples, etc.

MAMMA_MIA1 Posts: 1,188
3/26/10 11:42 A

I read somewhere (probably here on SP) that you are supposed to eat 30-90 minutes after exercising. I have been trying to do that by exercising between breakfast and lunch, then eating about an hour after I'm done.

MZLADY77 SparkPoints: (61,592)
Fitness Minutes: (55,184)
Posts: 7,130
3/26/10 11:05 A

To keep from being hungry I have to stay busy most of the time. Fruits, raw nuts, drink herbal tea (no sugar) helps alot. Oatmeal with lots fibers is good.
You must hydrate, hydrate, alot.(water, water)

SPARKARINO SparkPoints: (173,372)
Fitness Minutes: (142,907)
Posts: 25,582
3/26/10 10:30 A

I find these foods very satisfying when I am feeling really hungry:

--Small portion of nuts and dried fruit
--nuts-only type peanut butter on whole wheat bread
--oatmeal (not the instant, but 3-5 minute quick cooking type is OK) with cut up apple in it and artificial sweetener.

DREAMBODY10 Posts: 272
3/25/10 11:04 P

Water and more protein..

BOOKWORM17 Posts: 9
3/25/10 10:52 P

I find drinking lemon water instead of plain water cuts down on my need to snack while I'm trying to get my eight cups in! Somehow the tartness fools my body into thinking it's enough on its own. I even eat less at meals when I have lemon water with it!

3/25/10 8:41 P

ARe you eating regularly during the day?
Do you eat some protein with breakfast?
Some fat? Fat makes us feel full longer. Just use moderately and chose healthy fats.

TINKYMOE Posts: 81
3/25/10 8:38 P

I am having a tough day -- was unable to satisfy my hunger today :(

I read the posts and am going to try some of the suggestions - esp. more protein -- I do not eat meat or poultry so the protein can easily get left behind. Most days I am ok, but some, like today, are excruciating. Maybe it is related to my monthly cycle? My boring job? Being tired? All of the above? Sigh.

Thanks for the great ideas and I am going to keep on sparking! Tomorrow is another day and I have been making excellent choices and getting healthier every day ~

I went over my calories on healthier food at least (a Luna bar, low fat graham crackers, a reduced fat cheese stick and too much rice)! I think that I was craving carbs tells me it wasn't true hunger and I am happy what I ate wasn't my "old" choices of junk.


CT1954 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,302)
Posts: 759
3/25/10 7:55 P

I eat a red delicious apple and drink a glass of water before each meal and that seems to help me with being satisfied until the next meal and also helps me get my fruit servings and 10 glasses of water. I also have balanced meals that include mostly vegetables but have 3oz of protein of some kind whether its meat or beans. Lastly, I tried the Full Bar products, the bars and the powdered drink mix, 30 minutes before meals and they both taste good to me and they help me feel full and satisfied, Best wishes on findind what works for you.

KELECOE Posts: 90
3/25/10 4:49 P

I have also found making my meal last several hours is a huge help. This can be as simple as eating that piece of fruit or cup of yogurt an hour or two after you get to work.

I also LOVE the Special K protein meal bars! 10g of protein and 5 g of fiber! I looked at the 90 calories bar - no protein and only 1g of fiber. I never knew how much those things help until I started hitting those numbers! Good luck!

3/25/10 4:38 P

Right after exercising I will eat a morningstar veggie burger, and that does the trick. I also make a schedule for my water intake for the day, and staying on that schedule helps me from feeling like I'm starving all the time!

GAILRUU Posts: 10,209
3/25/10 11:58 A

I find that I need to avoid sugary foods since that seems to trigger hunger for me. One cookie is never enough, but an apple works fine without the craving afterward.

AKASHA66 SparkPoints: (68,114)
Fitness Minutes: (57,851)
Posts: 5,792
3/25/10 3:33 A

more protein helped me a bunch after 2 weeks of feeling hungry and hating it.

KDIAMOND1 Posts: 8
3/24/10 11:15 P

Thanks for all the great tips. I'm definitely going to try the protein drink. It's been 3 days with sparks and I'm learning a lot.

3/24/10 8:43 A

I find that breaking up my meals is a huge help in battling hunger.

For example, usually for breakfast I will have a small bowl of oatmeal, a glass of milk, and a piece of fruit. I've found that if I eat the oatmeal and milk at breakfast time, then wait an hour before eating the fruit, then I don't get the munchies around 9:30 am. This helps me to hold off until my snack time at 10:30 (which is usually a veggie of some kind).

I do the same thing with lunch - eat part of it at noon and then another part at afternoon snack when the kids come home at 3:30....

I don't know why, but splitting up the meals tends to be easier.

3/24/10 8:35 A

For me (& lets face it.. I'm a big girl with a big appetite LOL) eating Fiber One Cereal for breakfast and maybe like a Fiber One Meal Bar for lunch will fill me up. Usually the breakfast alone does it and I find myself forcing the lunch down my throat because I know I can't starve myself. But I usually don't get hungry again until around 5ish... and of course, that's dinner time, so it works out perfectly. Also, drinking a lot of water will make you less hungry.

SWTBLOND05 Posts: 189
3/24/10 8:18 A

Making sure that you get a good amount of fiber will help keep you full as well.

MASHAMOO Posts: 1,667
3/24/10 8:02 A

Sometimes your body is begging for certain nutrients, and you stay feeling hungry until you get them (at least, in my experience.)
The problem is that sometimes this is the body's way of demanding stuff that's unhealthy, such as fast food. I have found that the more food I cook myself, be it bread, veggies, whole grains, or even dessert, the more it fills me up with a smaller portion.
It might just take a while to wean yourself off of unhealthy foods and onto healthy ones.

Good luck!

3/23/10 10:31 P

Thanks for the information. I am sure going to try the protein shakes. I get a feeling that I am hungry and I can't stop. I try drinking water but it just does not help.

HUNOKELI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 46
3/23/10 9:38 P

Protein drinks like, "Muscle Milk Light" (preferably the chocolate one), will keep you full and not wanting to snack with just 160 calories. It is so yummy, I look forward to it everyday! emoticon

MARENAMOO Posts: 1,901
3/23/10 8:56 P

I find eating three meals and two snacks a day and drinking plenty of water really keep me ahead of the munchies. So for breakfast I make French Toast with egg whites and one whole egg - I can make three slices with a lowcal syrup for under 400 cal. Then I will have fruit in about 2 hours. Then I get a big Wrap and stuff it with lots of turkey lettuce tomatoes onions and 1 tsp of love oil and it is about 350 calories. Then a snack at 4 pm - usually more fruit and a big dinner with chicken, veggies etc. I usually hit about 1200 - -1400 calories with no hunger - just keep eating and don't let your blood sugar fall.

KDIAMOND1 Posts: 8
3/23/10 8:48 P

I find vegetables and fruit just don't fill me up. I especially get hungry after exercising. What can I eat that's low in calories but that will fill me up and keep me from getting hungry so fast. I want to lose weight so badly especially with shorts and swimsuit weather just around the corner. HELP!

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