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It could also be a change in body composition if you're adding muscle, but that's a tricky subject and it's very hard (some say impossible) to *add* muscle while losing fat; generally you lose both at the same time and the best we can do is minimize the ratio of muscle loss.

It really does just sound like a blip while your body adjusts to the change in exercise, to me, assuming your daily caloric deficit is accurate.

Stick with it. It sounds like you're doing really well and primarily focusing on the right things. If anything, I'd say you're *under* eating a smidge, and that's easy enough to alter if need be. :)

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7/15/13 3:36 P

Thanks for the info, it was helpful!

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I guess I misunderstood the BMR...1600 was my BMR...not the amount of calories I should consume. So math was WAY off.

In the beginning, I was easily losing 3 lbs per week. Since August, I have dropped 4 dress sizes and I had to have my wedding ring re-sized from 9 to 7. But over the last 5 weeks weight loss has slowed down. In the last month I have been losing a few ounces to 1 lb per week.

I realize the less weight you have to lose, the harder it gets. I just don't think I am at that point yet. I am very conscience about tracking my food, drinking lots of water and eating 4 -5 servings of vegetables a day. The ONLY thing I drink is water, occasionally light green tea.

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I'm a little confused about your math. A 5'5", 205 lb, 30-year-old woman should be burning about 2050 calories per day if they are sedentary (but not comatose...that would be closer to 1700 calories per day). Let's assume you burn 300 calories at every workout; that's actually a *very low estimate* for Zumba, but I'm not sure what you do at the gym so it seems like a safe, if conservative, average. I also don't know your height or age, so your BMR could be a little different, but neither height nor age is likely to make much difference in this case unless you are *much* taller/shorter or *much* younger/older than the values I used as an example (for example, to get a *sedentary* BMR of 1700, you'd probably be about 80 years old and 4'6").

So, if you have a baseline BMR (as calculated here
or/) with the sedentary values of the Harris-Benedict equation applied (as explained here
or/harris-benedict-equation/), take in 1300 calories per day in food, and burn 300 calories four times per week as exercise:

BMR 2050 = -14350 cals/week
Daily intake of 1300: +9100 cals/week
4x weekly exercise output of 300 cals: -1200 cals/week
= weekly deficit of 6450 calories, or 1.8lb

Assuming you didn't use the Harris-Benedict equation and went with the comatose BMR (which would be inaccurate):

BMR 1700 = -11900 cals/week
Daily intake of 1300: +9100 cals/week
4x weekly exercise output of 300 cals: -1200 cals/week
= weekly deficit of 4000 calories, or 1.1lb

Reality and math never match up 100% perfectly, but that's another issue that I'll address in a minute. Before that, I wanted to point out the considerable difference between the numbers I'm getting and the numbers you're getting, just in terms of calculation. I *think* you're using the BMR estimate of a comatose person, not a sedentary person. BMR calculates what you would burn just to keep your heart beating and lungs working, etc. A truly sedentary person (someone who sits a lot and doesn't do much or any exercise, but does do things like talk and walk around the house and dress themselves) actually burns about 1.2 times that much. Those few hundred calories per day make a pretty big difference over time.

Regardless, that would not explain why you've hit a plateau, unfortunately. The numbers definitely indicate that you should be losing weight...and probably well over 1lb/week. My guess is that you're off in your tracking somewhere (usually this is caused by under-estimating your intake) and probably retaining a little water, since you've recently switched things up. Water retention often occurs due to small tears to the muscles (which is a natural part of exercising) or possibly bloating from something in your diet (carbs and sodium are common culprits). You *could* be under-eating and causing your body to enter starvation mode to maintain calories, but that's usually not something you have to worry about unless you are under-eating considerably for a pretty long time.

Make sure you're being very precise in your food measurements, and that you're getting enough quality nutrition to fuel your workouts and prevent too much muscle depletion. Then stick with the change in exercise for a while longer. Chances are, when your body adjusts to it and you lose the bloat, the plateau will break. Sometimes it just takes longer than we want it to.

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7/15/13 3:11 P

From what you are sharing, I would expect you to have weekly weight loss on 1200-1500 calories daily???
What are you losing weekly?
Are you dropping inches?
Change in clothing size?


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7/15/13 3:07 P

Sorry, I should have been more specific. If I stay around 1300 calories per day, I will have a calorie deficit of 2100 per week, along with the 1000 calories I burn during my 2 Zumba classes and 400 calories I burn at the gym, (treadmill, circuit training, strength training) the total calories is 3500.

Thanks for your wisdom!

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7/15/13 2:09 P

I would second the strength training. I've read that many people have busted through a plateau by increasing weight training. I

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7/15/13 2:03 P

To bump up your weight loss, you need to weigh more. :)

Seriously, while the math may *say* you could lose more, faster the fact of the matter is, your body may not be willing to lose it that fast. Slower IS better; In fact, you may not be eating enough, with the exercise you're doing! Are you doing any strength training?

What's your weekly calorie burn? May I ask how you reached the "only burning 3500 calories a week" number? That's a LOT of calories to be burning through exercise. You're actually burning much more than that, of course, but I'm curious how you reached your calculations. THat may be where you're off a bit. :)

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7/15/13 1:24 P

I have been motivated & successful with my weightloss. I started my journey in August and I am approaching the 1 year mark. To date I have lost almost 55 lbs and I am extremely happy with that. 95% of the time I stay within my calorie range and when I do go's not by much. I was going to the gym 3 days a week but I have switched it up and I am doing Zumba 2 times a week and going to the gym 2 days a week.

Over the last month my weight has been fluctuating between 204 - 208. I can not get over this hurdle. My next goal is to be in 1-derland...but I just can't seem to shake the last 8 lbs. Today I did the math (BMR) and if I stay at 1300 calories per day and continue with the varied exercises that I do, I will only be burning 3500 calories per week, which as we all know, is 1 lb. Being 206 lbs (today), I feel like I could still be losing up to 2 lbs a week. I guess my question do I get over this slump and stop fluctuating? And also, What can I do to try and reach 1.5 - 2 lbs per week. Please help. I still have 50 lbs to go and I dont want to get discouraged. I know that I should be proud of my accomplishment this far, and I am...I just am not ready to slow down.

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