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2/12/13 5:33 P

Negative thinking.

Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a secondís encounter with God and with eternity"
-Paulo Coelho

CYND59 Posts: 7,691
2/12/13 4:57 P

Spending way too much time surfing the net.

"Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have left to go. The difference in how easy it seems will amaze you."
---Heidi Johnson

(:-)Cyndi G
Penscaola, FL
RASIRE Posts: 284
2/12/13 4:24 P


NEWBERRYBEAR71 SparkPoints: (12,235)
Fitness Minutes: (2,711)
Posts: 172
2/12/13 3:59 P

sweets, portion control

JEFEIST SparkPoints: (10,215)
Fitness Minutes: (7,072)
Posts: 689
2/12/13 3:52 P

Not stopping after 1 (of anything)

A Determined Daisy in the 5% Winter Challenge
GST (Arizona = NO time change EVER!,,,)
2/12/13 3:12 P

Drinking diet soda

AMALLECO SparkPoints: (11,342)
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Posts: 746
2/12/13 2:11 P

Junk food. Ive allowed myself to binge for too long now. Time to get back on it.


Changing My Lifestyle, One Day at a Time.
SCHEALTHNUTT SparkPoints: (49,055)
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Posts: 1,913
2/12/13 1:28 P

That would probably be that I need to have less sweets!!!!

2/12/13 12:18 P

Needless internet surfing....

STARMONICA SparkPoints: (127,444)
Fitness Minutes: (40,563)
Posts: 6,056
2/12/13 12:07 P

sweet teeth

TRACYLYNN853 Posts: 490
2/12/13 12:06 P

smoking...but I'm not sure that will ever happen...???

ZIGGY122 Posts: 2,198
2/12/13 11:53 A

I stopped smoking
I stopped bingeing
Now I'll work on getting more activity every day and not just my workouts

SHERYLDS Posts: 13,710
2/12/13 11:48 A

feeling the need to have something while watching tv

Sheryl from New Jersey, EST...2015 Summer final wt. 225
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CLRWILLIAMS25 SparkPoints: (34,341)
Fitness Minutes: (34,299)
Posts: 1,091
2/12/13 11:33 A

Thinking that I "ruined" my day by going over my calories and continuing to go eat even when I am already full.

PEMCAT SparkPoints: (815)
Fitness Minutes: (380)
Posts: 28
2/12/13 11:28 A

Boredom eating and snack binges

JEN_IN_CA Posts: 1,179
2/12/13 10:54 A

After a day of eating great and when I have only healthy foods at home, I stop at the convenience store on the way home and buy a couple candy bars and maybe some chips or crackers, then stuff my face with them at home. I think it's mostly an emotional problem - just feeling like I'm craving SOMETHING, and trying to fulfill my loneliness and boredom with food.


28 yrs old, 5'7.5
GRIZ1GIRL SparkPoints: (147,282)
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Posts: 2,241
2/12/13 10:54 A

Evening munchies....

It Is What It Is.... :)
FITMARTI SparkPoints: (20,370)
Fitness Minutes: (37,661)
Posts: 377
2/12/13 10:50 A

Walking into kitchen

It's a new dawn....
It's a new day....
It's a new life for me...
And I'm feeling good...

I will be overweight for a little bit longer ...but starting TODAY, I will be a little less overweight than I was yesterday!
(Borrowed from another Sparkfriend)
DOTTY7267 Posts: 2,509
2/12/13 10:20 A

emoticon emoticon


"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go." ~T.S. Eliot

RUBENB2003 Posts: 13,534
2/12/13 10:00 A

Over snacking in the evening

QUADCMOM SparkPoints: (101,000)
Fitness Minutes: (82,399)
Posts: 9,472
2/12/13 9:57 A

Watching too much TV

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ALLENJOSEPH SparkPoints: (118,905)
Fitness Minutes: (50,044)
Posts: 5,205
2/11/13 10:47 P


Nothing Is Impossible with God.
Each Day Is A New Beginning.
When You Draw Close To God, God Will Draw Close To You.

Spark People Team Leader, GLITTERGIRL, from Team, "I Can't Do This On My Own", helped me reach my goal in 2012. I was able to maintain my weight for several months, but now I have to get serious again as much of my hard work I let go of, putting my focus on another issue. I will keep on, until I get back to my goal.
KINNAFINN082406 SparkPoints: (4,541)
Fitness Minutes: (788)
Posts: 204
2/11/13 8:39 P

Snacking... it's tough to break.

QUADCMOM SparkPoints: (101,000)
Fitness Minutes: (82,399)
Posts: 9,472
2/11/13 8:32 P

Not getting enough sleep at night.

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It's set up for people who need support while away from home, whether it business or pleasure.

OKIEGIRL561 Posts: 2,362
2/11/13 11:09 A

wasting time on FB

FIRECOM SparkPoints: (107,673)
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Posts: 5,855
2/11/13 11:08 A


"It is easier to raise good children than to fix bad men" by Fredrick Douglas.

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2/11/13 11:00 A

snacking, allowing to many "treat" meals...

TENOR4COUNTS SparkPoints: (78,301)
Fitness Minutes: (19,560)
Posts: 651
2/11/13 10:54 A


"Even if you are on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there." - Will Rogers
HANDYV Posts: 24,480
2/11/13 10:50 A

Let me count the ways - smoking and snacking - those horrible "s" words.

NJREDHEAD1969 Posts: 264
2/11/13 10:00 A

Seeking sweets emoticon

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.
Dalai Lama
ROSE-LITE Posts: 1,926
2/11/13 9:59 A

oh many to choose from! let's go with... rationalizing my way through eating one more piece of candy... oy!

JOBOBWIFE Posts: 1,318
2/11/13 9:58 A

snacking at night

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (29,651)
Fitness Minutes: (16,011)
Posts: 1,078
2/11/13 9:55 A

Grazing my way through the kitchen!

HEYITSJUDED SparkPoints: (56,453)
Fitness Minutes: (30,244)
Posts: 2,175
2/11/13 9:06 A

biting my nails


My favorite quote by Jillian Michaels
DLDROST Posts: 8,082
2/11/13 8:58 A

Eating out

THROOPER62 Posts: 21,857
2/11/13 4:39 A

Online Now  • ))

NOT2L82BME SparkPoints: (3,292)
Fitness Minutes: (1,860)
Posts: 96
2/11/13 4:32 A

Allowing myself to make excuses. (Among others.)

Be brave enough to keep fear of the unknown from letting you embrace the possibilities.

~ for ME - by ME

There is no shame in starting over. When you are down, getting up shows you have strength and fortitude, staying down simply shows you've given up. Always Get UP!
DUBLINROSE Posts: 2,157
2/11/13 3:55 A

Snacking late at night, I'm working on it but not quite there yet

KAYEMM3 Posts: 1,577
2/11/13 3:54 A

Eating everytime I wake up. I don't sleep well and wake up ever 30 minutes to an hour and a half and ALWAYS venture into the kitchen.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (310,522)
Fitness Minutes: (247,000)
Posts: 8,994
2/11/13 3:39 A

Eating too much ice cream!!!!

Janie Garcia Moreno




QUADCMOM SparkPoints: (101,000)
Fitness Minutes: (82,399)
Posts: 9,472
2/10/13 8:24 P

Thinking I need something to eat while I am driving.

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MAVERICK59 Posts: 5,689
2/10/13 7:46 P

mindless eating. emoticon

( PST)
JOYCECAIN SparkPoints: (94,933)
Fitness Minutes: (68,901)
Posts: 3,059
2/10/13 7:35 P

Eating after 6 p.m.


BUSYGRANNY5 SparkPoints: (320,344)
Fitness Minutes: (157,599)
Posts: 59,711
2/10/13 7:15 P

trying to do too much...

"It is better to be hated for who you are, than loved for who you aren't"- Van Zandt
PATTYE255 SparkPoints: (1,912)
Fitness Minutes: (1,200)
Posts: 93
2/10/13 7:15 P

Walking into the kitchen to see what's there! emoticon

BERRY4 SparkPoints: (179,879)
Fitness Minutes: (94,224)
Posts: 8,551
2/10/13 7:09 P

procrastination due to perfectionism

"We would accomplish many more things if we did not think of them as impossible."
~C. Malesherbes~

"Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts."
Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)

SOFOCUSEDD SparkPoints: (232)
Fitness Minutes: (45)
Posts: 22
2/10/13 5:04 P

Eating late, not sleeping enough.

Edited by: SOFOCUSEDD at: 2/10/2013 (17:04)
JENNIK2 Posts: 1,828
2/10/13 4:52 P

Drinking soda


Michigan, Eastern Standard Time
RUKIDDINGME123 SparkPoints: (36,258)
Fitness Minutes: (11,119)
Posts: 1,796
2/10/13 4:43 P

My all or nothing attitude.


"Genes load the gun and lifestyle pulls the trigger"

QUADCMOM SparkPoints: (101,000)
Fitness Minutes: (82,399)
Posts: 9,472
2/10/13 4:13 P

Eating after dinner.

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It's set up for people who need support while away from home, whether it business or pleasure.

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